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Monday, February 18, 2013

Yolanda Final Report Feb 11th-Feb 18th

Yolanda Hinton Weekly Radio Report 
February 11th, 2013- February 18th


This is the last report you will receive. It will be updated every time we receive information from a radio station, a radio DJ, etc. We will also e-mail you the updates so that you may follow up with as many as you like. We will also continue to follow through on the follow-ups.

It was a pleasure to have you as a client and I hope to work with you again in the future.

Your reports are divided into several sections to make it easier to read and more navigational so that you may find everything you wish to know about your campaign easily. 

The sections are: Radio Submit, Contacted Stations, Facebook, Twitter, Promotional Sites, and Other.

Below are the links to all of your previous reports. 

Thank you,
Bill Morton
Owner and CEO 
(773) 850-0029

Radio Submit

KVHU 95.3 FM

Office: 501-279-4886

KVHU 95.3, "The Voice of Harding University," is a commercial FM station serving Central Arkansas with an eclectic mix of classic hits from various genres and generations. KVHU is the home for live coverage of Harding Academy football, and Harding University football and basketball.

KVHU has a 50-60 mile range, reaching a potential audience of more than 250,000 people in more than 100 towns and cities in more than 10 Central Arkansas counties.

KVHU can be heard worldwide on the Internet at and on most cell phone radio applications.

KVHU'S announcing staff largely consists of Harding University students. During a typical semester, more than 30 students serve as announcers for KVHU.

KVHU's unique programming targets a mature, professional, and affluent audience.

02/14/13 kvhufm "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Let%27s_Get_Together.mp3"

WNJR 91.7 FM

Telephone 724.223.6039

Washington & Jefferson College, 60 South Lincoln Street, Washington PA, 15301
Homegrown student and community broadcasting, nationally syndicated entertainment programs, Pacifica network news, and a wide variety of music from alternative to jazz.

simulcast on radio networks: - - - -

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Savior_Like_A_Shepherd_%28Instrumental%29.mp3"

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_His_Bride.mp3"

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Here_In_Is_Love.mp3"

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Here_I_Am_Lord.mp3"

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_O_How_I_Love_Jesus.mp3"

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Let%27s_Get_Together.mp3"

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_There_Is_Peace.mp3"

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Thank_You_Lord.mp3"

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_My_Secret_Place.mp3"

03/09/13 "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Just_Keep_Looking_Up.mp3"

Waiting on an e-mail from Richard at Radio Submit to reasearch the below station. 

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Savior_Like_A_Shepherd_%28Instrumental%29.mp3"

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Here_In_Is_Love.mp3"

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Here_I_Am_Lord.mp3"

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_O_How_I_Love_Jesus.mp3"

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Savior_Like_A_Savior.mp3"

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Let%27s_Get_Together.mp3"

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_There_Is_Peace.mp3"

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Thank_You_Lord.mp3"

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_My_Secret_Place.mp3"

03/14/13 fcir "Yolanda_Hinton_-_Just_Keep_Looking_Up.mp3"

(804) 502 8983
Richmond, Virginia


Contacted Stations

All of the stations listed in previous reports have been e-mailed with MP3's and links to Radio Submit. I am waiting on responses for many and sending CD's to others. I will forward you their reponses as they are received.

KHDB- Confirmed play

The Global Voice- Confirmed play (waiting on playlist)

March 14th, 2013

March 5th, 2013

March 5th, 2013

March 4th, 2013

March 3rd, 2013

March 1st, 2013

March 1st, 2013

March 1st, 2013

March 1st, 2013

February 25th, 2013

February 22nd, 2013

February 22nd, 2013


  1. Yolanda Hinton's single - Just Keep Looking Up is Going for Adds and is available to radio stations for download at 

  1. Be sure to add our radio promotion clients @DeborahWMusic @YolandaHinton @WillNetherland @RichieRockett - All are Going For Radio Adds today

  1. Be sure to add our radio promotion clients @DeborahWMusic @YolandaHinton @WillNetherland @RichieRockett - All are Going For Radio Adds today

  1. It's been a great day tweety birds! @YolandaHinton
     Retweeted by Bill Morton
  2. Yolanda Hinton's single - Just Keep Looking Up is Going for Adds and is available to radio stations for download at 

  1. Be sure to add our radio promotion clients @DeborahWMusic @YolandaHinton @WillNetherland @RichieRockett - All are Going For Radio Adds today

  1. Be sure to add our radio promotion clients @DeborahWMusic @YolandaHinton @WillNetherland @RichieRockett - All are Going For Radio Adds today

March 14th, 2013

March 5th, 2013

October 27th, 2012 Retweet

February 25th, 2013

January 24th, 2013 Retweet

February 21st, 2013

February 18th, 2013

February 16th, 2013

Promotional Sites

February 11th, 2013
Waynesboro Gospel: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up

February 12th, 2013
Vienna Gospel: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up

February 13th, 2013
Tysons Corner Gospel: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up

February 14th, 2013
Gospel Chicago: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up

February 15th, 2013
North Carolina Gospel: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up

February 16th, 2013

Washington Gospel: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up

February 17th, 2013
New York Gospel: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up

February 18th, 2013
Brooklyn Gospel: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up

February 19th, 2013
Richmond Gospel: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up

February 20th, 2013
Hampton Gospel: Yolanda Hinton - Just Keep Looking Up


Live365 Release Schedule:

February 9th, 2013 Just Keep Looking Up and My Secret Place sent
February 23rd, 2013 Thank You Lord and There Is Peace will be sent
March 9th, 2013 Let's Get Together and Savior Like a Savior will be sent
March 23rd, 2013 Oh I love Jesus and Here I am Lord will be sent
April 6th, 2013 Here in is Love and Savior like a Shepard will be sent
April 20th, 2013 His Bride will be sent

Music Submit Submissions:

 Post Date  Company Name & Website  Region  Website TypeNotesProblem?
03/08/2013ACM RecordsTriStateRecord LabelFollow Upreport
03/08/2013The Church Lady BlogsMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Rockin' MomsCaliforniaSouthMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Gospel Synergy MagazineGreatLakesMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Christian Rockers OnlineMidAtlanticMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Divas: the power of the female voiceMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013GospelFlava.comMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Soul PatrolTriStateMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013The Rich Girls Are WeepingNewYorkCityMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Wasser-PrawdaWestEuropeMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Gospel Music UpdateSouthMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013The Connection PlaceSouthMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Gospel Music Fill UpMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013National Day of Prayer Task ForceRockyMountainMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Hallelujah FMPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013TeeDee.Night Radio SyndicationWestEuropeRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WWJC Radio 850 AM - Duluth,MNNorthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WTSG Radio - Carlinville,ILGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013The Streaming BibleSouthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013KTLF Light Praise Radio - Colorado Springs,CORockyMountainRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Gaule BroadcastingPacificNorthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Gospel Music ChannelPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WHCR 90.3-tiempo de diosNewYorkCityRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WFDU 89.1 FM-Fairleigh Dickinson University - Gospel JazzationsTriStateCollege RadioFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Number One SoundSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Tehilla RadioLatinAmericaRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013100.1 FM KNRB-Baton Rouge,LAMississippiRiverRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WMIT - The Light - Asheville,NCSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Heaven 88.7 FM - Fargo,NDNorthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Gospel Highway ElevenMidAtlanticRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013G 104SouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013CFC MusicSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Globalsoutherngospel.comSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Radio Maria FranceWestEuropeRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Whitedove Internet Christian RadioMidwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Heaven 97 - Dallas,TXTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Just for the Ladies Internet RadioCaliforniaNorthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Faith 1180 - Evansville,INGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WLJA 101.FM - North GeorgiaPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013KJAK 92.7FM - Lubbock, TXTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WHCR 90.3-3 g experienceNewYorkCityRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WBFJ Radio - Clothier,WVSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013KAZI 88.7 FM - The Voice of Austin- GospelTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Lawless RadioPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WHCR 90.3 FM- PD - New York,NYNewYorkCityRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WMBM 1490 AM - North Miami,FLPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013B-GyrlCaliforniaSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Power Worship 89.7 FM - Fort Smith,ARMississippiRiverRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013En Sound EntertainmentTriStateRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Sun-Music.netNewEnglandRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013NLCCM RadioMidAtlanticRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Country Radio SwitzerlandWestEuropeRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Jesus Is The Way RadioGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013The Jazz Network WorldwideRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013NetworkSoulSouthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Minister Carmelo Angel RuizCaliforniaSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Divine LifeStyle Show with TaleinPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013Got RadioCaliforniaSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WJTL 90.3FM - Lancaster,PAMidAtlanticRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/08/2013WHAT'S THE GOOD NEWSCaliforniaSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport

New Music Submit Submissions:

 Post Date  Company Name & Website  Region  Website TypeNotesProblem?
03/18/2013Reign Down USASouthwestMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Women In MusicNewEnglandMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Junior's Cave Golden Isles Online MagazinePanhandleMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Black GospelMidAtlanticMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Shameless MagCanAllMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Absolute DivasCanAllMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013PRAYZEHYMNPanhandleMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Greg AtkinsonMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013JesusFreakHideout.comMidAtlanticMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Hard CandyNewYorkCityMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013The Fab EmpireMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Guitar GirlsMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Swain's MusingsSouthMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Gospel Music TodayMidwestMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Bitch MagazinePacificNorthwestMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Azimus Scotland Christian RadioUKRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013CGC Radio - Harrison, ARMississippiRiverRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013KPTR-FM - Atlanta,GAPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013WFAX AM - Falls Church,VASouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013CTS ProductionsNewYorkCityRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013KMOE 92.1 FM - Butler, MOMidwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013The Healing Fire RadioGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013W.F.P.M. Gospel Radio - Batlle Creek,MIGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013WKDX - Hamlet,NCSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013KJIR Radio - Quincy,ILGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013KPVU 91.3 FM-Prairie View A&M UniversityTexasCollege RadioFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Cross StreamsGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Kasino Brown MusicTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Ford BroadcastingSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013WKJV Radio - Asheville,NCSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Victory Full GospelMississippiRiverRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Your Praise & Inspiration StationRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013National Independent Artist Radio NetworkSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Krazy Faith Radio NetworkNewEnglandRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Radio Notre DameWestEuropeRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013WRCT 88.3 FM-Carnegie Tech-BluesMidAtlanticCollege RadioFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Glory 98.5 - Florence,SCSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Smooth Jams RadioUpstateNYRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013DJ PeeFunkTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Spirit Driven RadioGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Wise RadioCaliforniaSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013SGM RevivalSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013JOY GOSPEL RADIO - Orlando,FLPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Time 2 Shine & Eminent ProductionsTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Cruise N JazzTriStateRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Candy Randy-RadioPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Impact RadioGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Encouraging GospelMidwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Preachpastor.comTriStateRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Walking With The LordSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013(((Foundation Radio)))SouthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Dekadance-Radio - DJ Bob WeeksUKRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013KRLF Alive 88.5 - Pullman,WAPacificNorthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Bright FMWestEuropeRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Inspirational JazzMidAtlanticRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013WDBX 91.1 FM - Carbondale,ILGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/18/2013Church Beat RadioSouthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport

 Post Date  Company Name & Website  Region  Website TypeNotesProblem?
03/22/2013WRCT 88.3 Carnegie Tech - Reggae - Pittsburgh,PAMidAtlanticCollege RadioFollow Upreport
03/22/2013WomensRadioSouthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013FCGM WestPacificNorthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Next Dimension RadioMidAtlanticRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Heavenly MusicGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013WHCR 90.3- Legends of Gospel - NYNewYorkCityRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013WRJM 1270am 107.1fm - Oakland,ILGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013True Spirit Powered RadioNorthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013KHDB RadioMidwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Big Boss CountryWestEuropeRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Que MediaMidwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013C G RadioSouthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Bite Me RadioTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013RHYTHMflow RadioTriStateRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Gospel's Glory RoadPacificNorthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Almighty Gospel PraisePacificNorthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013The christianjukeboxMidAtlanticRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Colourful RadioUKRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Real Country Radio (RCR)AsiaRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Limar Stereo 100.8LatinAmericaRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Harvest Wealth Media GroupTriStateRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013The StarlinersWestEuropeRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Radio RuedaLatinAmericaRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Maximum Reality RadioTriStateRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013STAR RadioUpstateNYRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013KAZ Radio - Euclid,OHGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Estrogeneration RadioMidwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Gods Country RadioSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Splash RadioUKRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013KNNK 100.5 - Hereford ,TXTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013HitbangerAfricaRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013J62.8 FMRadio - Detroit,MIGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Christian AlternativeGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013WWEV Radio - Cumming,GAPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/201390.1 Hope FM/SonRise RadioUKRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Smokestack Lightnin' Blues Radio WUCF - Maitland,FLPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Music Lovers RadioSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Old Grumpy Radio NetworkTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Pacific PickinCanAllRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Beauty Radio.comPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013FellowshipWorld / WFWO-FMUpstateNYRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013KTSU 90.9 FM - Texas Southern -Houston,TXTexasCollege RadioFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Dekadance-Radio Network- MystiTriStateRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/22/2013Gospel7 RadioMississippiRiverRadio StationFollow Upreport

 Post Date  Company Name & Website  Region  Website TypeNotesProblem?
03/27/2013B2BGospelRadioWestEuropeRecord LabelFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Superticket Record CompanyGreatLakesRecord LabelFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Gico MusicCaliforniaSouthRecord LabelFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Gospel-SpotlightSouthMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/27/2013PSALMS GROUPGreatLakesMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Music is ArtTriStateMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/27/2013GiggaMusic CorporationPanhandleMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Worship Leader MagazineCaliforniaSouthMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Aurovine LimitedUKRecord LabelFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Colt RecordsGreatLakesRecord LabelFollow Upreport
03/27/2013The Country Gold NetworkPacificNorthwestMusic WebzinesFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Ruby Fruit RadioPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013World Radio NetworkMidAtlanticRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013URBCASTPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Heavenly TracksTexasRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013RGR - Rockgod RadioGreatLakesRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Yes Lord RadioMississippiRiverRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013The Classic Soul NetworkTriStateRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Acebeat Christian RadioPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013C-A-Radio - The Music MinistryUKRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013HeyZ Radio NetworkCanTorRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013YAH RADIO - colorado springs,CORockyMountainRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013iOn LiveRadio 940FMCaliforniaSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Hey Z Radio Network -DJ BelleSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013North Georgia's Solid Gospel SourcePanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Nette RadioCaliforniaSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Avinu Sacred Hymns & Inspirational SongsMidAtlanticRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Gospel 900 - Mobile,ALPanhandleRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/ christian internet radioMidAtlanticRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Tehilla RadioLatinAmericaRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013CFRNSouthwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013MOTOWN SHOWAustraliaRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013All Southern GospelSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013Country Unplugged Bluegrass RadioMidwestRadio StationFollow Upreport
03/27/2013WKYZ RADIO - Paducah,KYSouthRadio StationFollow Upreport

Music Submit Approvals:

Country Radio Switzerland (03/08/13)
Rhema Gospel Radio (03/08/13)
One Vibration Radio Ministries (03/11/13)
Devine Jamz Gospel Network (3/18/13)
Turn Style Music Group (3/19/13)
TSO Radio (3/20/13)
Devine Jamz Gospel (3/21/13)
Bauce Man Radio (3/22/13)
SmokeStack Lightin' Blues Radio WUCF (3/27/13)
Hey-Z Radio (3/27/13)
DJ Pee Funk (4/1/13)
Real Country Radio (4/3/13)
Tehilla Radio (4/3/13)
WRCT 88.3 FM (4/7/13)
Old Grumpy Radio (4/9/13)
CandyRandy Radio (5/17/13)

Music Submit Declines: 8

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7. How many non-review sites (music directories & portals, music community sites, free music tool sites, etc) did you follow up with (all, some, few,

8. What was the best thing that happened for you after promoting your music via

9. What was your biggest disappointment using

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