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About the company

Bill Morton Promotions is a promotion company registered as a legal business in 2009. It is the namesake of its progenitor, Bill Morton who has been accredited as the owner of 4x Records, President of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce and the force behind the Citizens for the Adelphi Theater.


Starting as a musician in 1994, then forming 4x Records in 1996 – Bill Morton's signature includes ingenuity and challenging the traditional non-entrepreneurial norms.
“4X Records involvement in Atlantis these past 2 years has been obvious. We have seen increased activity across the board, from artist submissions to registration and the best thing about having them involved is their genuine enthusiasm for the event, they get it and that translates well to our clientele.”
- Mark Willis, Partner – Atlantis Music Conference & Festival

The enthusiasm of Bill Morton's think tank, 4x Records spread quickly throughout the United States and eventually world-wide with the partnerships of Sound Riot Records (UK), Cemetery Gates Promotions (Athens, GA) and Asteroid Booking (Savannah, GA).

At the 2006 ten-year anniversary of 4x Records, Bill Morton was hired by Kate Smith Promotions to learn
 radio promotion and assist with operation of the business.

Bill Morton's work with Kate Smith Promotions included Grammy award winning producer Wayne Wallace (#1 charting for Wayne Wallace - The Nature of the Beat) and Robert Irving III (Miles Davis). Bill Morton supported Origin Records and Patios Records artists during his time with Kate Smith Promotions, as well as representing the company at the Annual IAJE Music Conference in New York.

In late 2009, shortly after Kate Smith Promotions moved the Evanston office out of state, Bill Morton formed his own promotion company, Bill Morton Promotions.
“Supporting Kate Smith Promotions over the years provided me with the experience and relationships to get my clients new releases through the gatekeepers and on the air.”
- Bill Morton

“Although working for Kate Smith Promotions has given me an edge that very few promoters can enjoy, I feel that the masterstroke was to incorporate new media into the strategy to compliment my traditional radio promotion education.”
- Bill Morton

As part of the new media agenda, Bill Morton merged 4x Records with his promotion company in March 2010, effectively devoting all of the 4x Records resources to grow Bill Morton Promotions. The most notable contribution to Bill Morton Promotions is the database of over 19,000 contacts including radio, television, internet and press.

Eventually, Bill Morton would include the related
 Press Release distribution, Public Relations and Search Engine Optimization to his companies services.

“In 2005 I discovered Bill Morton with 4X Records. At that time I was doing music related promotions in the southeast and found Bill to be very helpful to my business. He actively helped me book and promote shows for the bands I represented.

Over the years, Bill always kept in contact--he kept me up to date on his progress with 4X Records and I was able to follow along as his business developed by leaps and bounds.

In 2009 I opened a music club in Savannah, GA. I also began full-time management of the band Sinister Moustache. I looked to Bill for assistance in promoting this band. I knew that Sinister Moustache fit into Bill's criteria for selecting bands for promotional services: original style, extraordinary song crafting and skill. I also knew that Bill's ability to connect with people, to create business relationships and to follow through with his services meant that he would be the best person to hire for Sinister Moustache. Bill has kept in contact with me over all these years and never let me forget him. If this is indicative of the attention he gives to all of the relationships he's developed in the musical world, then I know that he is a skilled promoter who can deliver what he promises.”

- Amy Stafford, The Wormhole Music Club & Asteroid Booking


Bill Morton was once given the business advice to "diversify your portfolio". Looking back at struggling niche promotion companies that he had encountered in the past, he decided that his company would accept all styles of music.

“When I am reviewing recording artists submissions to Bill Morton Promotions, I search for the great artist who is extraordinary, creating beautifully rare intelligently crafted works. All genres of music are within range, but it takes a master of their sound to really catch my ear.”
- Bill Morton

Further diversity of the company would provide services to public figures and businesses with his promotion experience and media contacts.

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