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Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Bill Morton Promotions Welcomes Sinister Moustache

Sinister Moustache performs cinematic nightmarish orchestrations. Their music is progressive, mostly instrumental rock with a shape-shifting, film score style quality. Their latest album explores a variety of musical genres, from jazz, to ambiance, to metal, to surf, as it weaves a tale similar to a symphonic opus–but with contemporary rock instrumentation (guitar, keys, effects, drums, bass.) Their dynamic compositions swap between strange and atmospheric, dark and brutal, to absurd and cartoony–reflecting influences such as King Crimson, Faith No More, Frank Zappa, The Melvins, Herbie Hancock, Danny Elfman, Martin Denny, Raymond Scott, and Nintendo Music.

The Super-Sargasso sea is a theoretic place where lost things go–and supposedly the source of objects that fall in anomalous rain phenomena. Sinister Moustache chose this as their latest album title as a reference to the unusual combinations of styles and sounds that make up the work. However the album is not abstract or extremely avant-garde–it follows song structure and appeals to the common listener, but with such skill to make it a real treat for the discerning listener.

Amy Stafford, Manager of Sinister Moustache reports:

In 2005 I discovered Bill Morton with 4X Records. At that time I was doing music related promotions in the southeast and found Bill to be very helpful to my business. He actively helped me book and promote shows for the bands I represented.Over the years, Bill always kept in contact--he kept me up to date on his progress with 4X Records and I was able to follow along as his business developed by leaps and bounds.

In 2009 I opened a music club in Savannah, GA. I also began full-time management of the band Sinister Moustache. I looked to Bill for assistance in promoting this band. I knew that Sinister Moustache fit into Bill's criteria for selecting bands for promotional services: original style, extraordinary song crafting and skill. I also knew that Bill's ability to connect with people, to create business relationships and to follow through with his services meant that he would be the best person to hire for Sinister Moustache.

Bill has kept in contact with me over all these years and never let me forget him. If this is indicative of the attention he gives to all of the relationships he's developed in the musical world, then I know that he is a skilled promoter who can deliver what he promises.

Sinister Moustache: The Super-Sargasso sea
GOING FOR ADDS: October 2010
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Samples of The Super-Sargasso sea and classic Sinister Moustache tracks will be available for listening at soon.

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