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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Radio Promotion - Indiana

Bill Morton Promotions is in contact with many radio stations in Indiana. The following is a listing of these stations taken straight from the Bill Morton Promotions radio station database. View the Indiana geographic data page for further information about the coverage of radio stations in Indiana.

United States
State: Indiana

WABX 107.5 FM Evansville, IN Classic Rock
WADM 1540 AM Decatur, IN Country
WAJI 95.1 FM Fort Wayne, IN Adult Contemporary
WAKE 1500 AM Valparaiso, IN Nostalgia
WAMW 1580 AM Washington, IN Nostalgia
WAMW 107.9 FM Washington, IN Nostalgia
WAOR 95.7 FM Nappanee, IN Classic Rock
WAOV 1450 AM Vincennes, IN News/Talk
WARA 88.3 FM New Washington, IN Christian Contemporary
WARU 1600 AM Peru, IN Country
WARU 101.9 FM Roann, IN Country
WASK 1450 AM Lafayette, IN Sports
WASK 98.7 FM Battle Ground, IN Oldies
WATI 89.9 FM Vincennes, IN Religious
WAUZ 89.1 FM Greensburg, IN Gospel Music
WAWC 103.5 FM Syracuse, IN Country
WAWK 1140 AM Kendallville, IN Variety
WAXI 104.9 FM Rockville, IN Oldies
WAXL 103.3 FM Santa Claus, IN Hot AC
WAZY 96.5 FM Lafayette, IN Top-40
WBAA 920 AM West Lafayette, IN Purdue University Public Radio
WBAA 101.3 FM West Lafayette, IN Purdue University Classical
WBAT 1400 AM Marion, IN Oldies
WBCL 90.3 FM Fort Wayne, IN Taylor University Religious
WBDC 100.9 FM Huntingburg, IN Country
WBDG 90.9 FM Indianapolis, IN Ben Davis High School Grade
School (K-12)
WBEW 89.5 FM Chesterton, IN Public Radio
WBGW 101.5 FM Fort Branch, IN Religious
WBHW 88.7 FM Loogootee, IN Religious
WBIW 1340 AM Bedford, IN News/Talk
WBKE 89.5 FM North Manchester, IN Manchester College College
WBNI 94.1 FM Roanoke, IN Classical
WBNL 1540 AM Boonville, IN Easy Listening
WBOI 89.1 FM Fort Wayne, IN Public Radio
WBOW 1300 AM Terre Haute, IN Sports
WBOW 102.7 FM Terre Haute, IN Adult Contemporary
WBPE 95.3 FM Brookston, IN Adult Hits
WBRI 1500 AM Indianapolis, IN Religious
WBSB 89.5 FM Anderson, IN Ball State University Public Radio
WBSH 91.1 FM Hagerstown, IN Ball State University Public Radio
WBSJ 91.7 FM Portland, IN Ball State University Public Radio
WBST 92.1 FM Muncie, IN Ball State University Public Radio
WBSW 90.9 FM Marion, IN Ball State University Public Radio
WBTO 1600 AM Linton, IN Country
WBTO 102.3 FM Petersburg, IN Rock
WBTU 93.3 FM Kendallville, IN Country
WBWB 96.7 FM Bloomington, IN Top-40
WBYR 98.9 FM Woodburn, IN Rock
WBYT 100.7 FM Elkhart, IN Country
WBZQ 1300 AM Huntington, IN Oldies
WCBK 102.3 FM Martinsville, IN Country
WCDQ 106.3 FM Crawfordsville, IN Country
WCFY (LPFM) 102.7 FM Evansville, IN Christian Contemporary
WCJC 99.3 FM Van Buren, IN Country
WCJL 90.9 FM Morgantown, IN Religious
WCKZ 91.3 FM Orland, IN Classical
WCLS 97.7 FM Spencer, IN Classic Hits
WCMR 1270 AM Elkhart, IN Talk
WCOE 96.7 FM La Porte, IN Country
WCRT 88.5 FM Terre Haute, IN Illinois Bible Institute
Christian Contemporary
WCSI 1010 AM Columbus, IN Talk
WCVL 1550 AM Crawfordsville, IN Nostalgia
WCYT 91.1 FM Lafayette Township, IN Homestead High School
Grade School (K-12)
WDKS 106.1 FM Newburgh, IN Top-40
WDND 1620 AM South Bend, IN Sports
WDSO 88.3 FM Chesterton, IN Chesterton High School Grade
School (K-12)
WEAX 88.3 FM Angola, IN Tri-State University College
WECI 91.5 FM Richmond, IN Earlham College Public Radio
WEDJ 107.1 FM Danville, IN Spanish
WEDM 91.1 FM Indianapolis, IN Warren Central High School
Grade School (K-12)
WEEM 91.7 FM Pendleton, IN Pendleton Heights High School
Grade School (K-12)
WEFM 95.9 FM Michigan City, IN Oldies
WEJK 107.1 FM Boonville, IN Adult Hits
WENS 90.1 FM Wadesville, IN Christian Contemporary
WEOA 1400 AM Evansville, IN Urban Contemporary
WERK 104.9 FM Muncie, IN Oldies
WETL 91.7 FM South Bend, IN South Bend Community School Corp.
Grade School (K-12)
WFBQ 94.7 FM Indianapolis, IN Classic Rock
WFCI 89.5 FM Franklin, IN Franklin College Alternative
WFCV 1090 AM Fort Wayne, IN Religious
WFDM 95.9 FM Franklin, IN Talk
WFHB 91.3 FM Bloomington, IN Public Radio
WFIA 94.7 FM New Albany, IN Religious
WFIU 103.7 FM Bloomington, IN Indiana University Public Radio
WFLQ 100.1 FM French Lick, IN Country
WFMG 101.3 FM Richmond, IN Hot AC
WFML 96.7 FM Vincennes, IN Country
WFMS 95.5 FM Indianapolis, IN Country
WFMS (CP) 95.5 FM Fishers, IN Country
WFNI 1070 AM Indianapolis, IN Sports
WFOF 90.3 FM Covington, IN Religious
WFRI 100.1 FM Winamac, IN Christian Contemporary
WFRN 104.7 FM Elkhart, IN Christian Contemporary
WFRR 93.7 FM Walton, IN Christian Contemporary
WFWI 92.3 FM Fort Wayne, IN Classic Rock
WFWR 91.5 FM Attica, IN Variety
WFYI 90.1 FM Indianapolis, IN Public Radio
WGAB 1180 AM Newburgh, IN Gospel Music
WGBF 1280 AM Evansville, IN News/Talk
WGBJ 102.3 FM Auburn, IN Spanish
WGCL 1370 AM Bloomington, IN Talk
WGCS 91.1 FM Goshen, IN Goshen College Americana
WGL 1250 AM Fort Wayne, IN Nostalgia
WGL 102.9 FM Huntington, IN Nostalgia
WGLL 1570 AM Auburn, IN Religious
WGNR 1470 AM Anderson, IN Religious
WGNR 97.9 FM Anderson, IN Religious
WGRE 91.5 FM Greencastle, IN DePauw University College
WGVE 88.7 FM Gary, IN Grade School (K-12)
WGYV (CP) 1030 AM Aurora, IN Talk
WGZB 96.5 FM Lanesville, IN Hip Hop
WHBU 1240 AM Anderson, IN News/Talk
WHCC 105.1 FM Ellettsville, IN Country
WHCI 88.1 FM Hartford City, IN Blackford High School Grade
School (K-12)
WHHC (LPFM) 107.5 FM New Castle, IN Gospel Music
WHHH 96.3 FM Indianapolis, IN Hip Hop
WHJE 91.3 FM Carmel, IN Carmel High School Alternative
WHLP 89.9 FM Hanna, IN Religious
WHLY 1580 AM South Bend, IN Religious
WHME 103.1 FM South Bend, IN Religious
WHOJ 91.9 FM Terre Haute, IN Religious
WHON 930 AM Centerville, IN News/Talk
WHPL 89.9 FM West Lafayette, IN Religious
WHPZ 96.9 FM Bremen, IN Christian Contemporary
WHUM (LPFM) 98.5 FM Columbus, IN Variety
WHWE 89.7 FM Howe, IN Howe Military School Variety
WHZN 88.3 FM New Whiteland, IN Unknown Format
WHZR 103.7 FM Royal Center, IN Country
WIBC 93.1 FM Indianapolis, IN News/Talk
WICR 88.7 FM Indianapolis, IN University of Indianapolis Variety
WIFE 1580 AM Connersville, IN Oldies
WIFE 94.3 FM Rushville, IN Country
WIKL 101.7 FM Elwood, IN Christian Contemporary
WIKV 89.3 FM Plymouth, IN Christian Contemporary
WIKY 104.1 FM Evansville, IN Adult Contemporary
WILO 1570 AM Frankfort, IN Nostalgia
WIMC 103.9 FM Crawfordsville, IN Classic Hits
WIMS 1420 AM Michigan City, IN News/Talk
WINN 104.9 FM Columbus, IN Oldies
WIOE (LPFM) 98.3 FM Warsaw, IN Oldies
WIOU 1350 AM Kokomo, IN Talk
WIRE 91.1 FM Lebanon, IN Top-40
WISU 89.7 FM Terre Haute, IN Indiana State University Rock
WITT 91.9 FM Zionsville, IN Variety
WITW (LPFM) 93.5 FM Valparaiso, IN Religious
WITZ 990 AM Jasper, IN Adult Contemporary
WITZ 104.7 FM Jasper, IN Adult Contemporary
WIUX (LPFM) 99.1 FM Bloomington, IN Indiana University College
WIVR 101.7 FM Kentland, IN Country
WIWC 91.7 FM Kokomo, IN Religious
WIWU (LPFM) 94.3 FM Marion, IN Indiana Weslyan University
Christian Contemporary
WJAA 96.3 FM Austin, IN Adult Album Alternative
WJCF 88.1 FM Morristown, IN Christian Contemporary
WJCO 91.3 FM Montpelier, IN Religious
WJCP 1460 AM North Vernon, IN Oldies
WJCY 91.5 FM Cicero, IN Religious
WJEF 91.9 FM Lafayette, IN Jefferson High School Grade
School (K-12)
WJEL 89.3 FM Indianapolis, IN North Central High School
Grade School (K-12)
WJFX 107.9 FM New Haven, IN Hip Hop
WJHS 91.5 FM Columbia City, IN Columbia City High School
Adult Album Alternative
WJJD (LPFM) 101.3 FM Kokomo, IN Religious
WJJK 104.5 FM Noblesville, IN Adult Hits
WJLR 91.5 FM Seymour, IN Christian Contemporary
WJLT 105.3 FM Evansville, IN Oldies
WJOB 1230 AM Hammond, IN Talk
WJOE 106.3 FM Columbia City, IN Unknown Format
WJOT 1510 AM Wabash, IN Oldies
WJOT 105.9 FM Wabash, IN Oldies
WJPB (LPFM) 99.1 FM Muncie, IN Religious
WJPR 91.7 FM Jasper, IN Oldies
WJUK (LPFM) 105.7 FM Plymouth, IN Oldies
WJYW 88.9 FM Union City, IN Christian Contemporary
WKAM 1460 AM Goshen, IN Spanish
WKBV 1490 AM Richmond, IN News/Talk
WKHL 106.7 FM West Lafayette, IN Christian Contemporary
WKHY 93.5 FM Lafayette, IN Rock
WKID 95.9 FM Vevay, IN Country
WKJG 1380 AM Fort Wayne, IN Sports
WKKG 101.5 FM Columbus, IN Country
WKLO 96.9 FM Hardinsburg, IN Country
WKLU 101.9 FM Brownsburg, IN Christian Contemporary
WKMV 88.3 FM Muncie, IN Christian Contemporary
WKOA 105.3 FM Lafayette, IN Country
WKPW 90.7 FM Knightstown, IN Classic Hits
WKRT 89.3 FM Richmond, IN Unknown Format
WKRY 88.1 FM Versailles, IN Gospel Music
WKUZ 95.9 FM Wabash, IN Country
WKVI 1520 AM Knox, IN Adult Contemporary
WKVI 99.3 FM Knox, IN Adult Contemporary
WKZS 103.1 FM Covington, IN Country
WLAB 88.3 FM Fort Wayne, IN Christian Contemporary
WLBC 104.1 FM Muncie, IN Hot AC
WLCL 93.9 FM Sellersburg, IN Classic Hits
WLDC (LPFM) 105.9 FM Goshen, IN Spanish
WLDE 101.7 FM Fort Wayne, IN Oldies
WLEG 102.7 FM Ligonier, IN Hot AC
WLFQ (LPFM) 98.7 FM Elkhart, IN Hip Hop
WLFW 93.5 FM Chandler, IN Country
WLHK 97.1 FM Shelbyville, IN Country
WLHM 102.3 FM Logansport, IN Hot AC
WLJE 105.5 FM Valparaiso, IN Country
WLKI 100.3 FM Angola, IN Adult Contemporary
WLOI 1540 AM La Porte, IN Nostalgia
WLPR 89.1 FM Lowell, IN Public Radio
WLQI 97.7 FM Rensselaer, IN Classic Hits
WLTH 1370 AM Gary, IN Talk
WLTI 1550 AM New Castle, IN Unknown Format
WLYV 1450 AM Fort Wayne, IN Religious
WMBL 88.1 FM Mitchell, IN Religious
WMDH 102.5 FM New Castle, IN Country
WMEE 97.3 FM Fort Wayne, IN Hot AC
WMGI 100.7 FM Terre Haute, IN Top-40
WMHD 90.7 FM Terre Haute, IN Rose-Hulman Institute of
Technology College
WMPI 105.3 FM Scottsburg, IN Country
WMQX 96.7 FM Alexandria, IN Country
WMRI 860 AM Marion, IN Nostalgia
WMRS 107.7 FM Monticello, IN Adult Contemporary
WMXQ 93.5 FM Hartford City, IN 80's Rock
WMYJ 1540 AM Martinsville, IN Gospel Music
WMYJ 88.9 FM Oolitic, IN Gospel Music
WMYK 98.5 FM Peru, IN Rock
WMYQ 101.1 FM South Whitley, IN Hot AC
WNAS 88.1 FM New Albany, IN New Albany High School Grade
School (K-12)
WNDA 1570 AM New Albany, IN News/Talk
WNDE 1260 AM Indianapolis, IN Sports
WNDI 1550 AM Sullivan, IN Country
WNDI 95.3 FM Sullivan, IN Country
WNDV 92.9 FM South Bend, IN Top-40
WNDY 91.3 FM Crawfordsville, IN Wabash College College
WNDZ 750 AM Portage, IN Variety
WNHT 96.3 FM Churubusco, IN Hip Hop
WNIN 88.3 FM Evansville, IN Public Radio
WNOP 89.5 FM Versailles, IN Unknown Format
WNOU 100.9 FM Speedway, IN Top-40
WNRL (LPFM) 105.9 FM Ligonier, IN Nostalgia
WNSN 101.5 FM South Bend, IN Adult Contemporary
WNTR 107.9 FM Indianapolis, IN Adult Hits
WNTS 1590 AM Beech Grove, IN Spanish
WNUY 100.1 FM Bluffton, IN Talk
WOCC 1550 AM Corydon, IN Oldies
WOJC 89.7 FM Crothersville, IN Religious
WORX 96.7 FM Madison, IN Hot AC
WOWO 1190 AM Fort Wayne, IN News/Talk
WPFR 1480 AM Terre Haute, IN Religious
WPFR 93.9 FM Clinton, IN Religious
WPFR (CP) 93.7 FM Clinton, IN Religious
WPGW 1440 AM Portland, IN Adult Contemporary
WPGW 100.9 FM Portland, IN Country
WPHZ 102.5 FM Orleans, IN Adult Contemporary
WPSR 90.7 FM Evansville, IN Grade School (K-12)
WPUM 90.5 FM Rensselaer, IN St Joseph's College College
WPUM (CP) 93.3 FM Rensselaer, IN St Joseph's College College
WPWX 92.3 FM Hammond, IN Hip Hop
WQHK 105.1 FM Decatur, IN Country
WQHK (CP) 105.1 FM Huntertown, IN Country
WQHU (LPFM) 105.5 FM Huntington, IN Hungtington University
WQKC 1450 AM Jeffersonville, IN Unknown Format
WQKO 91.9 FM Howe, IN Religious
WQKV 88.5 FM Rochester, IN Christian Contemporary
WQKV (CP) 88.7 FM Rochester, IN Christian Contemporary
WQKZ 98.5 FM Ferdinand, IN Country
WQLK 96.1 FM Richmond, IN Country
WQME 98.7 FM Anderson, IN Anderson University Christian
WQMF 95.7 FM Jeffersonville, IN Classic Rock
WQRA 90.5 FM Greencastle, IN Unknown Format
WQRK 105.5 FM Bedford, IN Oldies
WQSG 90.7 FM Lafayette, IN Religious
WQSW (LPFM) 100.5 FM Fort Wayne, IN Talk
WQTY 93.3 FM Linton, IN Oldies
WRAY 1250 AM Princeton, IN News/Talk
WRAY 98.1 FM Princeton, IN Country
WRBI 103.9 FM Batesville, IN Country
WRBR 103.9 FM South Bend, IN Rock
WRCY 1590 AM Mount Vernon, IN Country
WRDZ 98.3 FM Plainfield, IN Children's
WREB 94.3 FM Greencastle, IN Country
WRFM 990 AM Muncie, IN Religious
WRFM 89.1 FM Wilkinson, IN Christian Contemporary
WRFT 91.5 FM Indianapolis, IN Franklin Central High School
Grade School (K-12)
WRGF 89.7 FM Greenfield, IN Greenfield Central School
District Grade School (K-12)
WRIN 1560 AM Rensselaer, IN Nostalgia
WROI 92.1 FM Rochester, IN Oldies
WRSW 1480 AM Warsaw, IN Sports
WRSW 107.3 FM Warsaw, IN Classic Rock
WRTW 90.5 FM Crown Point, IN Unknown Format
WRWM 93.9 FM Fishers, IN Top-40
WRWM (CP) 93.9 FM Lawrence, IN Top-40
WRZQ 107.3 FM Greensburg, IN Hot AC
WRZR 94.5 FM Loogootee, IN Classic Rock
WRZX 103.3 FM Indianapolis, IN Alternative
WSAL 1230 AM Logansport, IN Variety
WSBL (LPFM) 98.1 FM South Bend, IN Spanish
WSBT 960 AM South Bend, IN News/Talk
WSCH 99.3 FM Aurora, IN Country
WSDM 92.7 FM Brazil, IN Country
WSDX 1130 AM Brazil, IN Sports
WSEZ 1560 AM Paoli, IN Oldies
WSFR 107.7 FM Corydon, IN Classic Rock
WSHI (LPFM) 98.5 FM Shelbyville, IN Unknown Format
WSHP 95.7 FM Attica, IN Classic Rock
WSHW 99.7 FM Frankfort, IN Adult Contemporary
WSHY 1410 AM Lafayette, IN Country
WSJD 100.5 FM Princeton, IN Hot AC
WSKL 92.9 FM Veedersburg, IN Oldies
WSLM 1220 AM Salem, IN Religious
WSLM 97.9 FM Salem, IN Gospel Music
WSMM 102.3 FM New Carlisle, IN Adult Contemporary
WSND 88.9 FM Notre Dame, IN University of Notre Dame Classical
WSPM 89.1 FM Cloverdale, IN Religious
WSVX 1520 AM Shelbyville, IN Unknown Format
WSWI 820 AM Evansville, IN University of Southern Indiana
WSYW 810 AM Indianapolis, IN Spanish
WTCA 1050 AM Plymouth, IN Oldies
WTCJ 1230 AM Tell City, IN Nostalgia
WTCJ 105.7 FM Cannelton, IN Classic Hits
WTFX 93.1 FM Clarksville, IN Rock
WTGO (LPFM) 97.7 FM Lafayette, IN Religious
WTHD 105.5 FM Lagrange, IN Country
WTHI 99.9 FM Terre Haute, IN Country
WTLC 1310 AM Indianapolis, IN Gospel Music
WTLC 106.7 FM Greenwood, IN Urban Contemporary
WTMK 88.5 FM Lowell, IN Religious
WTMK (CP) 88.5 FM Wanatah, IN Religious
WTRC 1340 AM Elkhart, IN News/Talk
WTRE 1330 AM Greensburg, IN Country
WTTS 92.3 FM Bloomington, IN Adult Album Alternative
WTUR 89.7 FM Upland, IN Taylor University College
WUBS 89.7 FM South Bend, IN Religious
WUBU 106.3 FM South Bend, IN Urban Contemporary
WUEV 91.5 FM Evansville, IN University of Evansville College
WUME 95.3 FM Paoli, IN Adult Contemporary
WUZR 105.7 FM Bicknell, IN Country
WVHI 1330 AM Evansville, IN Religious
WVLP (LPFM) 98.3 FM Valparaiso, IN Variety
WVNI 95.1 FM Nashville, IN Christian Contemporary
WVPE 88.1 FM Elkhart, IN Public Radio
WVRG (LPFM) 93.9 FM Crawfordsville, IN Religious
WVSH 91.9 FM Huntington, IN Huntington North High School
Grade School (K-12)
WVUB 91.1 FM Vincennes, IN Vincennes University College
WVUR 95.1 FM Valparaiso, IN Valparaiso University College
WWBL 106.5 FM Washington, IN Country
WWCA 1270 AM Gary, IN Religious
WWCC (LPFM) 97.3 FM West Lafayette, IN Christian Contemporary
WWDS 90.5 FM Muncie, IN Delta High School Grade School (K-12)
WWHI 91.3 FM Muncie, IN Ball State University College
WWKI 100.5 FM Kokomo, IN Country
WWPO (LPFM) 94.1 FM Oakland City, IN Unknown Format
WWPW 104.3 FM Charlestown, IN Unknown Format
WWSY 95.9 FM Seelyville, IN Adult Hits
WWVR 105.5 FM West Terre Haute, IN Classic Rock
WWWY 106.1 FM North Vernon, IN Rock
WXCH 102.9 FM Columbus, IN Country
WXFN 1340 AM Muncie, IN Sports
WXGO 1270 AM Madison, IN Oldies
WXGO (CP) 1270 AM Aurora, IN Oldies
WXKE 103.9 FM Fort Wayne, IN Classic Rock
WXKU 92.7 FM Austin, IN Country
WXLW 950 AM Indianapolis, IN Sports
WXNT 1430 AM Indianapolis, IN News/Talk
WXRD 103.9 FM Crown Point, IN Classic Rock
WXXB 102.9 FM Delphi, IN Top-40
WXXC 106.9 FM Marion, IN Classic Hits
WYBV 89.9 FM Wakarusa, IN Religious
WYFX 106.7 FM Mount Vernon, IN Sports
WYGB 100.3 FM Edinburgh, IN Country
WYGS 91.1 FM Hope, IN Gospel Music
WYIR (LPFM) 96.9 FM Baugh City, IN Alternative
WYTJ 89.3 FM Linton, IN Religious
WYXB 105.7 FM Indianapolis, IN Adult Contemporary
WZBD 92.7 FM Berne, IN Adult Contemporary
WZDM 92.1 FM Vincennes, IN Adult Contemporary
WZKF 98.9 FM Salem, IN Top-40
WZOC 94.3 FM Plymouth, IN Oldies
WZOW 97.7 FM Goshen, IN Classic Rock
WZPL 99.5 FM Greenfield, IN Hot AC
WZVN 107.1 FM Lowell, IN Hot AC
WZWZ 92.5 FM Kokomo, IN Adult Contemporary
WZZB 1390 AM Seymour, IN Classic Hits
WZZY 98.3 FM Winchester, IN Adult Contemporary

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