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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Radio Promotion - Kentucky

Bill Morton Promotions is in contact with many radio stations in Kentucky. The following is a listing of these stations taken straight from the Bill Morton Promotions radio station database. View the Kentucky geographic data page for further information about the coverage of radio stations in Kentucky.

United States
State: Kentucky

KMLU (CP) 89.3 FM McKee, KY Christian Contemporary
WAAJ 89.7 FM Benton, KY Folk
WAIA 1600 AM Beaver Dam, KY Talk
WAIN 1270 AM Columbia, KY Country
WAIN 93.5 FM Columbia, KY Country
WAKY 103.5 FM Radcliff, KY Oldies
WAMZ 97.5 FM Louisville, KY Country
WANO 1230 AM Pineville, KY Country
WANV 96.7 FM Annville, KY Oldies
WANY 1390 AM Albany, KY Country
WANY 106.3 FM Albany, KY Country
WANY (CP) 100.9 FM Albany, KY Country
WAPD 91.7 FM Campbellsville, KY Religious
WAVJ 104.9 FM Princeton, KY Adult Contemporary
WAXG 88.1 FM Mount Sterling, KY Religious
WAYD 88.1 FM Auburn, KY Christian Contemporary
WAYI 105.9 FM Valley Station, KY Christian Contemporary
WBCE 1200 AM Wickliffe, KY Religious
WBFC 1470 AM Stanton, KY Gospel Music
WBFI 91.5 FM Mcdaniels, KY Gospel Music
WBGN 1340 AM Bowling Green, KY Sports
WBIO 94.7 FM Philpot, KY Country
WBKR 92.5 FM Owensboro, KY Country
WBLG (LPFM) 107.9 FM Bowling Green, KY Religious
WBMK 88.5 FM Morehead, KY Religious
WBRT 1320 AM Bardstown, KY Country
WBTF 107.9 FM Midway, KY Hip Hop
WBUL 98.1 FM Lexington, KY Country
WBVR 96.7 FM Auburn, KY Country
WBVX 92.1 FM Carlisle, KY Classic Hits
WCBJ 103.7 FM Campton, KY Classic Rock
WCBL 1290 AM Benton, KY Country
WCBL 99.1 FM Grand Rivers, KY Oldies
WCBR 1110 AM Richmond, KY Religious
WCCK 95.7 FM Calvert City, KY Country
WCCR (LPFM) 94.5 FM Williamsburg, KY University of the
Cumberlands College
WCDA 106.3 FM Versailles, KY Hot AC
WCDS 1230 AM Glasgow, KY Sports
WCGW 770 AM Nicholasville, KY Gospel Music
WCKQ 104.1 FM Campbellsville, KY Top-40
WCLU 1490 AM Glasgow, KY Talk
WCLU 102.3 FM Munfordville, KY Adult Contemporary
WCMI 1340 AM Ashland, KY Sports
WCMI 92.7 FM Catlettsburg, KY Unknown Format
WCND 940 AM Shelbyville, KY Oldies
WCPM 1280 AM Cumberland, KY Country
WCTT 680 AM Corbin, KY Talk
WCTT 107.3 FM Corbin, KY Classic Rock
WCVG 1320 AM Covington, KY Spanish
WCVK 90.7 FM Bowling Green, KY Christian Contemporary
WCVQ 107.9 FM Fort Campbell, KY Hot AC
WCWC 1440 AM Williamsburg, KY Variety
WCWC (CP) 1430 AM Williamsburg, KY Variety
WCYN 1400 AM Cynthiana, KY Oldies
WCYN 102.3 FM Cynthiana, KY News/Talk
WCYO 100.7 FM Irvine, KY Country
WDCL 89.7 FM Somerset, KY Western Kentucky University Public Radio
WDDJ 96.9 FM Paducah, KY Top-40
WDFB 1170 AM Junction City, KY Religious
WDFB 88.1 FM Danville, KY Gospel Music
WDGG 93.7 FM Ashland, KY Country
WDHR 93.1 FM Pikeville, KY Country
WDJX 99.7 FM Louisville, KY Top-40
WDNS 93.3 FM Bowling Green, KY Classic Rock
WDOC 1310 AM Prestonsburg, KY Gospel Music
WDRD 680 AM Newburg, KY Children's
WDXR 1450 AM Paducah, KY Urban Contemporary
WEGI 1370 AM Fort Campbell, KY Unknown Format
WEGI 94.3 FM Oak Grove, KY Classic Hits
WEKB 1460 AM Elkhorn City, KY Oldies
WEKC 710 AM Williamsburg, KY Gospel Music
WEKF 88.5 FM Corbin, KY Eastern Kentucky University Public Radio
WEKG 810 AM Jackson, KY Variety
WEKH 90.9 FM Hazard, KY Eastern Kentucky University Public Radio
WEKT 1070 AM Elkton, KY Gospel Music
WEKU 88.9 FM Richmond, KY Eastern Kentucky University Public Radio
WEKY 1340 AM Richmond, KY Adult Contemporary
WEUC 88.7 FM Morganfield, KY Unknown Format
WEZJ 104.3 FM Williamsburg, KY Country
WFBR (LPFM) 93.9 FM Mount Washington, KY Christian Contemporary
WFGS 103.7 FM Murray, KY Country
WFHS (LPFM) 92.7 FM Fern Creek, KY Fern Creek Traditional
High School Grade School (K-12)
WFIA 900 AM Louisville, KY Religious
WFKN 1220 AM Franklin, KY Country
WFKY 104.9 FM Frankfort, KY Country
WFLE 1060 AM Flemingsburg, KY Country
WFLE 95.1 FM Flemingsburg, KY Country
WFLW 1360 AM Monticello, KY Gospel Music
WFMW 730 AM Madisonville, KY Country
WFPK 91.9 FM Louisville, KY Adult Album Alternative
WFPL 89.3 FM Louisville, KY Public Radio
WFSR 970 AM Harlan, KY Gospel Music
WFTG 1400 AM London, KY News/Talk
WFTM 1240 AM Maysville, KY Adult Contemporary
WFTM 95.9 FM Maysville, KY Adult Contemporary
WFUL 1270 AM Fulton, KY Country
WFXY 1490 AM Middlesboro, KY Top-40
WGBF 103.1 FM Henderson, KY Rock
WGCF 89.3 FM Paducah, KY Christian Contemporary
WGCK 1480 AM Neon, KY Unknown Format
WGCX 107.1 FM Wilmore, KY Christian Contemporary
WGGC 95.1 FM Bowling Green, KY Country
WGKS 96.9 FM Paris, KY Adult Contemporary
WGKY 95.9 FM Wickliffe, KY Oldies
WGOH 1370 AM Grayson, KY Country
WGRK 1540 AM Greensburg, KY Country
WGRK 105.7 FM Greensburg, KY Country
WGTK 970 AM Louisville, KY News/Talk
WGVN 1580 AM Georgetown, KY Rhythmic Oldies
WGWM 980 AM London, KY Gospel Music
WHAS 840 AM Louisville, KY News/Talk
WHAY 98.3 FM Whitley City, KY Americana
WHBN 1420 AM Harrodsburg, KY Gospel Music
WHHT 106.5 FM Horse Cave, KY Hot AC
WHHT (CP) 106.3 FM Horse Cave, KY Hot AC
WHIR 1230 AM Danville, KY News/Talk
WHKK (LPFM) 97.7 FM Walton, KY Unknown Format
WHLN 1410 AM Harlan, KY Oldies
WHOP 1230 AM Hopkinsville, KY Talk
WHOP 98.7 FM Hopkinsville, KY Adult Contemporary
WHSX 99.1 FM Edmonton, KY Country
WHVE 92.7 FM Russell Springs, KY Hot AC
WHVO 1480 AM Hopkinsville, KY Oldies
WIDS 570 AM Russell Springs, KY Gospel Music
WIFX 94.3 FM Jenkins, KY Hot AC
WIKI 95.3 FM Carrollton, KY Country
WIMM (LPFM) 107.7 FM Owensboro, KY Religious
WIOK 107.5 FM Falmouth, KY Gospel Music
WIRV 1550 AM Irvine, KY News/Talk
WITB (LPFM) 107.1 FM Benton, KY Religious
WIVY 96.3 FM Morehead, KY Oldies
WIZF 101.1 FM Erlanger, KY Hip Hop
WJCR 90.1 FM Upton, KY Gospel Music
WJIE 88.5 FM Okolona, KY Evangel Christian School Christian
WJJA (LPFM) 98.5 FM East Berstadt, KY Gospel Music
WJKY 1060 AM Jamestown, KY Country
WJMD 104.7 FM Hazard, KY Gospel Music
WJMM 99.1 FM Keene, KY Religious
WJRS 104.9 FM Jamestown, KY Country
WJSN 97.3 FM Jackson, KY Adult Contemporary
WJSO 90.1 FM Pikeville, KY Religious
WJVK 91.7 FM Owensboro, KY Christian Contemporary
WKAO 91.1 FM Ashland, KY Unknown Format
WKCA 97.7 FM Salt Lick, KY Country
WKCB 107.1 FM Hindman, KY Adult Contemporary
WKCM 1160 AM Hawesville, KY Country
WKCT 930 AM Bowling Green, KY News/Talk
WKDO 1560 AM Liberty, KY Country
WKDO 98.7 FM Liberty, KY Country
WKDP 1330 AM Corbin, KY Talk
WKDP 99.5 FM Corbin, KY Country
WKDQ 99.5 FM Henderson, KY Country
WKDZ 1110 AM Cadiz, KY News/Talk
WKDZ 106.5 FM Cadiz, KY Country
WKEQ 97.1 FM Somerset, KY Classic Hits
WKFC 101.9 FM North Corbin, KY Variety
WKFO 1600 AM Corbin, KY Talk
WKHG 104.9 FM Leitchfield, KY Adult Contemporary
WKIC 97.9 FM Hyden, KY News
WKJK 1080 AM Louisville, KY Talk
WKKQ 96.1 FM Barbourville, KY Hot AC
WKKS 1570 AM Vanceburg, KY Country
WKKS 104.9 FM Vanceburg, KY Country
WKLB 1290 AM Manchester, KY Country
WKLW 94.7 FM Paintsville, KY Hot AC
WKLX 100.7 FM Brownsville, KY Adult Hits
WKMD 90.9 FM Madisonville, KY Unknown Format
WKMO 99.3 FM Lebanon Junction, KY Country
WKMS 91.3 FM Murray, KY Murray State University Public Radio
WKMT 89.5 FM Fulton, KY Unknown Format
WKPB 89.5 FM Henderson, KY Western Kentucky University
Public Radio
WKQQ 100.1 FM Winchester, KY Rock
WKRD 790 AM Louisville, KY Sports
WKRD 101.7 FM Shelbyville, KY Alternative
WKTG 93.9 FM Madisonville, KY Classic Rock
WKUE 90.9 FM Elizabethtown, KY Western Kentucky University
Public Radio
WKVG 1000 AM Jenkins, KY Gospel Music
WKVN 95.3 FM Morganfield, KY Spanish
WKVO 89.9 FM Georgetown, KY Christian Contemporary
WKVY 88.1 FM Somerset, KY Christian Contemporary
WKWC 90.3 FM Owensboro, KY Kentucky Weslyan University Adult
Album Alternative
WKWY 102.7 FM Tompkinsville, KY Country
WKXO 1500 AM Berea, KY Oldies
WKYA 105.5 FM Greenville, KY Country
WKYD (LPFM) 95.5 FM Jamestown, KY Oldies
WKYF 92.1 FM Fredonia, KY Unknown Format
WKYH 600 AM Paintsville, KY News/Talk
WKYL 102.1 FM Lawrenceburg, KY Smooth Jazz
WKYM 101.7 FM Monticello, KY Classic Rock
WKYN 107.7 FM Owingsville, KY Country
WKYP 90.1 FM Ledbetter, KY Unknown Format
WKYQ 93.3 FM Paducah, KY Country
WKYR 107.9 FM Burkesville, KY Country
WKYU 88.9 FM Bowling Green, KY Western Kentucky University
Public Radio
WKYW 1490 AM Frankfort, KY Classic Hits
WKYX 570 AM Paducah, KY News/Talk
WKYY 1280 AM Lancaster, KY Country
WLAP 630 AM Lexington, KY News/Talk
WLBN 1590 AM Lebanon, KY Nostalgia
WLBQ 1570 AM Morgantown, KY Country
WLCK 1250 AM Scottsville, KY Gospel Music
WLCR 1040 AM Mount Washington, KY Religious
WLFX 106.7 FM Berea, KY Classic Rock
WLGC 1520 AM Greenup, KY Country
WLGC 105.7 FM Greenup, KY Country
WLGX 100.5 FM Louisville, KY Smooth Jazz
WLJC 102.1 FM Beattyville, KY Religious
WLKS 1450 AM West Liberty, KY Oldies
WLKS 102.9 FM West Liberty, KY Country
WLKT 104.5 FM Lexington-Fayette, KY Top-40
WLLE 102.1 FM Mayfield, KY Country
WLLK 102.3 FM Somerset, KY Adult Contemporary
WLLV 1240 AM Louisville, KY Gospel Music
WLME 102.7 FM Lewisport, KY Top-40
WLOC 1150 AM Munfordville, KY Country
WLOU 1350 AM Louisville, KY Gospel Music
WLRS 105.1 FM Shepherdsville, KY Alternative
WLRT 1250 AM Nicholasville, KY Sports
WLSI 900 AM Pikeville, KY Talk
WLSK 100.9 FM Lebanon, KY Adult Hits
WLTO 102.5 FM Nicholasville, KY Top-40
WLVK 105.5 FM Fort Knox, KY Country
WLXG 1300 AM Lexington, KY Sports
WLXO 96.1 FM Stamping Ground, KY Talk
WLXX 92.9 FM Lexington, KY Country
WLYE 94.1 FM Glasgow, KY Country
WLZD (LPFM) 106.1 FM Hazard, KY Unknown Format
WMDJ 100.1 FM Allen, KY Country
WMIK 560 AM Middlesboro, KY Gospel Music
WMIK 92.7 FM Middlesboro, KY Religious
WMJL 1500 AM Marion, KY Country
WMJL 102.7 FM Marion, KY Country
WMJM 101.3 FM Jeffersontown, KY Urban Contemporary
WMJR 1380 AM Nicholasville, KY Religious
WMKY 90.3 FM Morehead, KY Morehead State University Public Radio
WMKZ 93.1 FM Monticello, KY Country
WMMG 1140 AM Brandenburg, KY Country
WMMG 93.5 FM Brandenburg, KY Country
WMMT 88.7 FM Whitesburg, KY Variety
WMOR 1330 AM Morehead, KY Country
WMSK 1550 AM Morganfield, KY Country
WMSK 101.3 FM Sturgis, KY Country
WMST 1150 AM Mount Sterling, KY Nostalgia
WMTA 1380 AM Central City, KY Gospel Music
WMTC 730 AM Vancleve, KY Gospel Music
WMTC 99.9 FM Vancleve, KY Kentucky Mountain Bible College
Gospel Music
WMTL 870 AM Leitchfield, KY Americana
WMXL 94.5 FM Lexington, KY Hot AC
WNBS 1340 AM Murray, KY News/Talk
WNES 1050 AM Central City, KY Sports
WNGO 1320 AM Mayfield, KY News/Talk
WNKJ 89.3 FM Hopkinsville, KY Religious
WNKR 106.7 FM Williamstown, KY Country
WNKU 89.7 FM Highland Heights, KY Northern Kentucky
University Public Radio
WNLW (LPFM) 95.1 FM Williamsburg, KY Religious
WNOP 740 AM Newport, KY Religious
WNTC 103.9 FM Drakesboro, KY Christian Contemporary
WOCS 88.3 FM Lerose, KY Morehead State University Public Radio
WOFC 1130 AM Murray, KY Adult Contemporary
WOKE 98.3 FM Garrison, KY Gospel Music
WOMI 1490 AM Owensboro, KY Talk
WOVO 105.3 FM Glasgow, KY Adult Contemporary
WPAD 1560 AM Paducah, KY Nostalgia
WPBK 102.9 FM Crab Orchard, KY Unknown Format
WPJI (LPFM) 94.9 FM Hopkinsville, KY Religious
WPKE 1240 AM Pikeville, KY Oldies
WPKE 103.1 FM Coal Run, KY Classic Rock
WPKY 1580 AM Princeton, KY Sports
WPRT 960 AM Prestonsburg, KY Talk
WPTJ 90.7 FM Paris, KY Christian Contemporary
WPTQ 103.7 FM Cave City, KY Classic Rock
WQHY 95.5 FM Prestonsburg, KY Top-40
WQNU 103.1 FM Lyndon, KY Country
WQQR 94.7 FM Clinton, KY Classic Rock
WQRT 1160 AM Florence, KY Talk
WQXE 98.3 FM Elizabethtown, KY Hot AC
WQXQ 101.9 FM Central City, KY Top-40
WQXX 106.1 FM Morehead, KY Hot AC
WQXY 1560 AM Hazard, KY Oldies
WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, KY University of Kentucky College
WRHR (LPFM) 95.3 FM Corbin, KY Corbin Independent High School
Grade School (K-12)
WRHX (LPFM) 107.9 FM Independence, KY Christian Contemporary
WRIL 106.3 FM Pineville, KY Hot AC
WRKA 103.9 FM Louisville, KY Country
WRLV 106.5 FM Salyersville, KY Country
WRNZ 105.1 FM Lancaster, KY Hot AC
WRUS 610 AM Russellville, KY Country
WRVG (LPFM) 93.7 FM Georgetown, KY Georgetown College Variety
WRVK 1460 AM Mount Vernon, KY Country
WRZI 107.3 FM Hodgenville, KY Rock
WSEK 93.9 FM Burnside, KY Country
WSFC 1240 AM Somerset, KY News/Talk
WSFE 910 AM Burnside, KY Talk
WSGP 88.3 FM Glasgow, KY Religious
WSGS 101.1 FM Hazard, KY Country
WSIP 1490 AM Paintsville, KY Oldies
WSIP 98.9 FM Paintsville, KY Country
WSKV 104.9 FM Stanton, KY Country
WSOF 89.9 FM Madisonville, KY Religious
WSON 860 AM Henderson, KY Nostalgia
WSPP (LPFM) 93.5 FM Hopkinsville, KY Religious
WSTO 96.1 FM Owensboro, KY Top-40
WSTV 103.7 FM Frankfort, KY Hot AC
WTBK 105.7 FM Manchester, KY Rock
WTCO 1450 AM Campbellsville, KY Sports
WTCW 920 AM Whitesburg, KY Oldies
WTHL 90.5 FM Somerset, KY Religious
WTHX 101.5 FM Vine Grove, KY Top-40
WTKY 1370 AM Tompkinsville, KY Country
WTKY 92.1 FM Tompkinsville, KY Country
WTLO 1480 AM Somerset, KY Nostalgia
WTRT 88.1 FM Benton, KY Religious
WTSZ 1600 AM Eminence, KY Sports
WTTL 1310 AM Madisonville, KY Sports
WTUK 105.1 FM Harlan, KY Hot AC
WTUV 620 AM Louisville, KY Spanish
WTUV 105.7 FM Eminence, KY Regional Mexican
WUBT 101.1 FM Russellville, KY Hip Hop
WUGO 102.3 FM Grayson, KY Adult Contemporary
WUHU 107.1 FM Smiths Grove, KY Top-40
WUKY 91.3 FM Lexington, KY University of Kentucky Public Radio
WULF 94.3 FM Hardinsburg, KY Country
WUOL 90.5 FM Louisville, KY University of Louisville Classical
WVCT 91.5 FM Keavy, KY Victory Training School Gospel Music
WVEZ 106.9 FM Saint Matthews, KY Adult Contemporary
WVHM 90.5 FM Benton, KY Religious
WVJS 1420 AM Owensboro, KY Nostalgia
WVLC 99.9 FM Mannsville, KY Country
WVLE 99.3 FM Scottsville, KY Gospel Music
WVLK 590 AM Lexington, KY News/Talk
WVLK 101.5 FM Richmond, KY News/Talk
WVRB 95.3 FM Wilmore, KY Christian Contemporary
WVVR 100.3 FM Hopkinsville, KY Country
WWAG 107.9 FM Mckee, KY Country
WWEL 103.9 FM London, KY Country
WWHR 91.7 FM Bowling Green, KY Western Kentucky University College
WWJD 91.7 FM Pippa Passes, KY Alice Lloyd College Christian
WWKF 99.3 FM Fulton, KY Top-40
WWKU 1450 AM Plum Springs, KY Sports
WWKY 97.7 FM Providence, KY Oldies
WWLK 900 AM Eddyville, KY Religious
WWLT 103.1 FM Manchester, KY Christian Contemporary
WWRW 105.5 FM Mount Sterling, KY Unknown Format
WWXL 1450 AM Manchester, KY Oldies
WXAM 1430 AM Buffalo, KY Country
WXBC 104.3 FM Hardinsburg, KY Country
WXBH (LPFM) 92.7 FM Louisville, KY Variety
WXCM 97.1 FM Whitesville, KY Classic Rock
WXKQ 103.9 FM Whitesburg, KY Classic Rock
WXKY 96.3 FM Stanford, KY Christian Contemporary
WXKZ 105.3 FM Prestonsburg, KY Oldies
WXLN (LPFM) 93.3 FM Shelbyville, KY Christian Contemporary
WXLR 104.9 FM Harold, KY Classic Rock
WXMA 102.3 FM Louisville, KY Hot AC
WXMZ 106.3 FM Hartford, KY Country
WXMZ (CP) 99.9 FM Hartford, KY Country
WXYR (LPFM) 104.5 FM Monticello, KY Christian Contemporary
WXZZ 103.3 FM Georgetown, KY Rock
WYGE 92.3 FM London, KY Religious
WYGH 1440 AM Paris, KY Religious
WYGY 97.3 FM Fort Thomas, KY Country
WYHY 1080 AM Cannonsburg, KY Country
WYKY 106.1 FM Science Hill, KY Adult Contemporary
WYMC 1430 AM Mayfield, KY Nostalgia
WYMV 106.9 FM Madisonville, KY Adult Contemporary
WYSB 102.7 FM Springfield, KY Adult Contemporary
WYWY 950 AM Barbourville, KY Gospel Music
WZAQ 92.3 FM Louisa, KY Christian Contemporary
WZKF (CP) 98.9 FM Prospect, KY Top-40
WZLK 107.5 FM Virgie, KY Top-40
WZQQ 1390 AM Hazard, KY Unknown Format
WZZL 106.7 FM Reidland, KY Rock
WZZP 97.5 FM Hopkinsville, KY Rock

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