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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Radio Promotion - Mississippi

Bill Morton Promotions is in contact with many radio stations in Mississippi. The following is a listing of these stations taken straight from the Bill Morton Promotions radio station database. View the Mississippi geographic data page for further information about the coverage of radio stations in Mississippi.

United States
State: Mississippi

KBUD 102.1 FM Sardis, MS Gospel Music
KJMS 101.1 FM Olive Branch, MS Urban Contemporary
WABG 960 AM Greenwood, MS News/Talk
WABO 990 AM Waynesboro, MS Country
WABO 105.5 FM Waynesboro, MS Country
WACR 105.3 FM Columbus Afb, MS Urban Contemporary
WADI 95.3 FM Corinth, MS Country
WAFM 95.7 FM Amory, MS Oldies
WAFR 88.3 FM Tupelo, MS Religious
WAGR 102.5 FM Lexington, MS Country
WAID 106.5 FM Clarksdale, MS Urban Contemporary
WAII 89.3 FM Hattiesburg, MS Christian Contemporary
WAJS 91.7 FM Tupelo, MS Christian Contemporary
WAJV 98.9 FM Brooksville, MS Gospel Music
WAKH 105.7 FM Mccomb, MS Country
WAKK 980 AM Mccomb, MS Gospel Music
WALT 910 AM Meridian, MS Talk
WAMY 1580 AM Amory, MS Talk
WAOY 91.7 FM Gulfport, MS Religious
WAPF 1140 AM Mccomb, MS Gospel Music
WAQB 90.9 FM Tupelo, MS Gospel Music
WAQL 90.5 FM Mccomb, MS Religious
WASM 91.1 FM Natchez, MS Religious
WATP 90.9 FM Laurel, MS Religious
WATU 89.3 FM Port Gibson, MS Religious
WAUM 91.9 FM Duck Hill, MS Religious
WAVI 91.5 FM Oxford, MS Religious
WAVN 1240 AM Southaven, MS Country
WAZA 107.7 FM Liberty, MS Adult Hits
WBAD 94.3 FM Leland, MS Urban Contemporary
WBBN 95.9 FM Taylorsville, MS Country
WBBV 101.3 FM Vicksburg, MS Country
WBIP 1400 AM Booneville, MS Sports
WBKN 92.1 FM Brookhaven, MS Country
WBLE 100.5 FM Batesville, MS Country
WBUV 104.9 FM Moss Point, MS News/Talk
WBVV 99.3 FM Guntown, MS Gospel Music
WBYP 107.1 FM Belzoni, MS Country
WCHJ 1470 AM Brookhaven, MS Gospel Music
WCJU 1450 AM Columbia, MS Talk
WCJU 104.9 FM Prentiss, MS Oldies
WCKK 98.3 FM Carthage, MS Country
WCLD 1490 AM Cleveland, MS Gospel Music
WCLD 103.9 FM Cleveland, MS Urban Contemporary
WCNA 95.9 FM Potts Camp, MS Classic Rock
WCPC 940 AM Houston, MS Religious
WCPR 97.9 FM Wiggins, MS Rock
WCSA 1260 AM Ripley, MS Unknown Format
WCSO 90.5 FM Columbus, MS Religious
WDFX 98.3 FM Cleveland, MS Religious
WDMS 100.7 FM Greenville, MS Country
WDSK 1410 AM Cleveland, MS Talk
WDTL 92.9 FM Cleveland, MS Country
WDXO 92.9 FM Hazlehurst, MS Oldies
WELO 580 AM Tupelo, MS Nostalgia
WELZ 1460 AM Belzoni, MS Rhythmic Oldies
WESE 92.5 FM Baldwyn, MS Urban Contemporary
WESY 1580 AM Leland, MS Gospel Music
WFCA 107.9 FM Ackerman, MS Gospel Music
WFCG 107.3 FM Tylertown, MS Country
WFFF 1360 AM Columbia, MS Country
WFFF 96.7 FM Columbia, MS Adult Contemporary
WFFX 103.7 FM Hattiesburg, MS Classic Rock
WFMM 97.3 FM Sumrall, MS Talk
WFMN 97.3 FM Flora, MS Talk
WFOR 1400 AM Hattiesburg, MS Gospel Music
WFTA 101.9 FM Fulton, MS Adult Contemporary
WGCM 1240 AM Gulfport, MS Country
WGCM 102.3 FM Gulfport, MS Oldies
WGDQ 93.1 FM Sumrall, MS Unknown Format
WGNG 106.3 FM Tchula, MS Urban Contemporary
WGNL 104.3 FM Greenwood, MS Urban Contemporary
WGRM 1240 AM Greenwood, MS Gospel Music
WGRM 93.9 FM Greenwood, MS Gospel Music
WGVM 1260 AM Greenville, MS Talk
WGWT (LPFM) 103.7 FM Houston, MS Religious
WHAL 95.7 FM Horn Lake, MS Gospel Music
WHER 99.3 FM Heidelberg, MS Country
WHGO 105.9 FM Pascagoula, MS Classic Rock
WHJT 93.5 FM Clinton, MS Mississippi College Christian Contemporary
WHKL 106.9 FM Crenshaw, MS Oldies
WHLH 95.5 FM Jackson, MS Gospel Music
WHNY 1250 AM Mccomb, MS News/Talk
WHOC 1490 AM Philadelphia, MS News/Talk
WHSY 950 AM Hattiesburg, MS News/Talk
WHTU 97.9 FM Newton, MS Hip Hop
WIQQ 102.3 FM Leland, MS Top-40
WIVG 96.1 FM Tunica, MS Spanish
WIXP (LPFM) 106.7 FM Greenville, MS Religious
WIZK 1570 AM Bay Springs, MS Country
WJBI 1290 AM Batesville, MS Country
WJDQ 95.1 FM Marion, MS Top-40
WJDR 98.3 FM Prentiss, MS Country
WJDX 620 AM Jackson, MS Sports
WJFN 970 AM Brandon, MS Sports
WJIW 104.7 FM Greenville, MS Gospel Music
WJKK 98.7 FM Vicksburg, MS Adult Contemporary
WJKX 102.5 FM Ellisville, MS Urban Contemporary
WJMG 92.1 FM Hattiesburg, MS Urban Contemporary
WJMI 99.7 FM Jackson, MS Hip Hop
WJNS 92.1 FM Bentonia, MS Gospel Music
WJNT 1180 AM Pearl, MS News/Talk
WJQS 1400 AM Jackson, MS Nostalgia
WJSU 88.5 FM Jackson, MS Jackson State Univerisity Jazz
WJWF 1400 AM Columbus, MS News
WJXM 105.7 FM De Kalb, MS Urban Contemporary
WJXN 100.9 FM Utica, MS Christian Contemporary
WJZB 88.7 FM Starkville, MS Religious
WJZD 94.5 FM Long Beach, MS Urban Contemporary
WKBB 100.9 FM West Point, MS Talk
WKBB (CP) 100.9 FM Mantee, MS Talk
WKDJ 96.5 FM Clarksdale, MS Country
WKIU (LPFM) 94.9 FM Tupelo, MS Jazz
WKJN 104.9 FM Centreville, MS Unknown Format
WKMQ 1060 AM Tupelo, MS Talk
WKNN 99.1 FM Pascagoula, MS Country
WKOR 980 AM Starkville, MS Gospel Music
WKOR 94.9 FM Columbus, MS Country
WKOZ 1340 AM Kosciusko, MS News/Talk
WKRA 1110 AM Holly Springs, MS Gospel Music
WKRA 92.7 FM Holly Springs, MS Urban Contemporary
WKSO 97.3 FM Natchez, MS Top-40
WKVF 94.9 FM Byhalia, MS Christian Contemporary
WKXG 1540 AM Greenwood, MS Gospel Music
WKXI 107.5 FM Magee, MS Urban Contemporary
WKXY 92.1 FM Clarksdale, MS Country
WKZB 106.9 FM Stonewall, MS Rock
WKZU 104.9 FM Iuka, MS Country
WKZW 94.3 FM Sandersville, MS Hot AC
WLEZ (LPFM) 103.7 FM Jackson, MS Nostalgia
WLIN 101.1 FM Durant, MS Hot AC
WLKO 98.9 FM Quitman, MS Christian Contemporary
WLRC 850 AM Walnut, MS Religious
WLRK 91.5 FM Greenville, MS Christian Contemporary
WLSM 107.1 FM Louisville, MS Country
WLTM 97.9 FM Greenville, MS Adult Contemporary
WLVZ 107.1 FM Collins, MS Christian Contemporary
WLZA 96.1 FM Eupora, MS Adult Contemporary
WMAB 89.9 FM Mississippi State, MS Public Radio
WMAE 89.5 FM Booneville, MS Public Radio
WMAH 90.3 FM Biloxi, MS Public Radio
WMAO 90.9 FM Greenwood, MS Public Radio
WMAU 88.9 FM Bude, MS Public Radio
WMAV 90.3 FM Oxford, MS Public Radio
WMAW 88.1 FM Meridian, MS Public Radio
WMBU 89.1 FM Forest, MS Religious
WMEJ 1190 AM Bay Saint Louis, MS Spanish
WMER 1390 AM Meridian, MS Gospel Music
WMGO 1370 AM Canton, MS Variety
WMIS 1240 AM Natchez, MS Urban Contemporary
WMJU 104.3 FM Bude, MS Adult Contemporary
WMJW 107.5 FM Rosedale, MS Country
WMJY 93.7 FM Biloxi, MS Adult Contemporary
WMLC 1270 AM Monticello, MS Sports
WMOX 1010 AM Meridian, MS Talk
WMPN 91.3 FM Jackson, MS Public Radio
WMPR 90.1 FM Jackson, MS Variety
WMSB 88.9 FM Byhalia, MS Christian Contemporary
WMSI 102.9 FM Jackson, MS Country
WMSO 101.3 FM Meridian, MS Country
WMSU 92.1 FM Starkville, MS Hip Hop
WMSV 91.1 FM Starkville, MS Mississippi State University College
WMTI 106.1 FM Picayune, MS Oldies
WMUW 88.5 FM Columbus, MS Mississippi University for Women College
WMXI 98.1 FM Laurel, MS News/Talk
WMXU 106.1 FM Starkville, MS Urban Contemporary
WNAT 1450 AM Natchez, MS News/Talk
WNAU 1470 AM New Albany, MS Oldies
WNBN 1290 AM Meridian, MS Gospel Music
WNEV 98.7 FM Friars Point, MS Unknown Format
WNIX 1330 AM Greenville, MS Oldies
WNLA 1380 AM Indianola, MS Gospel Music
WNLA 105.5 FM Indianola, MS Adult Contemporary
WNMQ 103.1 FM Columbus, MS Top-40
WNNN (LPFM) 96.7 FM Noxapater, MS Religious
WNSL 100.3 FM Laurel, MS Top-40
WOAD 1300 AM Jackson, MS Gospel Music
WOEG 1220 AM Hazlehurst, MS Gospel Music
WOHT 92.3 FM Grenada, MS Oldies
WOKK 97.1 FM Meridian, MS Country
WOLM 88.1 FM D'Iberville, MS Religious
WONA 95.1 FM Winona, MS Country
WONG 1150 AM Canton, MS Urban Contemporary
WORV 1580 AM Hattiesburg, MS Gospel Music
WOSM 103.1 FM Ocean Springs, MS Gospel Music
WOWL 91.9 FM Burnsville, MS Adult Album Alternative
WOXD 95.5 FM Oxford, MS Classic Rock
WPAE 89.7 FM Centreville, MS Religious
WPAS 89.1 FM Pascagoula, MS Religious
WPBQ 1240 AM Flowood, MS Sports
WPMP 1580 AM Pascagoula-Moss Poin, MS Talk
WPRG 89.5 FM Columbia, MS Religious
WPRL 91.7 FM Lorman, MS Alcorn State University Public Radio
WPWS (LPFM) 104.3 FM Piney Woods, MS Piney Woods School Grade School (K-12)
WQFX 1130 AM Gulfport, MS Gospel Music
WQID (LPFM) 105.3 FM Hattiesburg, MS Rhythmic Oldies
WQJB 104.5 FM State College, MS Christian Contemporary
WQJQ 105.1 FM Kosciusko, MS Oldies
WQLJ 93.7 FM Oxford, MS Hot AC
WQMA 1520 AM Marks, MS Oldies
WQNZ 95.1 FM Natchez, MS Country
WQRZ (LPFM) 103.5 FM Bay Saint Louis, MS Variety
WQST 850 AM Forest, MS Country
WQST 92.5 FM Forest, MS Religious
WQTP (LPFM) 106.9 FM Columbus, MS Oldies
WQVI 90.5 FM Madison, MS Gospel Music
WQXB 100.1 FM Grenada, MS Country
WQYZ 92.5 FM Ocean Springs, MS Urban Contemporary
WRBE 1440 AM Lucedale, MS Country
WRBE 106.9 FM Lucedale, MS Country
WRBJ 97.7 FM Brandon, MS Urban Contemporary
WRBO 103.5 FM Como, MS Rhythmic Oldies
WRJW 1320 AM Picayune, MS Country
WRKG 95.3 FM Drew, MS Adult Hits
WROA 1390 AM Gulfport, MS Nostalgia
WROX 1450 AM Clarksdale, MS Oldies
WRPM 1170 AM Poplarville, MS Gospel Music
WRQO 102.1 FM Monticello, MS News/Talk
WRTM 100.5 FM Port Gibson, MS Urban Contemporary
WRTM (CP) 100.5 FM Sharon, MS Urban Contemporary
WRXW 93.9 FM Pearl, MS Rock
WSAO 1140 AM Senatobia, MS Religious
WSEL 96.7 FM Pontotoc, MS Gospel Music
WSFZ 930 AM Jackson, MS Sports
WSJC 810 AM Magee, MS Religious
WSKK 102.3 FM Ripley, MS Classic Hits
WSKM (LPFM) 104.3 FM Brandon, MS Religious
WSMS 99.9 FM Artesia, MS Classic Rock
WSQH 91.7 FM Forest, MS Christian Contemporary
WSQH (CP) 91.7 FM Decatur, MS Christian Contemporary
WSSO 1230 AM Starkville, MS News/Talk
WSTZ 106.7 FM Vicksburg, MS Classic Rock
WSYE 93.3 FM Houston, MS Adult Contemporary
WTCD 96.9 FM Indianola, MS Talk
WTGY 95.7 FM Charleston, MS Gospel Music
WTKN 1230 AM Corinth, MS Talk
WTNI 1640 AM Biloxi, MS News/Talk
WTNM 105.5 FM Water Valley, MS Talk
WTRR (LPFM) 97.1 FM Glen, MS Variety
WTUP 1490 AM Tupelo, MS Sports
WTWG 1050 AM Columbus, MS Talk
WTWZ 1120 AM Clinton, MS Folk
WTYJ 97.7 FM Fayette, MS Gospel Music
WTYL 1290 AM Tylertown, MS Country
WTYL 97.7 FM Tylertown, MS Country
WUJM 96.7 FM Gulfport, MS Country
WUMS 92.1 FM University, MS University of Mississippi College
WURC 88.1 FM Holly Springs, MS Rust College Public Radio
WUSJ 96.3 FM Madison, MS Country
WUSM 88.5 FM Hattiesburg, MS University of Southern Mississippi Public Radio
WVBG 1490 AM Vicksburg, MS News/Talk
WVBG 105.5 FM Redwood, MS Oldies
WVIM 95.3 FM Coldwater, MS Country
WVSD 91.7 FM Itta Bena, MS Mississippi Valley State University College
WWCV (LPFM) 100.5 FM Canton, MS Other
WWJK 94.7 FM Jackson, MS Adult Hits
WWKZ 103.9 FM Okolona, MS Top-40
WWMR 102.9 FM Saltillo, MS Unknown Format
WWMS 97.5 FM Oxford, MS Country
WWSL 102.3 FM Philadelphia, MS Adult Contemporary
WWUN 101.5 FM Friar'S Point, MS Religious
WWZD 106.7 FM New Albany, MS Country
WWZQ 1240 AM Aberdeen, MS Talk
WXBD 1490 AM Biloxi, MS Sports
WXHB 96.5 FM Richton, MS Gospel Music
WXRR 104.5 FM Hattiesburg, MS Classic Rock
WXRZ 94.3 FM Corinth, MS Talk
WXTN 1000 AM Benton, MS Gospel Music
WXWX 96.3 FM Marietta, MS Rock
WXYK 107.1 FM Gulfport, MS Top-40
WYAB 103.9 FM Flora, MS Oldies
WYAZ 89.5 FM Yazoo City, MS Religious
WYHL 1450 AM Meridian, MS Gospel Music
WYKC 1400 AM Grenada, MS Country
WYMX 99.1 FM Greenwood, MS Adult Hits
WYOY 101.7 FM Gluckstadt, MS Top-40
WYTF 88.7 FM Indianola, MS Religious
WZKM 89.7 FM Waynesboro, MS Gospel Music
WZKR 103.3 FM Decatur, MS Variety
WZKR (CP) 103.3 FM Collinsville, MS Variety
WZKS 104.1 FM Union, MS Urban Contemporary
WZKX 107.9 FM Bay Saint Louis, MS Country
WZLD 106.3 FM Petal, MS Hip Hop
WZLQ 98.5 FM Tupelo, MS Rock
WZNF 95.3 FM Lumberton, MS Classic Rock
WZNO 105.9 FM Pickens, MS Unknown Format
WZRX 1590 AM Jackson, MS News
WZYQ 101.9 FM Mound Bayou, MS Urban Contemporary

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