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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Radio Promotion - Missouri

Bill Morton Promotions is in contact with many radio stations in Missouri. The following is a listing of these stations taken straight from the Bill Morton Promotions radio station database. View the Missouri geographic data page for further information about the coverage of radio stations in Missouri.

United States
State: Missouri

KAAN 870 AM Bethany, MO Farm
KAAN 95.5 FM Bethany, MO Farm
KADI 1340 AM Springfield, MO Talk
KADI 99.5 FM Republic, MO Christian Contemporary
KAHR 96.7 FM Poplar Bluff, MO Adult Hits
KAIA 91.5 FM Bloomfield, MO Christian Contemporary
KALM 1290 AM Thayer, MO News/Talk
KAOL 1430 AM Carrollton, MO Farm
KAPE 1550 AM Cape Girardeau, MO News/Talk
KATI 94.3 FM California, MO Country
KATZ 1600 AM Saint Louis, MO Gospel Music
KAUD 90.5 FM Mexico, MO Unknown Format
KAUF 89.9 FM Kennett, MO Religious
KAYQ 97.1 FM Warsaw, MO Country
KAYX 92.5 FM Richmond, MO Religious
KBBM 100.1 FM Jefferson City, MO Rock
KBCV 1570 AM Hollister, MO Religious
KBDZ 93.1 FM Perryville, MO Country
KBEQ 104.3 FM Kansas City, MO Country
KBFL 1060 AM Springfield, MO Nostalgia
KBFL 99.9 FM Buffalo, MO Nostalgia
KBGM 91.1 FM Park Hills, MO Religious
KBHI 107.1 FM Miner, MO Hot AC
KBIA 91.3 FM Columbia, MO University of Missouri Public Radio
KBIY 91.3 FM Van Buren, MO Religious
KBKC 90.1 FM Moberly, MO Religious
KBMV 107.1 FM Birch Tree, MO Top-40
KBNN 750 AM Lebanon, MO Business News
KBOA 1540 AM Kennett, MO Nostalgia
KBTC 1250 AM Houston, MO Country
KBTN 1420 AM Neosho, MO Country
KBTN 99.7 FM Neosho, MO Country
KBXB 97.9 FM Sikeston, MO Country
KBXR 102.3 FM Columbia, MO Adult Album Alternative
KCAH (LPFM) 107.9 FM Carthage, MO Religious
KCFV 89.5 FM Ferguson, MO College
KCFX 101.1 FM Harrisonville, MO Classic Rock
KCGQ 99.3 FM Gordonville, MO Rock
KCGR 90.5 FM Oran, MO Religious
KCHI 1010 AM Chillicothe, MO Classic Hits
KCHI 98.5 FM Chillicothe, MO Classic Hits
KCHR 1350 AM Charleston, MO Country
KCJK 105.1 FM Garden City, MO Adult Hits
KCKC 102.1 FM Kansas City, MO Adult Contemporary
KCKV 91.9 FM Kirksville, MO Unknown Format
KCLC 89.1 FM Saint Charles, MO Lindenwood University Variety
KCLQ 107.9 FM Lebanon, MO Country
KCLR 99.3 FM Boonville, MO Country
KCMO 710 AM Kansas City, MO Talk
KCMQ 96.7 FM Columbia, MO Classic Rock
KCOU 88.1 FM Columbia, MO University of Missouri College
KCOZ 91.7 FM Point Lookout, MO College of the Ozarks Jazz
KCRL 90.3 FM Sunrise Beach, MO Religious
KCRV 1370 AM Caruthersville, MO Country
KCRV 105.1 FM Caruthersville, MO Adult Contemporary
KCSP 610 AM Kansas City, MO Sports
KCSW (LPFM) 97.1 FM Canton, MO Culver-Stockton College College
KCTE 1510 AM Independence, MO Talk
KCTO 1160 AM Cleveland, MO Talk
KCUR 89.3 FM Kansas City, MO University of Missouri - Kansas City Public Radio
KCVJ 100.3 FM Osceola, MO Christian Contemporary
KCVK 107.7 FM Otterville, MO Christian Contemporary
KCVO 91.7 FM Camdenton, MO Christian Contemporary
KCVQ 89.7 FM Knob Noster, MO Christian Contemporary
KCVX 91.7 FM Salem, MO Christian Contemporary
KCVY 89.9 FM Cabool, MO Christian Contemporary
KCVZ 92.1 FM Dixon, MO Christian Contemporary
KCWJ 1030 AM Blue Springs, MO Christian Contemporary
KCXL 1140 AM Liberty, MO Talk
KDAA 103.1 FM Rolla, MO Adult Contemporary
KDBB 104.3 FM Bonne Terre, MO Adult Album Alternative
KDEX 1590 AM Dexter, MO Country
KDEX 102.3 FM Dexter, MO Country
KDFN 1500 AM Doniphan, MO Oldies
KDHX 88.1 FM Saint Louis, MO Variety
KDJR 100.1 FM De Soto, MO Religious
KDKD 1280 AM Clinton, MO Oldies
KDKD 95.3 FM Clinton, MO Country
KDKN 106.7 FM Ellington, MO Unknown Format
KDMC (LPFM) 103.7 FM Cape Girardeau, MO Southeast Missouri State University College
KDMO 1490 AM Carthage, MO Country
KDRO 1490 AM Sedalia, MO Country
KELE 1360 AM Mountain Grove, MO Sports
KELE 92.5 FM Mountain Grove, MO Country
KESJ 1550 AM Saint Joseph, MO Unknown Format
KESM 1580 AM Eldorado Springs, MO Country
KESM 105.5 FM El Dorado Springs, MO Country
KESY 107.3 FM Cuba, MO Country
KESY (CP) 107.3 FM Steelville, MO Country
KEXS 1090 AM Excelsior Springs, MO Religious
KEXS 106.1 FM Ravenwood, MO Religious
KEZK 102.5 FM Saint Louis, MO Adult Contemporary
KEZS 102.9 FM Cape Girardeau, MO Country
KFAL 900 AM Fulton, MO Country
KFAV 99.9 FM Warrenton, MO Country
KFBD 97.9 FM Waynesville, MO Classic Rock
KFEB 107.5 FM Campbell, MO Alternative
KFEQ 680 AM Saint Joseph, MO News/Talk
KFLW 98.9 FM Saint Robert, MO Hot AC
KFMO 1240 AM Flat River, MO News/Talk
KFMZ 1470 AM Brookfield, MO Hot AC
KFMZ (CP) 1210 AM Brookfield, MO Hot AC
KFNS 100.7 FM Troy, MO Adult Hits
KFRU 1400 AM Columbia, MO News/Talk
KFTK 97.1 FM Florissant, MO Talk
KFUO 850 AM Clayton, MO Religious
KGBX 105.9 FM Nixa, MO Adult Contemporary
KGEX 99.7 FM Kansas City, MO Unknown Format
KGGN 890 AM Gladstone, MO Gospel Music
KGIR 1220 AM Cape Girardeau, MO Sports
KGKS 93.9 FM Scott City, MO Hot AC
KGLU 103.9 FM Gideon, MO Hot AC
KGMO 100.7 FM Cape Girardeau, MO Classic Rock
KGMY 1400 AM Springfield, MO Sports
KGNA 89.9 FM Arnold, MO Religious
KGNM 1270 AM Saint Joseph, MO Christian Contemporary
KGNN 90.3 FM Cuba, MO Religious
KGNV 89.9 FM Washington, MO Religious
KGNX 89.7 FM Ballwin, MO Unknown Format
KGOZ 101.7 FM Gallatin, MO Country
KGRC 92.9 FM Hannibal, MO Hot AC
KGSP 90.3 FM Parkville, MO Park University College
KGSP (CP) 90.5 FM Parkville, MO Park University College
KHBL (LPFM) 96.9 FM Hannibal, MO Variety
KHCR 99.5 FM Bismarck, MO Christian Contemporary
KHIS (LPFM) 107.9 FM Cape Girardeau, MO Christian Contemporary
KHJM 89.1 FM Dexter, MO Gospel Music
KHMO 1070 AM Hannibal, MO News/Talk
KHOJ 1460 AM Saint Charles, MO Religious
KHST 101.7 FM Lamar, MO Classic Hits
KHZR 97.7 FM Potosi, MO Christian Contemporary
KICK 97.9 FM Palmyra, MO Country
KIGL 93.3 FM Seligman, MO Classic Rock
KIHT 96.3 FM Saint Louis, MO Classic Hits
KIIK 102.3 FM Waynesville, MO Oldies
KIRK 99.9 FM Macon, MO Easy Listening
KIRX 1450 AM Kirksville, MO Oldies
KITG 89.5 FM Sarcoxie, MO Religious
KIXQ 102.5 FM Joplin, MO Country
KJAB 88.3 FM Mexico, MO Religious
KJCV 89.7 FM Country Club, MO Religious
KJEL 103.7 FM Lebanon, MO Country
KJEZ 95.5 FM Poplar Bluff, MO Classic Rock
KJFF 1400 AM Festus, MO Talk
KJFM 102.1 FM Louisiana, MO Country
KJIR 91.7 FM Hannibal, MO Gospel Music
KJLU 88.9 FM Jefferson City, MO Lincoln University Jazz
KJMK 93.9 FM Webb City, MO Adult Contemporary
KJMO 97.5 FM Linn, MO Oldies
KJPW 1390 AM Waynesville, MO Talk
KJSL 630 AM Saint Louis, MO Religious
KJTR (LPFM) 101.7 FM Rolla, MO Religious
KJXX 1170 AM Jackson, MO Nostalgia
KKBL 95.9 FM Monett, MO Adult Contemporary
KKDY 102.5 FM West Plains, MO Country
KKFI 90.1 FM Kansas City, MO Variety
KKID 92.9 FM Salem, MO Classic Rock
KKJO 105.5 FM Saint Joseph, MO Adult Contemporary
KKLH 104.7 FM Marshfield, MO Classic Rock
KKLL 1100 AM Webb City, MO Religious
KKLR 94.5 FM Poplar Bluff, MO Country
KKOZ 1430 AM Ava, MO Country
KKOZ 92.1 FM Ava, MO Country
KKTR 89.7 FM Kirksville, MO Truman University Public Radio
KKWK 100.1 FM Cameron, MO Classic Hits
KLEX 1570 AM Lexington, MO Religious
KLFC 88.1 FM Branson, MO Christian Contemporary
KLFJ 1550 AM Springfield, MO Comedy
KLHM (LPFM) 100.7 FM Saint Joseph, MO Religious
KLID 1340 AM Poplar Bluff, MO Variety
KLIK 1240 AM Jefferson City, MO Talk
KLJC 88.5 FM Kansas City, MO Calvary Bible College Christian Contemporary
KLJE (LPFM) 107.9 FM Columbia, MO Asian
KLJY 99.1 FM Clayton, MO Christian Contemporary
KLOU 103.3 FM Saint Louis, MO Classic Hits
KLOZ 92.7 FM Eldon, MO Hot AC
KLPW 1220 AM Union, MO Talk
KLPW 101.7 FM Elsberry, MO Country
KLRQ 96.1 FM Clinton, MO Christian Contemporary
KLRX 97.3 FM Lee'S Summit, MO Christian Contemporary
KLSC 92.9 FM Malden, MO Adult Hits
KLTE 107.9 FM Kirksville, MO Religious
KLTI 1560 AM Macon, MO Country
KLUE 103.5 FM Poplar Bluff, MO Hot AC
KLUH 90.3 FM Poplar Bluff, MO Christian Contemporary
KLWT 1230 AM Lebanon, MO Talk
KMAC 99.7 FM Gainesville, MO Classic Rock
KMAL 1470 AM Malden, MO News/Talk
KMAM 1530 AM Butler, MO Country
KMBZ 980 AM Kansas City, MO News/Talk
KMCR 103.9 FM Montgomery City, MO Adult Contemporary
KMCV 89.9 FM High Point, MO Religious
KMEM 100.5 FM Memphis, MO Country
KMFC 92.1 FM Centralia, MO Christian Contemporary
KMHM 104.1 FM Lutesville, MO Gospel Music
KMIS 1050 AM Portageville, MO Sports
KMJK 107.3 FM North Kansas City, MO Urban Contemporary
KMMO 1300 AM Marshall, MO Country
KMMO 102.9 FM Marshall, MO Country
KMNR 89.7 FM Rolla, MO University of Missouri College
KMOE 92.1 FM Butler, MO Country
KMOX 1120 AM Saint Louis, MO News/Talk
KMOZ 1590 AM Rolla, MO Religious
KMRF 1510 AM Marshfield, MO Religious
KMRN 1360 AM Cameron, MO Country
KMST 88.5 FM Rolla, MO University of Missouri - Rolla Public Radio
KMVC 91.7 FM Marshall, MO Missouri Valley College College
KMXL 95.1 FM Carthage, MO Adult Hits
KMXV 93.3 FM Kansas City, MO Top-40
KMYK 93.5 FM Osage Beach, MO Classic Rock
KMZU 100.7 FM Carrollton, MO Farm
KNEM 1240 AM Nevada, MO Country
KNEO 91.7 FM Neosho, MO Religious
KNIM 1580 AM Maryville, MO News
KNLG 90.3 FM New Bloomfield, MO Religious
KNLH 89.5 FM Cedar Hill, MO Religious
KNLM 91.9 FM Marshfield, MO Religious
KNLN 90.9 FM Vienna, MO Religious
KNLP 89.7 FM Potosi, MO Religious
KNLQ 91.9 FM Cuba, MO Gospel Music
KNMO 97.5 FM Nevada, MO Country
KOBC 90.7 FM Joplin, MO Christian Contemporary
KOEA 97.5 FM Doniphan, MO Country
KOKO 1450 AM Warrensburg, MO Oldies
KOKS 89.5 FM Poplar Bluff, MO Religious
KOMC 1220 AM Branson, MO Gospel Music
KOMC 100.1 FM Kimberling City, MO Nostalgia
KOMG 92.9 FM Ozark, MO Country
KOPN 89.5 FM Columbia, MO Public Radio
KOQL 106.1 FM Ashland, MO Top-40
KOSP 105.1 FM Willard, MO Adult Contemporary
KOTC 830 AM Kennett, MO Country
KOZO 89.7 FM Branson, MO Religious
KOZQ 1270 AM Waynesville, MO News/Talk
KOZX 98.1 FM Cabool, MO Talk
KPBR 91.7 FM Poplar Bluff, MO Religious
KPHN 1190 AM Kansas City, MO Children's
KPLA 101.5 FM Columbia, MO Adult Contemporary
KPNT 105.7 FM Saint Genevieve, MO Alternative
KPOW 97.7 FM La Monte, MO Classic Hits
KPPL 92.5 FM Poplar Bluff, MO Country
KPRS 103.3 FM Kansas City, MO Urban Contemporary
KPRT 1590 AM Kansas City, MO Gospel Music
KPVR 94.1 FM Bowling Green, MO Christian Contemporary
KPWB 1140 AM Piedmont, MO Oldies
KPWB 104.9 FM Piedmont, MO Country
KQMO 97.7 FM Shell Knob, MO Smooth Jazz
KQQZ 1190 AM Desoto, MO Unknown Format
KQRA 102.1 FM Brookline, MO Alternative
KQUL 102.7 FM Lake Ozark, MO Oldies
KRBZ 96.5 FM Kansas City, MO Alternative
KRCU 90.9 FM Cape Girardeau, MO Southeast Missouri State University Public Radio
KREI 800 AM Farmington, MO Talk
KRES 104.7 FM Moberly, MO Country
KREZ 104.7 FM Chaffee, MO Adult Contemporary
KRFL (LPFM) 107.9 FM Fulton, MO Religious
KRHS 90.1 FM Overland, MO Grade School (K-12)
KRHW 1520 AM Sikeston, MO Gospel Music
KRLI 103.9 FM Malta Bend, MO Nostalgia
KRLL 1420 AM California, MO Country
KRMO 990 AM Cassville, MO Country
KRMS 1150 AM Osage Beach, MO News/Talk
KRNW 88.9 FM Chillicothe, MO Northwest Missouri State University Public Radio
KRRY 100.9 FM Canton, MO Top-40
KRSS 93.5 FM Tarkio, MO Religious
KRVI 106.7 FM Mount Vernon, MO Variety
KRWP 107.7 FM Stockton, MO Country
KRXL 94.5 FM Kirksville, MO Classic Rock
KRZK 106.3 FM Branson, MO Country
KSAR 92.3 FM Thayer, MO Country
KSCV 90.1 FM Springfield, MO Religious
KSD 93.7 FM Saint Louis, MO Country
KSDC (LPFM) 94.9 FM Centralia, MO Religious
KSDL 92.3 FM Sedalia, MO Adult Hits
KSEF 88.9 FM Sainte Genevieve, MO Southeast Missouri State University Public Radio
KSGF 1260 AM Springfield, MO News/Talk
KSGF 104.1 FM Ash Grove, MO News/Talk
KSHE 94.7 FM Crestwood, MO Rock
KSIM 1400 AM Sikeston, MO News/Talk
KSIS 1050 AM Sedalia, MO Talk
KSIV 1320 AM Clayton, MO Religious
KSIV 91.5 FM Saint Louis, MO Religious
KSJI 91.1 FM Saint Joseph, MO Unknown Format
KSJQ 92.7 FM Savannah, MO Country
KSLG 1380 AM Saint Louis, MO Sports
KSLQ 104.5 FM Washington, MO Hot AC
KSLZ 107.7 FM Saint Louis, MO Top-40
KSMO 1340 AM Salem, MO Country
KSMS 90.5 FM Point Lookout, MO Public Radio
KSMU 91.1 FM Springfield, MO Southwest Missouri State University Public Radio
KSMW 90.3 FM West Plains, MO Southwest Missouri State University Public Radio
KSPQ 93.9 FM West Plains, MO Classic Rock
KSPW 96.5 FM Sparta, MO Top-40
KSSZ 93.9 FM Fayette, MO Talk
KSTL 690 AM Saint Louis, MO Gospel Music
KSWF 100.5 FM Aurora, MO Country
KSWM 940 AM Aurora, MO Talk
KSYN 92.5 FM Joplin, MO Top-40
KTBG 90.9 FM Warrensburg, MO Central Missouri State University Public Radio
KTBJ 89.3 FM Festus, MO Religious
KTCM 97.3 FM Madison, MO Spanish
KTGR 1580 AM Columbia, MO Sports
KTGR 100.5 FM Fulton, MO Unknown Format
KTJJ 98.5 FM Farmington, MO Country
KTKS 95.1 FM Versailles, MO Country
KTMO 106.5 FM New Madrid, MO Country
KTNX 103.9 FM Arcadia, MO Hot AC
KTOZ 95.5 FM Pleasant Hope, MO Hot AC
KTRI 95.9 FM Mansfield, MO Adult Contemporary
KTRM 88.7 FM Kirksville, MO Truman State University College
KTRS 550 AM Saint Louis, MO Talk
KTTK 90.7 FM Lebanon, MO Gospel Music
KTTN 1600 AM Trenton, MO Adult Contemporary
KTTN 92.3 FM Trenton, MO Country
KTTR 1490 AM Rolla, MO Talk
KTTR 99.7 FM Saint James, MO News/Talk
KTTS 94.7 FM Springfield, MO Country
KTUF 93.7 FM Kirksville, MO Country
KTUI 1560 AM Sullivan, MO Talk
KTUI 102.1 FM Sullivan, MO Country
KTXR 101.3 FM Springfield, MO Adult Contemporary
KTXY 106.9 FM Jefferson City, MO Top-40
KUKU 1330 AM Willow Springs, MO News/Talk
KUKU 100.3 FM Willow Springs, MO Oldies
KULH 105.9 FM Wheeling, MO Christian Contemporary
KUMR 104.5 FM Doolittle, MO University of Missouri - Rolla Public Radio
KUNQ 99.3 FM Houston, MO Country
KUPH 96.9 FM Mountain View, MO Hot AC
KVSR 90.7 FM Kirksville, MO Top-40
KVTS (LPFM) 107.9 FM Republic, MO Religious
KVVL 97.1 FM Maryville, MO Unknown Format
KWBZ 107.5 FM Monroe City, MO Oldies
KWFC 89.1 FM Springfield, MO Gospel Music
KWIX 1230 AM Moberly, MO Talk
KWJC 91.9 FM Liberty, MO William Jewell College College
KWJK 93.1 FM Boonville, MO Adult Hits
KWKJ 98.5 FM Windsor, MO Country
KWKZ 106.1 FM Charleston, MO Country
KWMO 1350 AM Washington, MO Talk
KWMU 90.7 FM Saint Louis, MO University of Missouri - St. Louis Public Radio
KWND 88.3 FM Springfield, MO Christian Contemporary
KWOC 930 AM Poplar Bluff, MO News/Talk
KWOS 950 AM Jefferson City, MO News/Talk
KWPM 1450 AM West Plains, MO News/Talk
KWRE 730 AM Warrenton, MO Country
KWRT 1370 AM Boonville, MO Americana
KWTO 560 AM Springfield, MO News/Talk
KWTO 98.7 FM Springfield, MO Sports
KWUR 90.3 FM Clayton, MO Washington University in St. Louis College
KWWC 90.5 FM Columbia, MO Stephens College Jazz
KWWR 95.7 FM Mexico, MO Country
KWWU (LPFM) 94.9 FM Fulton, MO William Woods University College
KWXD 103.5 FM Asbury, MO Classic Rock
KXCV 90.5 FM Maryville, MO Northwest Missouri State University Public Radio
KXDG 97.9 FM Webb City, MO Classic Rock
KXEA 104.9 FM Lowry City, MO Unknown Format
KXEN 1010 AM Saint Louis, MO Religious
KXEO 1340 AM Mexico, MO Adult Contemporary
KXKX 105.7 FM Knob Noster, MO Country
KXMO 95.3 FM Owensville, MO Oldies
KXMS 88.7 FM Joplin, MO Missouri Southern State College Classical
KXOQ 104.3 FM Kennett, MO Oldies
KXUS 97.3 FM Springfield, MO Classic Rock
KYHO (LPFM) 106.9 FM Poplar Bluff, MO Religious
KYKY 98.1 FM Saint Louis, MO Hot AC
KYLS 1450 AM Fredericktown, MO Oldies
KYLS 95.9 FM Ironton, MO Country
KYMO 1080 AM East Prairie, MO Sports
KYMO 105.3 FM East Prairie, MO Oldies
KYOO 1200 AM Bolivar, MO Country
KYOO 99.1 FM Half Way, MO Country
KYRO 1280 AM Potosi, MO Country
KYRV 88.1 FM Concordia, MO Gospel Music
KYRV (CP) 88.7 FM Concordia, MO Gospel Music
KYRX 97.3 FM Marble Hill, MO Adult Contemporary
KZBK 96.9 FM Brookfield, MO Hot AC
KZGM 88.1 FM Cabool, MO Public Radio
KZIM 960 AM Cape Girardeau, MO News/Talk
KZJF 104.1 FM Jefferson City, MO Country
KZLX (LPFM) 106.7 FM Maryville, MO Northwest Missouri State University College
KZMA 99.9 FM Naylor, MO Adult Contemporary
KZNN 105.3 FM Rolla, MO Country
KZQZ 1430 AM Saint Louis, MO Oldies
KZRG 1310 AM Joplin, MO News/Talk
KZWV 101.9 FM Eldon, MO Adult Contemporary
KZYM 1230 AM Joplin, MO Talk
KZZK 105.9 FM New London, MO Rock
KZZT 105.5 FM Moberly, MO Oldies
WDAF 106.5 FM Liberty, MO Country
WEW 770 AM Saint Louis, MO Variety
WGCQ 98.7 FM Hayti, MO Gospel Music
WHB 810 AM Kansas City, MO Sports
WHHL 104.1 FM Hazelwood, MO Hip Hop
WIL 92.3 FM Saint Louis, MO Country
WMBH 1560 AM Joplin, MO Urban Contemporary
WSDD (CP) 100.3 FM Bridgeton, MO Unknown Format

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