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Friday, September 3, 2010

Radio Promotion - New Mexico

Bill Morton Promotions is in contact with many radio stations in New Mexico. The following is a listing of these stations taken straight from the Bill Morton Promotions radio station database. View the New Mexico geographic data page for further information about the coverage of radio stations in New Mexico.

United States
State: New Mexico

KABG 98.5 FM Los Alamos, NM Classic Hits
KABQ 1350 AM Albuquerque, NM Talk
KABQ 104.7 FM Bosque Farms, NM Country
KABR 1500 AM Alamo Community, NM Public Radio
KABR 88.1 FM Alamo, NM Unknown Format
KAGM 106.3 FM Los Lunas, NM Hip Hop
KALH (LPFM) 95.1 FM Alamogordo, NM Variety
KALN 96.1 FM Dexter, NM Unknown Format
KAMQ 1240 AM Carlsbad, NM Sports
KANW 89.1 FM Albuquerque, NM Albuquerque Public School
District Public Radio
KAQF 91.1 FM Clovis, NM Religious
KARS 860 AM Belen, NM Country
KATK 740 AM Carlsbad, NM Classic Hits
KATK 92.1 FM Carlsbad, NM Country
KAZX 102.9 FM Kirtland, NM Top-40
KBAC 98.1 FM Las Vegas, NM Adult Album Alternative
KBCQ 1230 AM Roswell, NM News/Talk
KBCQ 97.1 FM Roswell, NM Top-40
KBIM 910 AM Roswell, NM News/Talk
KBIM 94.9 FM Roswell, NM Adult Hits
KBKZ 96.5 FM Raton, NM Country
KBNM (LPFM) 98.7 FM Belen, NM Variety
KBOM 88.7 FM Socorro, NM Public Radio
KBQI 107.9 FM Albuquerque, NM Country
KBQL 92.7 FM Las Vegas, NM Unknown Format
KBUY 1360 AM Ruidoso, NM Oldies
KBZU 96.3 FM Albuquerque, NM Classic Rock
KCCC 930 AM Carlsbad, NM Oldies
KCDY 104.1 FM Carlsbad, NM Hot AC
KCHS 1400 AM Truth or Consequence, NM Country
KCIE 90.5 FM Dulce, NM Public Radio
KCKN 1020 AM Roswell, NM Country
KCLV 1240 AM Clovis, NM Sports
KCLV 99.1 FM Clovis, NM Country
KCMG (LPFM) 100.1 FM Lovington, NM Religious
KCQL 1340 AM Aztec, NM Sports
KCRX 1430 AM Roswell, NM Oldies
KDAG 96.9 FM Farmington, NM Classic Rock
KDAZ 730 AM Albuquerque, NM Religious
KDCE 950 AM Espanola, NM Regional Mexican
KDEF 1150 AM Albuquerque, NM News
KDEM 94.3 FM Deming, NM Hot AC
KDLW 97.7 FM Belen, NM Hip Hop
KDRF 103.3 FM Albuquerque, NM Adult Hits
KDSK 92.7 FM Grants, NM Oldies
KEDP 91.1 FM Las Vegas, NM New Mexico Highlands University College
KEDU (LPFM) 102.3 FM Ruidoso, NM Variety
KEJL 100.9 FM Eunice, NM Classic Rock
KELP 89.3 FM Mesquite, NM Religious
KELU 90.3 FM Clovis, NM Christian Contemporary
KEND 106.5 FM Roswell, NM Adult Hits
KENM 89.3 FM Tucumcari, NM Public Radio
KENM (CP) 88.9 FM Tucumcari, NM Public Radio
KENN 1390 AM Farmington, NM News/Talk
KENW 89.5 FM Portales, NM Eastern New Mexico University
Public Radio
KFLQ 91.5 FM Albuquerque, NM Religious
KFMQ 106.1 FM Gallup, NM Rock
KFUN 1230 AM Las Vegas, NM Country
KGAK 1330 AM Gallup, NM Talk
KGCN 91.7 FM Roswell, NM Gospel Music
KGGA 88.1 FM Gallup, NM Christian Contemporary
KGLP 91.7 FM Gallup, NM Public Radio
KGLX 99.1 FM Gallup, NM Country
KGRT 103.9 FM Las Cruces, NM Country
KHAC 880 AM Tse Bonito, NM Religious
KHFM 95.5 FM Santa Fe, NM Classical
KHII 88.9 FM Cloudcroft, NM Public Radio
KHOB 1390 AM Hobbs, NM Sports
KHQT 103.1 FM Las Cruces, NM Top-40
KICA 980 AM Clovis, NM Talk
KIDS 88.1 FM Grants, NM Albuquerque Public Schools Public Radio
KIDX 101.5 FM Ruidoso, NM Classic Rock
KINN 1270 AM Alamogordo, NM News/Talk
KIOT 102.5 FM Los Lunas, NM Classic Rock
KIVA 1550 AM Albuquerque, NM News
KIXN 102.9 FM Hobbs, NM Country
KJFA 105.1 FM Santa Fe, NM Regional Mexican
KKFG 104.5 FM Bloomfield, NM Oldies
KKIM 1000 AM Albuquerque, NM Religious
KKIM 94.7 FM Santa Fe, NM Religious
KKIT 95.9 FM Taos, NM Classic Hits
KKNS 1310 AM Corrales, NM Regional Mexican
KKOB 770 AM Albuquerque, NM News/Talk
KKOB 93.3 FM Albuquerque, NM Top-40
KKOR 94.5 FM Gallup, NM Top-40
KKRG 101.3 FM Albuquerque, NM Regional Mexican
KKSC (LPFM) 100.1 FM Silver City, NM Religious
KKSS 97.3 FM Santa Fe, NM Urban Contemporary
KKTC 99.9 FM Angel Fire, NM Country
KKVS 98.7 FM Truth or Consequence, NM Regional Mexican
KKYC 102.3 FM Clovis, NM Top-40
KLBU 102.9 FM Pecos, NM Adult Album Alternative
KLDK (LPFM) 96.5 FM Dixon, NM Variety
KLEA 630 AM Lovington, NM Country
KLEA 101.7 FM Lovington, NM Oldies
KLGQ 90.3 FM Grants, NM Christian Contemporary
KLHK 90.9 FM Hobbs, NM Unknown Format
KLLU 88.9 FM Gallup, NM Christian Contemporary
KLMA 96.5 FM Hobbs, NM Tejano
KLMX 1450 AM Clayton, NM Country
KLNN 103.7 FM Questa, NM Adult Contemporary
KLQT 95.1 FM Corrales, NM Unknown Format
KLVF 100.7 FM Las Vegas, NM Adult Contemporary
KLVO 106.7 FM Los Alamos, NM Spanish
KLYN (LPFM) 95.7 FM Las Vegas, NM Religious
KLYT 88.3 FM Albuquerque, NM Christian Contemporary
KMBN 89.7 FM Las Cruces, NM Religious
KMDZ 96.7 FM Las Vegas, NM Adult Hits
KMGA 99.5 FM Albuquerque, NM Adult Contemporary
KMIN 980 AM Grants, NM Country
KMOU 104.7 FM Roswell, NM Country
KMTH 98.7 FM Maljamar, NM Eastern New Mexico University
Public Radio
KMVR 104.9 FM Mesilla Park, NM Adult Contemporary
KNDN 960 AM Farmington, NM Ethnic
KNFT 950 AM Bayard, NM Talk
KNFT 102.9 FM Bayard, NM Country
KNKT 107.1 FM Armijo, NM Religious
KNLK 91.9 FM Santa Rosa, NM Public Radio
KNMA 88.1 FM Tularosa, NM Religious
KNMB 96.7 FM Cloudcroft, NM Country
KNMI 88.9 FM Farmington, NM Christian Contemporary
KNML 610 AM Albuquerque, NM Sports
KNMX 540 AM Las Vegas, NM Regional Mexican
KNMZ 103.7 FM Alamogordo, NM Classic Rock
KNUW 95.1 FM Santa Clara, NM Regional Mexican
KOBE 1450 AM Las Cruces, NM News/Talk
KOBH 91.7 FM Hobbs, NM Unknown Format
KOOT 88.1 FM Hurley, NM Talk
KOTS 1230 AM Deming, NM Country
KPCL 95.7 FM Farmington, NM Religious
KPEK 100.3 FM Albuquerque, NM Hot AC
KPER 95.7 FM Hobbs, NM Country
KPSA 97.7 FM Lordsburg, NM Classic Rock
KPSA (CP) 97.9 FM Lordsburg, NM Classic Rock
KPZA 103.7 FM Jal, NM Regional Mexican
KPZE 106.1 FM Carlsbad, NM Regional Mexican
KQAI 89.1 FM Roswell, NM Christian Contemporary
KQAY 92.7 FM Tucumcari, NM Country
KQBA 107.5 FM Los Alamos, NM Country
KQEL 107.9 FM Alamogordo, NM Oldies
KQGC 91.1 FM Belen, NM Gospel Music
KQLV 90.7 FM Santa Fe, NM Christian Contemporary
KQNM 1100 AM Milan, NM Nostalgia
KQRI 105.5 FM Bosque Farms, NM Christian Contemporary
KQTM 101.7 FM Rio Rancho, NM Sports
KRAR 91.9 FM Espanola, NM Public Radio
KRDD 1320 AM Roswell, NM Regional Mexican
KRDR 90.1 FM Red River, NM Variety
KRKE 1600 AM Albuquerque, NM Oldies
KRLU 90.1 FM Roswell, NM Christian Contemporary
KRMQ 101.5 FM Clovis, NM Classic Hits
KROZ (LPFM) 105.9 FM Hobbs, NM Religious
KRRE 91.9 FM Las Vegas, NM University of New Mexico Public Radio
KRRT 90.9 FM Arroyo Seco, NM University of New Mexico Public Radio
KRSN 1490 AM Los Alamos, NM Talk
KRST 92.3 FM Albuquerque, NM Country
KRSY 1230 AM Alamogordo, NM Sports
KRSY 92.7 FM La Luz, NM Country
KRTN 1490 AM Raton, NM Adult Contemporary
KRTN 93.9 FM Raton, NM Variety
KRUC 88.9 FM Las Cruces, NM Spanish
KRUI 1490 AM Ruidoso Downs, NM News/Talk
KRUX 91.5 FM Las Cruces, NM New Mexico State University College
KRWG 90.7 FM Las Cruces, NM New Mexico State University
Public Radio
KRWN 92.9 FM Farmington, NM Rock
KRWN (CP) 92.5 FM Farmington, NM Rock
KRZE 1280 AM Farmington, NM Regional Mexican
KRZY 1450 AM Albuquerque, NM Regional Mexican
KRZY 105.9 FM Santa Fe, NM Spanish
KSCQ 92.9 FM Silver City, NM Hot AC
KSEL 1450 AM Portales, NM Nostalgia
KSEL 105.9 FM Portales, NM Country
KSFR 101.1 FM White Rock, NM Santa Fe Community College
Public Radio
KSFX 100.5 FM Roswell, NM Classic Hits
KSHI 90.9 FM Zuni, NM Variety
KSJE 90.9 FM Farmington, NM San Juan College Classical
KSMX 107.5 FM Clovis, NM Hot AC
KSNM 570 AM Las Cruces, NM Nostalgia
KSRL (LPFM) 103.1 FM Santa Rosa, NM Unknown Format
KSSR 1340 AM Santa Rosa, NM Variety
KSSR 95.9 FM Santa Rosa, NM Unknown Format
KSVA 920 AM Albuquerque, NM Religious
KSVP 990 AM Artesia, NM Talk
KSWV 810 AM Santa Fe, NM Spanish
KTAO 101.9 FM Taos, NM Adult Album Alternative
KTBL 1050 AM Los Ranchos, NM Talk
KTDB 89.7 FM Ramah, NM Variety
KTEG 104.1 FM Santa Fe, NM Alternative
KTGW 91.7 FM Fruitland, NM Religious
KTNM 1400 AM Tucumcari, NM Country
KTQM 99.9 FM Clovis, NM Adult Contemporary
KTRA 102.1 FM Farmington, NM Country
KTRC 1260 AM Santa Fe, NM Talk
KTUM 107.1 FM Tatum, NM Classic Rock
KTZA 92.9 FM Artesia, NM Country
KUNM 89.9 FM Albuquerque, NM University of New Mexico Public Radio
KUPR 91.7 FM Alamogordo, NM Public Radio
KUSW 88.1 FM Flora Vista, NM Public Radio
KUUT 89.7 FM Farmington, NM Public Radio
KVLC 101.1 FM Hatch, NM Oldies
KVLK 89.5 FM Milan, NM Christian Contemporary
KVLP 91.7 FM Tucumcari, NM Unknown Format
KVOT 1340 AM Taos, NM Talk
KVSF 1400 AM Santa Fe, NM Sports
KVSF 101.5 FM Pecos, NM Adult Album Alternative
KWES 1450 AM Ruidoso, NM Sports
KWES 93.5 FM Ruidoso, NM Country
KWFL 99.3 FM Roswell, NM Religious
KWKA 680 AM Clovis, NM Oldies
KWMW 105.1 FM Maljamar, NM Country
KWYK 94.9 FM Aztec, NM Adult Contemporary
KXFR 91.9 FM Socorro, NM Arabic
KXKS 1190 AM Albuquerque, NM Religious
KXMT 99.1 FM Taos, NM Tejano
KXPZ 99.5 FM Las Cruces, NM Rock
KXTC 99.9 FM Thoreau, NM Top-40
KXXI 93.7 FM Gallup, NM Classic Rock
KXXQ 100.7 FM Milan, NM Religious
KYBR 92.9 FM Espanola, NM Regional Mexican
KYCM 89.9 FM Alamogordo, NM Religious
KYEE 94.3 FM Alamogordo, NM Top-40
KYKK 1110 AM Humble City, NM Talk
KYVA 1230 AM Gallup, NM Country
KYVA 103.7 FM Church Rock, NM Oldies
KZOR 94.1 FM Hobbs, NM Hot AC
KZRM 96.1 FM Chama, NM Classic Hits
KZRR 94.1 FM Albuquerque, NM Rock
KZXQ 104.5 FM Reserve, NM Unknown Format
KZZX 105.3 FM Alamogordo, NM Country

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