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Friday, September 3, 2010

Radio Promotion - North Dakota

Bill Morton Promotions is in contact with many radio stations in North Dakota. The following is a listing of these stations taken straight from the Bill Morton Promotions radio station database. View the North Dakota geographic data page for further information about the coverage of radio stations in North Dakota.

United States
State: North Dakota

KABU 90.7 FM Fort Totten, ND Variety
KACL 98.7 FM Bismarck, ND Oldies
KAOC 105.1 FM Cavalier, ND Country
KAUJ 100.9 FM Grafton, ND Oldies
KBEP (LPFM) 93.7 FM Bismarck, ND Religious
KBFR 91.7 FM Bismarck, ND Religious
KBMK 88.3 FM Bismarck, ND Christian Contemporary
KBMR 1130 AM Bismarck, ND Country
KBTO 101.9 FM Bottineau, ND Country
KBYZ 96.5 FM Bismarck, ND Classic Rock
KCAD 99.1 FM Dickinson, ND Country
KCJB 910 AM Minot, ND Country
KCND 90.5 FM Bismarck, ND Public Radio
KCVD 95.7 FM New England, ND Religious
KDAK 1600 AM Carrington, ND Country
KDDR 1220 AM Oakes, ND Country
KDIX 1230 AM Dickinson, ND Adult Contemporary
KDKT 1410 AM Beulah, ND Sports
KDLR 1240 AM Devils Lake, ND Country
KDPR 89.9 FM Dickinson, ND Public Radio
KDSR 101.1 FM Williston, ND Adult Hits
KDSU 91.9 FM Fargo, ND North Dakota State University Public Radio
KDVI 89.9 FM Devils Lake, ND Religious
KDVL 102.5 FM Devils Lake, ND Oldies
KDXN 105.7 FM South Heart, ND Country
KEGK 106.9 FM Wahpeton, ND Classic Hits
KEYA 88.5 FM Belcourt, ND Public Radio
KEYZ 660 AM Williston, ND News/Talk
KFAA 89.5 FM Horace, ND Unknown Format
KFBN 88.7 FM Fargo, ND Religious
KFGO 790 AM Fargo, ND News/Talk
KFJM 90.7 FM Grand Forks, ND University of North Dakota
Adult Album Alternative
KFNL 92.7 FM Kindred, ND Northwestern College Christian
KFNW 1200 AM West Fargo, ND Northwestern College Christian
KFNW 97.9 FM Fargo, ND Northwestern College Christian Contemporary
KFYR 550 AM Bismarck, ND News/Talk
KGCD 89.1 FM Lincoln, ND Gospel Music
KHND 1470 AM Harvey, ND Adult Contemporary
KHRT 1320 AM Minot, ND Gospel Music
KHRT 106.9 FM Minot, ND Christian Contemporary
KIZZ 93.7 FM Minot, ND Top-40
KJIT (LPFM) 106.7 FM Bismarck, ND Religious
KJKJ 107.5 FM Grand Forks, ND Rock
KJTW 89.9 FM Jamestown, ND Unknown Format
KKBO 105.9 FM Flasher, ND Unknown Format
KKCT 97.5 FM Bismarck, ND Top-40
KKLQ 100.7 FM Harwood, ND Christian Contemporary
KKXL 1440 AM Grand Forks, ND Sports
KKXL 92.9 FM Grand Forks, ND Top-40
KLBE (LPFM) 100.7 FM Bismarck, ND Christian Contemporary
KLTC 1460 AM Dickinson, ND Country
KLUU 89.1 FM Jamestown, ND Christian Contemporary
KLXX 1270 AM Bismarck-Mandan, ND Talk
KMAV 105.5 FM Mayville, ND Sports
KMHA 91.3 FM Four Bears, ND Ethnic
KMJO 104.7 FM Hope, ND Classic Hits
KMPR 88.9 FM Minot, ND Public Radio
KMSR 1520 AM Mayville, ND Sports
KMXA 99.9 FM Minot, ND Hot AC
KNDC 1490 AM Hettinger, ND Country
KNDK 1080 AM Langdon, ND Talk
KNDK 95.7 FM Langdon, ND Classic Hits
KNDR 104.7 FM Mandan, ND Christian Contemporary
KNDS (LPFM) 96.3 FM Fargo, ND North Dakota State University
KNDW 91.7 FM Williston, ND Unknown Format
KNOX 1310 AM Grand Forks, ND News/Talk
KNOX 94.7 FM Grand Forks, ND Classic Rock
KNRI 89.7 FM Bismarck, ND Christian Contemporary
KOBT (LPFM) 101.3 FM Grand Forks, ND Religious
KOVC 1490 AM Valley City, ND Country
KOWW (LPFM) 98.1 FM Burlington, ND Variety
KPAR (LPFM) 103.3 FM Dickinson, ND Religious
KPAR (LPFM) (CP) 103.7 FM Dickinson, ND Religious
KPFX 107.9 FM Fargo, ND Classic Rock
KPOK 1340 AM Bowman, ND Country
KPPD 91.7 FM Devils Lake, ND Unknown Format
KPPR 89.5 FM Williston, ND Public Radio
KPRJ 91.5 FM Jamestown, ND Public Radio
KQDJ 1400 AM Jamestown, ND Nostalgia
KQDJ 101.1 FM Valley City, ND Hot AC
KQDY 94.5 FM Bismarck, ND Country
KQLX 890 AM Lisbon, ND Farm
KQLX 106.1 FM Lisbon, ND Talk
KQWB 1660 AM West Fargo, ND Sports
KQZZ 96.7 FM Devils Lake, ND Rock
KRRZ 1390 AM Minot, ND Oldies
KRVX 103.1 FM Wimbledon, ND Rock
KRWK 101.9 FM Fargo, ND Classic Rock
KSAF (LPFM) 104.1 FM Minot, ND Religious
KSJB 600 AM Jamestown, ND Country
KSJZ 93.3 FM Jamestown, ND Top-40
KSSS 101.5 FM Bismarck, ND Classic Rock
KTGO 1090 AM Tioga, ND Country
KTZU 94.9 FM Velva, ND Classic Rock
KUND 89.3 FM Grand Forks, ND University of North Dakota
Public Radio
KUSB 103.3 FM Hazelton, ND Country
KVMI 103.9 FM Arthur, ND Country
KVOX 740 AM Fargo, ND Sports
KWGO 102.9 FM Burlington, ND Hot AC
KWTL 1370 AM Grand Forks, ND Religious
KXGT 98.3 FM Carrington, ND Classic Hits
KXMR 710 AM Bismarck, ND Sports
KXPO 1340 AM Grafton, ND News/Talk
KXRV 107.5 FM Cannon Ball, ND Classic Hits
KYNU 95.5 FM Jamestown, ND Country
KYTZ 106.7 FM Walhalla, ND Hot AC
KYYX 97.1 FM Minot, ND Country
KYYY 92.9 FM Bismarck, ND Adult Contemporary
KYYZ 96.1 FM Williston, ND Country
KZPR 105.3 FM Minot, ND Classic Rock
KZRX 92.1 FM Dickinson, ND Classic Rock
KZZJ 1450 AM Rugby, ND Country
KZZY 103.5 FM Devils Lake, ND Country
WDAY 970 AM Fargo, ND News/Talk
WDAY 93.7 FM Fargo, ND Top-40

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