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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Radio Promotion - Pennsylvania

Bill Morton Promotions is in contact with many radio stations in Pennsylvania. The following is a listing of these stations taken straight from the Bill Morton Promotions radio station database. View the Pennsylvania geographic data page for further information about the coverage of radio stations in Pennsylvania.

United States
State: Pennsylvania

KDKA 1020 AM Pittsburgh, PA News/Talk
KDKA 93.7 FM Pittsburgh, PA Unknown Format
KQV 1410 AM Pittsburgh, PA News
KYW 1060 AM Philadelphia, PA News
WADV 940 AM Lebanon, PA Gospel Music
WAEB 790 AM Allentown, PA Talk
WAEB 104.1 FM Allentown, PA Top-40
WAKZ 95.9 FM Sharpsville, PA Top-40
WALN (Cable) 92.1 FM Allentown, PA Variety
WALY 103.9 FM Bellwood, PA Oldies
WANB 1210 AM Waynesburg, PA Country
WAOB 860 AM Millvale, PA Unknown Format
WAOB 106.7 FM Beaver Falls, PA Unknown Format
WARC 90.3 FM Meadville, PA Allegheny College College
WARM 590 AM Scranton, PA Oldies
WARM 103.3 FM York, PA Adult Contemporary
WASP 1130 AM Brownsville, PA Oldies
WATS 960 AM Sayre, PA Adult Contemporary
WAVL 910 AM Apollo, PA Christian Contemporary
WAVT 101.9 FM Pottsville, PA Hot AC
WAWN 89.5 FM Franklin, PA Religious
WAYC 1600 AM Bedford, PA Unknown Format
WAYC 100.9 FM Bedford, PA Adult Contemporary
WAZL 1490 AM Hazleton, PA Nostalgia
WBAX 1240 AM Wilkes-Barre, PA Sports
WBBY (LPFM) 100.3 FM Berwick, PA Religious
WBCB 1490 AM Levittown, PA Variety
WBEB 101.1 FM Philadelphia, PA Adult Contemporary
WBEN 95.7 FM Philadelphia, PA Adult Hits
WBFD 1310 AM Bedford, PA Oldies
WBGG 970 AM Pittsburgh, PA Sports
WBGM 88.1 FM New Berlin, PA Religious
WBHB 101.5 FM Waynesboro, PA Rock
WBHD 95.7 FM Olyphant, PA Top-40
WBHT 97.1 FM Mountain Top, PA Top-40
WBHV 1330 AM Somerset, PA Sports
WBHV 94.5 FM State College, PA Top-40
WBLF 970 AM Bellefonte, PA News/Talk
WBLJ 95.3 FM Shamokin, PA Country
WBMR 91.7 FM Telford, PA Religious
WBPZ 1230 AM Lock Haven, PA Oldies
WBRR 100.1 FM Bradford, PA Oldies
WBRX 94.7 FM Cresson, PA Adult Contemporary
WBSX 97.9 FM Hazleton, PA Alternative
WBUQ 91.1 FM Bloomsburg, PA Bloomsburg University College
WBUS 93.7 FM Boalsburg, PA Classic Rock
WBUT 1050 AM Butler, PA Country
WBVE 107.5 FM Bedford, PA Classic Rock
WBVP 1230 AM Beaver Falls, PA Nostalgia
WBXQ 94.3 FM Patton, PA Classic Rock
WBYH 89.1 FM Hawley, PA Christian Contemporary
WBYL 95.5 FM Salladasburg, PA Country
WBYN 1160 AM Lehighton, PA Religious
WBYN 107.5 FM Boyertown, PA Religious
WBYO 88.9 FM Sellersville, PA Christian Contemporary
WBYX 88.7 FM Stroudsburg, PA Christian Contemporary
WBZD 93.3 FM Muncy, PA Oldies
WBZU 910 AM Scranton, PA News/Talk
WCAL 91.9 FM California, PA Alternative
WCAT 102.3 FM Carlisle, PA Country
WCBG 1380 AM Waynesboro, PA News/Talk
WCCL 101.7 FM Central City, PA Oldies
WCCR 92.7 FM Clarion, PA Adult Contemporary
WCCS 1160 AM Homer City, PA Adult Contemporary
WCDL 1440 AM Carbondale, PA Regional Mexican
WCDW 100.5 FM Susquehanna, PA Oldies
WCED 1420 AM Du Bois, PA News/Talk
WCHA 800 AM Chambersburg, PA Nostalgia
WCHE 1520 AM West Chester, PA Talk
WCHX 105.5 FM Lewistown, PA Classic Hits
WCIG 107.7 FM Dallas, PA Religious
WCIM 91.5 FM Shenandoah, PA Religious
WCIN 91.3 FM Tunkhannock, PA Unknown Format
WCIT 90.1 FM Trout Run, PA Religious
WCLH 90.7 FM Wilkes-Barre, PA Wilkes University College
WCNS 1480 AM Latrobe, PA Oldies
WCOG 100.7 FM Galeton, PA Religious
WCOH 107.3 FM Du Bois, PA Religious
WCOJ 1420 AM Coatesville, PA Talk
WCPA 900 AM Clearfield, PA News/Talk
WCRG 90.7 FM Williamsport, PA Christian Contemporary
WCRO 1230 AM Johnstown, PA Nostalgia
WCSD (LPFM) 104.9 FM Shawnee-On-Delaware, PA Religious
WCTL 106.3 FM Union City, PA Christian Contemporary
WCTO 96.1 FM Easton, PA Country
WCUC 91.7 FM Clarion, PA Clarion University of Pennsylvania College
WCUR 91.7 FM West Chester, PA West Chester University of
Pennsylvania College
WCXR 103.7 FM Lewisburg, PA Rock
WDAC 94.5 FM Lancaster, PA Religious
WDAD 1450 AM Indiana, PA Oldies
WDAS 105.3 FM Philadelphia, PA Urban Contemporary
WDCV 88.3 FM Carlisle, PA Dickinson College College
WDDH 97.5 FM Saint Marys, PA Country
WDIY 88.1 FM Allentown, PA Public Radio
WDKC 101.5 FM Covington, PA Country
WDMT 102.3 FM Pittston, PA Classic Hits
WDNH 95.3 FM Honesdale, PA Hot AC
WDNR 89.5 FM Chester, PA Widener University College
WDSN 106.5 FM Reynoldsville, PA Adult Contemporary
WDSY 107.9 FM Pittsburgh, PA Country
WDUQ 90.5 FM Pittsburgh, PA Duquesne University Jazz
WDVE 102.5 FM Pittsburgh, PA Classic Rock
WEAE 1250 AM Pittsburgh, PA Sports
WECZ 1540 AM Punxsutawney, PA News/Talk
WEDO 810 AM Mckeesport, PA Religious
WEEO 1480 AM Shippensburg, PA Country
WEEO 103.7 FM Mcconnellsburg, PA Talk
WEEU 830 AM Reading, PA News/Talk
WEEX 1230 AM Easton, PA Sports
WEFR 88.1 FM Erie, PA Religious
WEGH 107.3 FM Northumberland, PA Classic Rock
WEJL 630 AM Scranton, PA Sports
WERG 90.5 FM Erie, PA Gannon University Alternative
WESB 1490 AM Bradford, PA Adult Contemporary
WESS 90.3 FM East Stroudsburg, PA East Stroudsburg University
WEST 1400 AM Easton, PA Spanish
WEVP 91.7 FM Laporte, PA Unknown Format
WEXC 107.1 FM Greenville, PA Christian Contemporary
WEZX 106.9 FM Scranton, PA Classic Rock
WFBG 1290 AM Altoona, PA News/Talk
WFBM (LPFM) 100.1 FM Beaver Springs, PA Gospel Music
WFBS 1280 AM Berwick, PA Sports
WFGE 101.1 FM Tyrone, PA Country
WFGI 940 AM Charleroi, PA Country
WFGI 95.5 FM Johnstown, PA Country
WFGY 98.1 FM Altoona, PA Country
WFIL 560 AM Philadelphia, PA Religious
WFKJ 890 AM Cashtown, PA Religious
WFNN 1330 AM Erie, PA Oldies
WFRA 1450 AM Franklin, PA News/Talk
WFRJ 88.9 FM Johnstown, PA Religious
WFRM 600 AM Coudersport, PA Country
WFSE 88.9 FM Edinboro, PA Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
WFSJ (LPFM) 103.7 FM Indiana, PA Christian Contemporary
WFYL 1180 AM King of Prussia, PA Talk
WFYY 106.5 FM Bloomsburg, PA Hot AC
WGBN 1150 AM New Kensington, PA Gospel Music
WGET 1320 AM Gettysburg, PA Adult Contemporary
WGGI 95.9 FM Benton, PA Country
WGGY 101.3 FM Scranton, PA Country
WGLD 1440 AM Manchester Township, PA Sports
WGMF 1460 AM Tunkhannock, PA Country
WGPA 1100 AM Bethlehem, PA Variety
WGRC 91.3 FM Lewisburg, PA Christian Contemporary
WGRP 940 AM Greenville, PA Oldies
WGTY 107.7 FM Gettysburg, PA Country
WGYI 98.5 FM Oil City, PA Country
WGYY 100.3 FM Meadville, PA Country
WHAT 1340 AM Philadelphia, PA Nostalgia
WHBI (LPFM) 93.1 FM Grantville, PA Variety
WHGB 1400 AM Harrisburg, PA Sports
WHGL 100.3 FM Canton, PA Country
WHHN 88.1 FM Hollidaysburg, PA Religious
WHHS 99.9 FM Havertown, PA Haverford High School Grade
School (K-12)
WHJB 107.1 FM Greensburg, PA Unknown Format
WHKF 99.3 FM Harrisburg, PA Top-40
WHKS 94.9 FM Port Allegany, PA Adult Contemporary
WHLM 930 AM Bloomsburg, PA News
WHLM 103.5 FM Berwick, PA Classic Hits
WHMJ 99.3 FM Franklin, PA Adult Hits
WHMN (LPFM) 107.3 FM Plymouth, PA Religious
WHOL 1600 AM Allentown, PA Spanish
WHP 580 AM Harrisburg, PA Talk
WHPA 93.5 FM Gallitzin, PA Oldies
WHUN 106.3 FM Mount Union, PA Unknown Format
WHVR 1280 AM Hanover, PA Country
WHYL 960 AM Carlisle, PA Nostalgia
WHYP 1370 AM Corry, PA Unknown Format
WHYY 90.9 FM Philadelphia, PA Public Radio
WICK 1400 AM Scranton, PA Sports
WIEZ 670 AM Lewistown, PA Talk
WIKZ 95.1 FM Chambersburg, PA Hot AC
WILK 980 AM Wilkes-Barre, PA News/Talk
WILK 103.1 FM Avoca, PA News/Talk
WILQ 105.1 FM Williamsport, PA Country
WIOO 1000 AM Carlisle, PA Country
WIOO (CP) 1010 AM Carlisle, PA Country
WIOQ 102.1 FM Philadelphia, PA Top-40
WIOV 1240 AM Reading, PA Sports
WIOV 105.1 FM Ephrata, PA Country
WIP 610 AM Philadelphia, PA Sports
WISP 1570 AM Doylestown, PA Religious
WISR 680 AM Butler, PA Talk
WISX 106.1 FM Philadelphia, PA Hot AC
WITF 89.5 FM Harrisburg, PA Public Radio
WITK 1550 AM Pittston, PA Religious
WIUP 90.1 FM Indiana, PA Indiana University of Pennsylvania College
WIXQ 91.7 FM Millersville, PA Millersville University College
WJAS 1320 AM Pittsburgh, PA Nostalgia
WJAZ 91.7 FM Summerdale, PA Temple University Public Radio
WJCS 89.3 FM Allentown, PA Religious
WJET 1400 AM Erie, PA Talk
WJHT 92.1 FM Johnstown, PA Top-40
WJNG 100.5 FM Johnsonburg, PA Classic Rock
WJPA 1450 AM Washington, PA Oldies
WJPA 95.3 FM Washington, PA Oldies
WJRC 90.9 FM Lewistown, PA Christian Contemporary
WJRH 104.9 FM Easton, PA Lafayette College College
WJSA 1600 AM Jersey Shore, PA Religious
WJSA 96.3 FM Jersey Shore, PA Religious
WJSM 92.7 FM Martinsburg, PA Religious
WJST 1280 AM New Castle, PA Adult Contemporary
WJTL 90.3 FM Lancaster, PA Christian Contemporary
WJUN 1220 AM Mexico, PA Sports
WJUN 92.5 FM Mexico, PA Country
WKBI 1400 AM Saint Marys, PA Oldies
WKBI 93.9 FM Saint Marys, PA Top-40
WKBO 1230 AM Harrisburg, PA Christian Contemporary
WKDU 91.7 FM Philadelphia, PA Drexel University College
WKEL 98.5 FM Confluence, PA Christian Contemporary
WKFB 770 AM Jeannette, PA Oldies
WKGE 850 AM Johnstown, PA Talk
WKHB 620 AM Irwin, PA Oldies
WKMC 1370 AM Roaring Spring, PA Nostalgia
WKNB 104.3 FM Clarendon, PA Country
WKOK 1070 AM Sunbury, PA News
WKPL 92.1 FM Ellwood City, PA Classic Hits
WKPS 90.7 FM State College, PA Pennsylvania State University
WKQL 103.3 FM Brookville, PA Oldies
WKQW 1120 AM Oil City, PA Country
WKQW 96.3 FM Oil City, PA Adult Contemporary
WKRF 107.9 FM Tobyhanna, PA Top-40
WKRZ 98.5 FM Freeland, PA Top-40
WKSB 102.7 FM Williamsport, PA Hot AC
WKST 1200 AM New Castle, PA News/Talk
WKST 96.1 FM Pittsburgh, PA Top-40
WKVA 920 AM Lewistown, PA Oldies
WKVB 107.9 FM Port Matilda, PA Christian Contemporary
WKVE 103.1 FM Mount Pleasant, PA Christian Contemporary
WKVR 92.3 FM Huntingdon, PA Juniata College College
WKYE 96.5 FM Johnstown, PA Adult Contemporary
WKZN 1300 AM West Hazleton, PA News/Talk
WKZV 1110 AM Washington, PA Country
WLAK 103.5 FM Huntingdon, PA Hot AC
WLAN 1390 AM Lancaster, PA Nostalgia
WLAN 96.9 FM Lancaster, PA Top-40
WLBR 1270 AM Lebanon, PA Adult Contemporary
WLBS 91.7 FM Bristol, PA Nostalgia
WLCH 91.3 FM Lancaster, PA Spanish
WLCY 106.3 FM Blairsville, PA Country
WLEB (LPFM) 93.1 FM Lebanon, PA Religious
WLEM 1250 AM Emporium, PA Country
WLER 97.7 FM Butler, PA Adult Contemporary
WLEV 100.7 FM Allentown, PA Adult Contemporary
WLFP 1550 AM Braddock, PA Talk
WLGL 92.3 FM Riverside, PA Country
WLIH 107.1 FM Whitneyville, PA Religious
WLKA 88.3 FM Tafton, PA Christian Contemporary
WLKH 97.7 FM Somerset, PA Christian Contemporary
WLKJ 105.7 FM Portage, PA Christian Contemporary
WLLF 96.7 FM Mercer, PA Adult Contemporary
WLLI 1150 AM Huntingdon, PA Country
WLMY 107.9 FM Williamsport, PA Hot AC
WLOA 1470 AM Farrell, PA Oldies
WLOG 89.1 FM Markleysburg, PA Lighthouse Christian Academy
Christian Contemporary
WLPA 1490 AM Lancaster, PA Sports
WLRI (LPFM) 92.9 FM Gap, PA News/Talk
WLSH 1410 AM Lansford, PA Oldies
WLSW 103.9 FM Scottdale, PA Oldies
WLTJ 92.9 FM Pittsburgh, PA Adult Contemporary
WLVR 91.3 FM Bethlehem, PA Lehigh University College
WLVU 88.5 FM Halifax, PA Christian Contemporary
WLYC 1050 AM Williamsport, PA Sports
WLZS 106.1 FM Beaver Springs, PA Oldies
WMAJ 99.5 FM Centre Hall, PA Adult Hits
WMBA 1460 AM Ambridge, PA Talk
WMBS 590 AM Uniontown, PA Nostalgia
WMCE 88.5 FM Erie, PA Mercyhurst College Classical
WMES (LPFM) 107.7 FM Altoona, PA Religious
WMGH 105.5 FM Tamaqua, PA Adult Contemporary
WMGK 102.9 FM Philadelphia, PA Classic Rock
WMGS 92.9 FM Wilkes-Barre, PA Adult Contemporary
WMGW 1490 AM Meadville, PA Talk
WMHX 106.7 FM Hershey, PA Hot AC
WMKX 105.5 FM Brookville, PA Classic Rock
WMLP 1380 AM Milton, PA Talk
WMMR 93.3 FM Philadelphia, PA Rock
WMNY 1360 AM McKeesport, PA Gospel Music
WMNY (CP) 910 AM Apollo, PA Gospel Music
WMRF 95.7 FM Lewistown, PA Hot AC
WMSS 91.1 FM Middletown, PA Middletown Area School District
Grade School (K-12)
WMTT 94.7 FM Tioga, PA Classic Rock
WMUG (LPFM) 105.1 FM Indiana, PA Religious
WMUH 91.7 FM Allentown, PA Muhlenberg College College
WMVL 101.7 FM Linesville, PA Classic Hits
WNAE 1310 AM Warren, PA Adult Contemporary
WNAE 102.7 FM Clarendon, PA Country
WNAP 1110 AM Norristown, PA Gospel Music
WNBQ 92.3 FM Mansfield, PA Adult Contemporary
WNBT 1490 AM Wellsboro, PA Oldies
WNBT 104.5 FM Wellsboro, PA Classic Rock
WNCC 950 AM Barnesboro, PA Oldies
WNJR 91.7 FM Washington, PA Washington and Jefferson College
WNKZ 103.9 FM Dushore, PA Hot AC
WNNK 104.1 FM Harrisburg, PA Hot AC
WNPV 1440 AM Lansdale, PA Talk
WNTE 89.5 FM Mansfield, PA Mansfield University of
Pennsylvania College
WNTJ 1490 AM Johnstown, PA News/Talk
WNTP 990 AM Philadelphia, PA News/Talk
WNTW 990 AM Somerset, PA News/Talk
WNWR 1540 AM Philadelphia, PA Ethnic
WNWR (CP) 1540 AM Bala Cynwyd, PA Ethnic
WODE 99.9 FM Easton, PA Classic Hits
WOGG 94.9 FM Oliver, PA Country
WOGH 103.5 FM Burgettstown, PA Country
WOGI 104.3 FM Moon Township, PA Country
WOGL 98.1 FM Philadelphia, PA Oldies
WOKW 102.9 FM Curwensville, PA Adult Contemporary
WORD 101.5 FM Pittsburgh, PA Religious
WOWQ 102.1 FM Du Bois, PA Country
WOWY 97.1 FM University Park, PA Oldies
WOYK 1350 AM York, PA Sports
WPAI 90.7 FM Nanty Glo, PA Unknown Format
WPAM 1450 AM Pottsville, PA Classic Rock
WPCL 97.3 FM Spangler, PA Religious
WPDC 1600 AM Elizabethtown, PA Sports
WPEB 88.1 FM Philadelphia, PA Variety
WPEL 800 AM Montrose, PA Gospel Music
WPEL 96.5 FM Montrose, PA Religious
WPEN 950 AM Philadelphia, PA Sports
WPGB 104.7 FM Pittsburgh, PA News/Talk
WPGM 1570 AM Danville, PA Religious
WPGM 96.7 FM Danville, PA Religious
WPGR 1510 AM Monroeville, PA Gospel Music
WPHB 1260 AM Philipsburg, PA Country
WPHD 96.1 FM South Waverly, PA Oldies
WPHE 690 AM Phoenixville, PA Spanish
WPHI 100.3 FM Media, PA Hip Hop
WPHT 1210 AM Philadelphia, PA Talk
WPIC 790 AM Sharon, PA News/Talk
WPIT 730 AM Pittsburgh, PA Religious
WPKL 99.3 FM Uniontown, PA Oldies
WPKV 98.3 FM Duquesne, PA Christian Contemporary
WPLY 960 AM Mount Pocono, PA Oldies
WPPA 1360 AM Pottsville, PA Adult Contemporary
WPPJ (CC) 670 AM Pittsburgh, PA Point Park College College
WPPT 92.1 FM Mercersburg, PA Country
WPPZ 103.9 FM Jenkintown, PA Gospel Music
WPSE 1450 AM Erie, PA Penn State University - Erie Business News
WPSN 1590 AM Honesdale, PA Sports
WPSU 91.5 FM State College, PA Penn State University Public Radio
WPSX 90.1 FM Kane, PA Penn State University Public Radio
WPTC 88.1 FM Williamsport, PA Pennsylvania College of
Technology College
WPTS 92.1 FM Pittsburgh, PA University of Pittsburgh College
WPWA 1590 AM Chester, PA Gospel Music
WPXZ 104.1 FM Punxsutawney, PA Hot AC
WPYT 660 AM Wilkinsburg, PA Talk
WPZX 105.9 FM Pocono Pines, PA Classic Rock
WQBR 99.9 FM Avis, PA Country
WQCK 105.9 FM Philipsburg, PA Christian Contemporary
WQCM 94.3 FM Greencastle, PA Rock
WQDD (LPFM) 107.9 FM Girardville, PA Variety
WQED 89.3 FM Pittsburgh, PA Classical
WQEJ 89.7 FM Johnstown, PA Classical
WQFM 92.1 FM Nanticoke, PA Oldies
WQFN 100.1 FM Forest City, PA Oldies
WQFX 103.1 FM Russell, PA Classic Rock
WQHS (CC) 730 AM Philadelphia, PA University of Pennsylvania
WQHZ 102.3 FM Erie, PA Classic Rock
WQIC 100.1 FM Lebanon, PA Adult Contemporary
WQJU 107.1 FM Mifflintown, PA Religious
WQKK 106.9 FM Renovo, PA Rock
WQKX 94.1 FM Sunbury, PA Top-40
WQKY 98.9 FM Emporium, PA Classic Hits
WQLN 91.3 FM Erie, PA Public Radio
WQLV 98.9 FM Millersburg, PA Adult Contemporary
WQMU 92.5 FM Indiana, PA Hot AC
WQOR 750 AM Olyphant, PA Religious
WQSU 88.9 FM Selinsgrove, PA Susquehanna University College
WQTW 1570 AM Latrobe, PA Hot AC
WQWK 1450 AM State College, PA Unknown Format
WQXA 105.7 FM York, PA Rock
WQYX 93.1 FM Clearfield, PA Top-40
WQZS 93.3 FM Meyersdale, PA Oldies
WRAK 1400 AM Williamsport, PA Talk
WRAW 1340 AM Reading, PA Oldies
WRBT 94.9 FM Harrisburg, PA Country
WRCT 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, PA Carnegie Mellon College
WRDD 1580 AM Ebensburg, PA Oldies
WRDV 89.3 FM Warminster, PA Nostalgia
WRDW 96.5 FM Philadelphia, PA Top-40
WRFF 104.5 FM Philadelphia, PA Alternative
WRFY 102.5 FM Reading, PA Rock
WRGN 88.1 FM Sweet Valley, PA Religious
WRIE 1260 AM Erie, PA Sports
WRIJ 106.9 FM Masontown, PA Religious
WRKC 88.5 FM Wilkes-Barre, PA Kings College College
WRKK 1200 AM Hughesville, PA Talk
WRKT 100.9 FM North East, PA Rock
WRKW 99.1 FM Ebensburg, PA Rock
WRKY 104.9 FM Hollidaysburg, PA Rock
WRLC 91.7 FM Williamsport, PA Lycoming College College
WROZ 101.3 FM Lancaster, PA Adult Contemporary
WRRK 96.9 FM Braddock, PA Adult Hits
WRRN 92.3 FM Warren, PA Oldies
WRSC 1390 AM State College, PA News/Talk
WRSC 103.1 FM State College, PA Unknown Format
WRSD 94.9 FM Folsom, PA Ridley High School Grade School (K-12)
WRTA 1240 AM Altoona, PA News/Talk
WRTI 90.1 FM Philadelphia, PA Temple University Public Radio
WRTJ 89.3 FM Coatesville, PA Unknown Format
WRTL 90.7 FM Ephrata, PA Temple University Public Radio
WRTS 103.7 FM Erie, PA Top-40
WRTY 91.1 FM Jackson Township, PA Temple University Public Radio
WRVV 97.3 FM Harrisburg, PA Adult Album Alternative
WRWJ 88.1 FM Murrysville, PA Religious
WRXV 89.1 FM State College, PA Christian Contemporary
WRZO (LPFM) 102.9 FM Chambersburg, PA Variety
WSAJ 91.1 FM Grove City, PA Grove City College College
WSAN 1470 AM Allentown, PA Sports
WSBA 910 AM York, PA News/Talk
WSBG 93.5 FM Stroudsburg, PA Rock
WSFX 89.1 FM Nanticoke, PA Luzerne County Community College College
WSHH 99.7 FM Pittsburgh, PA Adult Contemporary
WSJR 93.7 FM Dallas, PA Country
WSJW 92.7 FM Starview, PA Smooth Jazz
WSKE 104.3 FM Everett, PA Country
WSNU 92.1 FM Lock Haven, PA Hot AC
WSOX 96.1 FM Red Lion, PA Oldies
WSRN 91.5 FM Swarthmore, PA Swarthmore College College
WSRU 88.1 FM Slippery Rock, PA Unknown Format
WSYC 88.7 FM Shippensburg, PA Shippensburg University College
WTIV 1230 AM Titusville, PA News/Talk
WTKT 1460 AM Harrisburg, PA Sports
WTKZ 1320 AM Allentown, PA Sports
WTLR 89.9 FM State College, PA Religious
WTMV 88.5 FM Youngsville, PA Religious
WTPA 93.5 FM Mechanicsburg, PA Classic Rock
WTRN 1340 AM Tyrone, PA Nostalgia
WTRW 94.3 FM Carbondale, PA Unknown Format
WTSX (CP) 96.7 FM Lehman Township, PA Hot AC
WTTC 1550 AM Towanda, PA Sports
WTTC 95.3 FM Towanda, PA Classic Hits
WTWF 93.9 FM Fairview, PA Country
WTYM 1380 AM Kittanning, PA Oldies
WTZN 1310 AM Troy, PA Sports
WUBA 1480 AM Philadelphia, PA Spanish
WUFR 91.1 FM Bedford, PA Religious
WUMT 103.9 FM Kane, PA Unknown Format
WURD 900 AM Philadelphia, PA Talk
WUSL 98.9 FM Philadelphia, PA Hip Hop
WUSR 99.5 FM Scranton, PA University of Scranton College
WUUZ 107.7 FM Cooperstown, PA Classic Rock
WUZZ 94.3 FM Saegertown, PA Classic Rock
WVAM 1430 AM Altoona, PA Sports
WVBU 90.5 FM Lewisburg, PA Bucknell University Alternative
WVCH 740 AM Chester, PA Religious
WVHO (LPFM) 94.5 FM Nanticoke, PA Religious
WVIA 89.9 FM Scranton, PA Public Radio
WVLY 100.9 FM Milton, PA Adult Contemporary
WVME 91.9 FM Meadville, PA Religious
WVMM 90.7 FM Grantham, PA Messiah College Christian Contemporary
WVMN 90.1 FM New Castle, PA Religious
WVMW 91.7 FM Scranton, PA Marywood College College
WVNW 96.7 FM Burnham, PA Country
WVPO 840 AM Stroudsburg, PA Oldies
WVRT 97.7 FM Mill Hall, PA Top-40
WVRZ 99.7 FM Mount Carmel, PA Top-40
WVYA 89.7 FM Williamsport, PA Public Radio
WVYC 99.7 FM York, PA York College of Pennsylvania College
WVZN 1580 AM Columbia, PA Spanish
WWBE 98.3 FM Mifflinburg, PA Country
WWBJ 1110 AM Martinsburg, PA Unknown Format
WWCF 88.7 FM Mcconnellsburg, PA Variety
WWCH 1300 AM Clarion, PA Country
WWCS 540 AM Canonsburg, PA Children's
WWDB 860 AM Philadelphia, PA Business News
WWGE 1400 AM Loretto, PA Talk
WWGY 95.1 FM Grove City, PA Country
WWII 720 AM Shiremanstown, PA Religious
WWIZ 103.9 FM Mercer, PA Rock
WWIZ (CP) 103.9 FM West Middlesex, PA Rock
WWKL 92.1 FM Palmyra, PA Hip Hop
WWLU 88.7 FM Lincoln University, PA Lincoln University Hip Hop
WWNL 1080 AM Pittsburgh, PA Religious
WWNW 88.9 FM New Wilmington, PA Westminster College College
WWOT 100.1 FM Altoona, PA Top-40
WWPA 1340 AM Williamsport, PA News/Talk
WWPJ 89.5 FM Pen Argyl, PA Mercer County Community College
WWRR 104.9 FM Scranton, PA Adult Hits
WWSH 98.7 FM Pleasant Gap, PA Adult Contemporary
WWSM 1510 AM Annville-Cleona, PA Country
WWSW 94.5 FM Pittsburgh, PA Oldies
WXAC 91.3 FM Reading, PA Albright College College
WXBB 94.7 FM Erie, PA Adult Hits
WXCS (LPFM) 92.9 FM Cambridge Springs, PA Variety
WXDX 105.9 FM Pittsburgh, PA Alternative
WXFR 88.3 FM State College, PA Religious
WXKC 99.9 FM Erie, PA Adult Contemporary
WXLV 90.3 FM Schnecksville, PA Lehigh Carbon Community
College College
WXMJ 104.5 FM Cambridge Springs, PA Adult Hits
WXMT 106.3 FM Smethport, PA Unknown Format
WXNM (LPFM) 95.9 FM Erie, PA Religious
WXPH 88.7 FM Middletown, PA University of Pennsylvania
Adult Album Alternative
WXPN 88.5 FM Philadelphia, PA University of Pennsylvania
Adult Album Alternative
WXTA 97.9 FM Edinboro, PA Country
WXTU 92.5 FM Philadelphia, PA Country
WXVU 89.1 FM Villanova, PA Villanova University College
WYBF 89.1 FM Radnor Township, PA Cabrini College College
WYCK 1340 AM Plains, PA Sports
WYCR 98.5 FM York-Hanover, PA Classic Hits
WYCY 105.3 FM Hawley, PA Oldies
WYEP 91.3 FM Pittsburgh, PA Public Radio
WYFM 102.9 FM Sharon, PA Classic Rock
WYFU 88.5 FM Masontown, PA Religious
WYGL 1240 AM Selinsgrove, PA Country
WYGL 100.5 FM Elizabethville, PA Country
WYJK 1340 AM Connellsville, PA Oldies
WYNE 1530 AM North East, PA Mercyhurst College College
WYPM 93.3 FM Chambersburg, PA Public Radio
WYSP 94.1 FM Philadelphia, PA Rock
WYTL 91.9 FM Wyomissing, PA Christian Contemporary
WYYC 1250 AM York, PA Religious
WZBT 91.1 FM Gettysburg, PA Gettysburg College College
WZDB 95.9 FM Sykesville, PA Classic Rock
WZKN 96.9 FM Ridgebury, PA Hot AC
WZMF 730 AM Nanticoke, PA Unknown Format
WZPT 100.7 FM New Kensington, PA Hot AC
WZSK 1040 AM Everett, PA Country
WZWW 95.3 FM Bellefonte, PA Adult Contemporary
WZXM 88.1 FM Harrisburg, PA Christian Contemporary
WZXQ 88.3 FM Chambersburg, PA Christian Contemporary
WZXR 99.3 FM South Williamsport, PA Rock
WZZD 88.1 FM Warwick, PA Christian Contemporary
WZZE 97.3 FM Glen Mills, PA Top-40
WZZH 90.9 FM Honesdale, PA Christian Contemporary
WZZO 95.1 FM Bethlehem, PA Rock

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