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Friday, August 19, 2011

Atour Foods - Top quality products

Atour Foods is a small family-owned and operated business that makes traditional Middle Eastern food products. The company has been proudly serving the Chicagoland area since 1975.

Atour Foods’ mission is to provide top-quality food products and friendly service to their valued customers.

Not to be missed is their all-natural Kaymak also known as Clotted Cream or Devonshire cream, a versatile cream spread that can be eaten with nearly every meal. Sample Kaymak at select grocery stores and farmer’s markets, and see why it has been their best-selling product for more than 15 years!

Founded in 1975, Atour Foods began as an importer of ethnic foods to a concentrated community of Middle Easterners in Chicago. In the years that followed, this tight-knit community slowly began to disperse into different suburbs. Atour Foods was challenged to retain its original customer base. In 1989, Atour Foods was purchased by three Assyrian-Iraqi brothers, who brought with them the experience of running three successful businesses in Iraq. The family realized the opportunity to introduce new foods and high-quality products to an expanded, diverse customer base in the Chicago area. In 1994, Atour Foods started developing its own products, including the Kaymak that remains the store’s best-selling product today. As Atour Foods celebrates its 34th year in operation, they are planning new product additions to their line of high-quality Middle Eastern foods.

Offical website:

Atour Food Grocery is located on the northside of Chicago, in the West Roger's Park neighborhood at 6348 N. Claremont Chicago IL. 60659. You can also find Atour Food products in many stores throughout Chicago and its neighboring suburbs.

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