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Friday, October 18, 2013

Willye B. White Press Release Report

Brock & Abrams benefit for Willye B. White Chicago Press Contacted on 10/18/2013:

1. Rogers Park in 1,000 Words -

2. Bill Morton Promotions -

3. Chicago

4. JenChicago Takes The Windy City  - emailed

5. Inspire Me Chicago - emailed

6. Medill School of JournalismFaxed Chicago NewsroomChicago Newsroom210 S. Clark St., Suite 200Chicago, IL 60604
7. Time Out Chicago  - emailed

 - emailed

 - emailed

10. WGN  - emailed
WGN Television
2501 West Bradley Place
Chicago, Illinois 60618

11. - faxed
435 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 1100
Chicago, IL 60611
12. Gapers Block - emailed

13. RedEye 
 - emailed
Kate Bernot
RedEye Nightlife and Events Reporter

14. chi
Local Twitter Trends from Chicago
Chicago, IL

15. Chicagoist - emailed

16. Chicago
 - emailed 
Lisa Davis
Chicago Guide

17. WTMX 
 - emailed
One Prudential Plaza
130 E. Randolph Street
Suite 2700
Chicago, IL 60601

18. WXRT-FM - emailed
Two Prudential Plaza
180 North Stetson – 10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60601

19. NBC - emailed

20. News-Star - emailed

21. CHICAGO READER - emailed
350 North Orleans Street
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Regular hours: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday-Friday
Phone (all departments): 312-222-6920

22. Illinois Bloggers

23. Columbia Chronicle
web e-mail submission form

24. The Chicago Grid Magazine - emailed
Send a Letter to the Editor. Maximum 350 words.

25. NewCity - emailed
To propose a story to Newcity’s  editors and writers, please read the following:
MAIL: Newcity endeavors to reduce uneccessary paper waste, not to mention unneeded postage expense for its coverage subjects, many of which are nonprofits. Unless you are sending a physical object—a CD, DVD, book, bottle of tequila, etc.—please submit press releases by email only. Do not mail. Most of Newcity’s editors and writers never visit our offices, so every day we recycle painful amounts of mail that will never get read.
CALLS: Unless we’ve called you or otherwise reached out to you, DO NOT CALL US. It will not increase the chances that we’ll cover you and it may reduce them if you catch us when we’re cranky and on deadline. And please keep in mind that we get hundreds of emails a day so, for the love of god, do not ever think of calling us to confirm receipt of an email. We have no idea. We’re spending every minute going through those hundreds of emails and your call just meant, ironically, we might not get to yours in time. Not to mention that we’re probably on deadline, and might bite your head off, which forces us to wallow in remorse a few minutes after your call, because we really don’t want to be jerks. So if you’re worried that we didn’t get something, send it a second time. But please don’t send it more than that.
PHOTOS: If you want to send along photos, fine, but keep the quantity and file size reasonable, that is, just a couple images and file sizes in total under four megabytes. If we need more, we’ll ask. Also, do not embed captions into photos but rather include them either in the email body or a Word file. Since we post photos directly to the Web, captioned photos are nearly worthless.
EMAILS: As outlined above, email is the preferred method for conveying pitches. Not Facebook, not Twitter. Please do not send Word attachments, but rather put the release text in the body of the email itself. We might actually read it then. It’s okay to ALSO attach a Word file if you have one, but the relevant info should be available without it.
In April, 2009, Newcity implemented a new email structure for publicity submissions, and we updated it in August 2012. Each section, as outlined below, has an address for all the writers and editors. (We used to have a separate address for calendar listings, but we don’t publish those anymore.) Feel free to send us stuff personally as well, if you are already doing so, but do not expect us to forward them on. If you want editorial consideration,  make sure it goes to the appropriate editorial account. Releases sent via postal mail will not generally be of any use at all since we throw them away, unopened.

26. Illinouis Entertainer - emailed
event listing

28. Loyola Student Dispatch - emailed
This is Loyola University Chicago’s unofficial, student-run breaking news service. Its mission is to capture events on and around campus as they happen, and to inform the LUC community as quickly as possible.
Students file posts two ways:
• Originally reported and written news  stories which carry the student byline on top.
• Aggregated posts attributed to the original source, with student taglines at the bottom.
The LSD logo, designed by Loyola journalism professor and designer Jessica Brown, symbolizes the effort Loyola Student Dispatch reporters put into the pursuit of the news.  Mariam Pera, a journalism student, used her technical know-how to establish the site.
Check out the LSD Twitter and Facebook accounts, where we will be posting events as they happen. After the initial post, you can check out our blog right here for the full story.
We hope you enjoy reading about the Loyola news as much as we enjoy reporting it to you.

29. The Local Tourist - emailed
The Local Tourist is not only for you, it's by you! You can add business listings, events, specials, blog posts - you name it. This is your site.
To begin, Login or Register
Now that you've got your account, you can start adding content to TLT. Click on the links below to get started. You can also find links to the different types of things you can add from the "My TLT" drop down menu above.
• Add a business
• Add an event, special, sale, or exhibit
• Add Photo Galleries
• Add Photos
• Write A Blog
• Write a Guest Post - guest posts could appear on our home page and in our Twitter feed!
Want to be a contributor and be part of the TLTeam? Apply!

30. ABC News tips - emailed
E-mail your Breaking News images or video to ABC7 News

31. Chicago City and Press - online email form

32. Windy City Events twitter - emailed

33. Huffington Post - emailed
Welcome to HuffPost's Contact Us page.
Please select your reason for contacting us from the list below. For example, if you have a question about the comment community, select "Comments." Or if you have a scoop, choose "News Tips." Once you select your topic, you will be able to contact the best person at HuffPost to answer your question or resolve your issue.
Give Us The Scoop! Contact us to pitch an idea for a blog post to the HuffPost Blog Team.

34.The Red Line Project - emailed
There are many ways to reach The Red Line Project staff. 
You can contact us via Twitter @RedLineProject, leave a comment below, submit a story, story idea or report an error.
You can submit stories or story ideas directly to DePaul University journalism professor Mike Reilley. Student editors will review the story and edit for publication. All submissions are voluntary and become copyright material of The Red Line Project.

35. The Chicago Citizen - emailed

Blogs (a few examples of the many)

36. Chicago Events

37. Rogers Park Activities

38. North Howard Neighbors Association


39. Chicago Events

40. RogersPark1000

41. Sheridan Road

42. Bill Morton Promotions

43. Howard Street


44. Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

45. Bill Morton Promotions

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