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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Illusions Fate September Report

Illusions Fate September 2010 Report

September 30th, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 29th, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 28th, 2010
Update via email:

Joel and Dina, We should meet within the next few days to discuss where we are with the Illusions Fate radio promotion campaign and to discuss what the next steps are for the coming month. We can discuss at Charmers Cafe if you like, where we met last time.

Also, I am planning a bonfire at my beach in mid-October. I will let you know at least a week in advance about it.

As far as donating six months of radio promotion service for benefit show at the Portage Theater, would this be for a raffle or go to one of the performing artists?

The following is my update of the Illusions Fate performance schedule. Once you approve the information, I will begin posting it on and many other related websites and blogs. Anything labeled NOTE, of course is a note to you. – Bill

Email exchanging six month radio promotion campaign to event raffle in exchange for advertising:

Dina, I will offer one 6 month radio campaign for the raffle.

The info that I would like to get out there is:

Bill Morton Promotions
Radio Promotion, PR campaigns, SEO

Two logos are attached.

Thank you, - Bill

September 27th, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 26th, 2010
Update via email:

Joel and Dina, I will post this information on and the
many online event calendars that I post shows on.

I'm still working with my 8mm video camera to get it to play your tape.

I'm still doing some research on radio stations and moving on to
initial contact concerning our radio campaign. I will let you know as
this all progresses.

I'm down with chillin' sometime. I'm thinking about having a beach
bonfire or something soon.

Update via email:

Joel and Dina, The following is my updated list of Illusions Fate events with links and notes.

Illusions Fate – local tour 2010

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 – 9pm Illusions Fate, Daylight Dawns, Jack in Space, Losing Scarlet and Papa Jupiter at Double Door 1575 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 21&Over show - Free Admission when you mention Illusions Fate at the door. Double Door event page:

Friday, October 15th, 2010 - 8pm Illusions Fate, At No End and Odonrot at Mike's Luv N Music 5428 S. Harlem Avenue Summit, IL 60501 21&Over show - $5.00 Admission when you mention Illusions Fate at the door. Hosted by Rebel Radio, JennX, Metal Fury and Pure Romance Sex Toys ReverbNation event page:

Sunday, October 24th, 2010 - 6:30pm Illusions Fate, Anomaly, Destrophy, Rev Luv Samsahra and Skinwalker at Reggies Rock Club 2109 S. State Street Chicago, IL. 60616 (312) 949-0120 17&Over show - $10.00 Admission when you mention Illusions Fate at the door. TicketWeb event page:

Saturday, November 13th, 2010 Illusions Fate at Penny Road Pub 545 Penny Road South Barrington, IL 60010 (847) 428-0562 NOTE: Called Penny Road Pub and they gave me the address: 545 Penny Road South Barrington, IL 60010 NOTE: This show is not listed on ReverbNation yet: NOTE: This show is not listed on myspace yet:
Price and bands TBA

Saturday, December 11th, 2010 - West Memphis 3 fund raiser benefit Illusions Fate at The Portage Theater 4050 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60641 (773) 736-4050 NOTE: Show not posted on the Portage Theater calendar:

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010 – 9pm Illusions Fate, Fashion Bomb, Skinwalker at Double Door 1575 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 21&Over show - Free Admission when you mention Illusions Fate at the door. NOTE: Show not posted on Double Door events calendar:

Also, attached is a screen capture from the Double Door events calendar for your October 5th show. - Bill

September 25th, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

Research of Illusions Fate shows, venues and calendar listings online including:

Called Penny Road Pub to confirm address, zip code and event details.

September 24th, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 23rd, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 22nd, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 21st, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 20th, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 19th, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 18th, 2010
Research and initial contact of Rock radio stations

September 17th, 2010
Update via email:

Joel and Dina, I also need the details about these events. Complete addresses, links
and digital flyers, if there are any. I'll get the word out with this information.

September 16th, 2010
Update via email:

Joel and Dina, Here is a quick list of the radio stations that I am working on for Illusions Fate.

Call Sign Frequency City School Format

CFAI 107.7 FM Edmundston, NB Rock
CFGP 1050 AM Grande Prairie, AB Rock
CFMP 101.5 FM Peterborough, ON Rock
CFPL 95.9 FM London, ON Rock
CFRQ 104.3 FM Dartmouth, NS Rock
CFTI 92.1 FM Timmins, ON Rock
CHOI 98.1 FM Quebec, QC Rock
CHTZ 97.7 FM Saint Catharines, ON Rock
CIAK 102.3 FM Lytton, BC Rock
CIAM 960 AM Cambridge, ON Rock
CIBU 94.5 FM Wingham, ON Rock
CIFM-5 105.9 FM Barriere, BC Rock
CJAY 92.1 FM Calgary, AB Rock
CJAY-1 95.1 FM Banff, AB Rock
CJAY-2 97.5 FM Lake Louise, AB Rock
CJAY-3 99.7 FM Invermere, BC Rock
CJAY-4 106.1 FM Bassano, AB Rock
CJMO 103.1 FM Moncton, NB Rock
CJSB 540 AM Ottawa, ON Rock
CJSD 94.3 FM Thunder Bay, ON Rock
CKAT 101.9 FM North Bay, ON Rock
CKAY 1500 AM Duncan, BC Rock
CKDH 900 AM Amherst, NS Rock
CKEG 1350 AM Nanaimo, BC Rock
CKEG 1570 AM Nanaimo, BC Rock
CKIS 97.5 FM Winnipeg, MB Rock
CKIT 104.9 FM Regina, SK Rock
CKKQ 100.3 FM Victoria, BC Rock
CKNL 560 AM Fort Saint John, BC Rock
CKOM 1250 AM Saskatoon, SK Rock
CKQB 106.9 FM Ottawa, ON Rock
CKTO 100.9 FM Truro, NS Rock
CKTY 1110 AM Sarnia, ON Rock
CKUE 95.1 FM Chatham, ON Rock
CKUE-1 95.1 FM Windsor, ON Rock
CKWO 92.3 FM Couchiching First Na, ON Rock
CKXX 1340 AM Corner Brook, NF Rock
KACY 102.5 FM Arkansas City, KS Rock
KAGO 99.5 FM Klamath Falls, OR Rock
KATS 94.5 FM Yakima, WA Rock
KATT 100.5 FM Oklahoma City, OK Rock
KAZR 103.3 FM Pella, IA Rock
KAZY 93.7 FM Cheyenne, WY Rock
KBAR 100.9 FM Victoria, TX Rock
KBAT 99.9 FM Monahans, TX Rock
KBBM 100.1 FM Jefferson City, MO Rock
KBER 101.1 FM Ogden, UT Rock
KBOB 104.9 FM De Witt, IA Rock
KBPI 106.7 FM Denver, CO Rock
KBRE 92.5 FM Atwater, CA Rock
KBRQ 102.5 FM Hillsboro, TX Rock
KBXJ 98.5 FM Los Ybanez, TX Rock
KBZS 106.3 FM Wichita Falls, TX Rock
KCAL 96.7 FM Redlands, CA Rock
KCGQ 99.3 FM Gordonville, MO Rock
KCLB 93.7 FM Coachella, CA Rock
KCVI 101.5 FM Blackfoot, ID Rock
KDAD 92.5 FM Douglas, WY Rock
KDAD 92.5 FM Bar Nunn, WY Rock
KDDX 101.1 FM Spearfish, SD Rock
KDKB 93.3 FM Mesa, AZ Rock
KDOT 104.5 FM Reno, NV Rock
KDVV 100.3 FM Topeka, KS Rock
KDZA 107.9 FM Pueblo, CO Rock
KDZZ 107.7 FM Saint Charles, MN Rock
KECH 95.3 FM Sun Valley, ID Rock
KEGL 97.1 FM Fort Worth, TX Rock
KERX 95.3 FM Paris, AR Rock
KETT 99.3 FM Mitchell, NE Rock
KEYJ 107.9 FM Abilene, TX Rock
KEZO 92.3 FM Omaha, NE Rock
KFLY 101.5 FM Corvallis, OR Rock
KFMQ 106.1 FM Gallup, NM Rock
KFMW 107.9 FM Waterloo, IA Rock
KFMX 94.5 FM Lubbock, TX Rock
KFNK 104.9 FM Eatonville, WA Rock
KFRQ 94.5 FM Harlingen, TX Rock
KFRR 104.1 FM Woodlake, CA Rock
KFSE 106.9 FM Kasilof, AK Rock
KGRK 1440 AM Cedar Falls, IA University of Northern Iowa Rock
KGUM 105.1 FM Dededo, GU Rock
KHDR 96.9 FM Lenwood, CA Rock
KHRQ 94.9 FM Baker, CA Rock
KHTB 94.9 FM Provo, UT Rock
KHTQ 94.5 FM Hayden, ID Rock
KHWZ 100.1 FM Ludlow, CA Rock
KIBZ 104.1 FM Crete, NE Rock
KICA 98.3 FM Farwell, TX Rock
KICT 95.1 FM Wichita, KS Rock
KILO 94.3 FM Colorado Springs, CO Rock
KIND 94.9 FM Elk City, KS Rock
KIOC 106.1 FM Orange, TX Rock
KIOZ 105.3 FM San Diego, CA Rock
KISS 99.5 FM San Antonio, TX Rock
KISW 99.9 FM Seattle, WA Rock
KIWA 105.3 FM Sheldon, IA Rock
KJKJ 107.5 FM Grand Forks, ND Rock
KJML 107.1 FM Columbus, KS Rock
KKDC 93.3 FM Dolores, CO Rock
KKGB 101.3 FM Sulphur, LA Rock
KKJK 103.1 FM Ravenna, NE Rock
KKLN 94.1 FM Atwater, MN Rock
KKNN 95.1 FM Delta, CO Rock
KKTX 96.1 FM Kilgore, TX Rock
KLAQ 95.5 FM El Paso, TX Rock
KLCM 95.9 FM Lewistown, MT Rock
KLFX 107.3 FM Nolanville, TX Rock
KLHI 92.5 FM Kahului, HI Rock
KLTO 97.7 FM McQueeney, TX Rock
KLYD 98.9 FM Snyder, TX Rock
KMBR 95.5 FM Butte, MT Rock
KMKF 101.5 FM Manhattan, KS Rock
KMOD 97.5 FM Tulsa, OK Rock
KMRQ 96.7 FM Riverbank, CA Rock
KMXN 92.9 FM Osage City, KS Rock
KNAC 93.5 FM Earlimart, CA Rock
KNCN 101.3 FM Sinton, TX Rock
KNDZ 89.3 FM McKinleyville, CA Rock
KNRQ 97.9 FM Eugene, OR Rock
KNRQ 97.9 FM Tualatin, OR Rock
KOMP 92.3 FM Las Vegas, NV Rock
KOZE 96.5 FM Lewiston, ID Rock
KQRC 98.9 FM Leavenworth, KS Rock
KQRK 92.3 FM Ronan, MT Rock
KQWB 98.7 FM Moorhead, MN Rock
KQYK 95.7 FM Lake Crystal, MN Rock
KQZZ 96.7 FM Devils Lake, ND Rock
KRAB 106.1 FM Greenacres, CA Rock
KRKZ 93.5 FM Altus, OK Rock
KRNA 94.1 FM Iowa City, IA Rock
KRNP 100.7 FM Sutherland, NE Rock
KRPM 107.5 FM Billings, MT Rock
KRQR 106.7 FM Orland, CA Rock
KRRO 103.7 FM Sioux Falls, SD Rock
KRRX 106.1 FM Burney, CA Rock
KRVX 103.1 FM Wimbledon, ND Rock
KRWN 92.9 FM Farmington, NM Rock
KRWN 92.5 FM Farmington, NM Rock
KRXQ 98.5 FM Sacramento, CA Rock
KRZR 103.7 FM Hanford, CA Rock
KSAN 107.7 FM San Mateo, CA Rock
KSBZ 103.1 FM Sitka, AK Rock
KSDN 94.1 FM Aberdeen, SD Rock
KSEK 99.1 FM Girard, KS Rock
KSEZ 97.9 FM Sioux City, IA Rock
KSHE 94.7 FM Crestwood, MO Rock
KSNO 103.9 FM Snowmass Village, CO Rock
KSRX 97.5 FM Sterling, CO Rock
KTED 100.5 FM Evansville, WY Rock
KTPO 106.7 FM Kootenai, ID Rock
KTUN 94.5 FM New Castle, CO Rock
KTUX 98.9 FM Carthage, TX Rock
KUFO 101.1 FM Portland, OR Rock
KUPD 97.9 FM Tempe, AZ Rock
KURQ 107.3 FM Grover Beach, CA Rock
KWHL 106.5 FM Anchorage, AK Rock
KXFX 101.7 FM Santa Rosa, CA Rock
KXLP 94.1 FM Eagle Lake, MN Rock
KXLR 95.9 FM Fairbanks, AK Rock
KXOR 106.3 FM Thibodaux, LA Rock
KXPZ 99.5 FM Las Cruces, NM Rock
KXRR 106.1 FM Monroe, LA Rock
KXRX 97.1 FM Walla Walla, WA Rock
KXXR 93.7 FM Minneapolis, MN Rock
KYTC 102.7 FM Northwood, IA Rock
KZCD 94.1 FM Lawton, OK Rock
KZHD 106.3 FM Lovelock, NV Rock
KZIO 104.3 FM Two Harbors, MN Rock
KZLE 93.1 FM Batesville, AR Rock
KZMC 102.1 FM McCook, NE Rock
KZMZ 96.9 FM Alexandria, LA Rock
KZRK 107.9 FM Canyon, TX Rock
KZRR 94.1 FM Albuquerque, NM Rock
KZRV 96.7 FM Sartell, MN Rock
KZWY 94.9 FM Sheridan, WY Rock
KZXL 96.3 FM Hudson, TX Rock
KZZE 106.3 FM Eagle Point, OR Rock
KZZK 105.9 FM New London, MO Rock
KZZQ 97.5 FM Coalville, UT Rock
WAAF 107.3 FM Westborough, MA Rock
WAAF 107.3 FM Worcester, MA Rock
WACC 107.7 FM Enfield, CT Asnuntuck Community College Rock
WACF 95.1 FM Young Harris, GA Rock
WACL 98.5 FM Elkton, VA Rock
WAMX 106.3 FM Milton, WV Rock
WAQX 95.7 FM Manlius, NY Rock
WARQ 93.5 FM Columbia, SC Rock
WAZU 90.7 FM Peoria, IL Rock
WBAB 102.3 FM Babylon, NY Rock
WBBB 96.1 FM Raleigh, NC Rock
WBFX 101.3 FM Grand Rapids, MI Rock
WBHB 101.5 FM Waynesboro, PA Rock
WBRW 105.3 FM Blacksburg, VA Rock
WBTO 102.3 FM Petersburg, IN Rock
WBWR 105.7 FM Hilliard, OH Rock
WBXE 93.7 FM Baxter, TN Rock
WBYR 98.9 FM Woodburn, IN Rock
WBZA 98.9 FM Rochester, NY Rock
WBZG 100.9 FM Peru, IL Rock
WBZX 107.1 FM Hancock, NY Rock
WCAD 105.7 FM San Juan, PR Rock
WCCC 106.9 FM Hartford, CT Rock
WCHZ 95.1 FM Harlem, GA Rock
WCLG 100.1 FM Morgantown, WV Rock
WCLX 102.9 FM Westport, NY Rock
WCPR 97.9 FM Wiggins, MS Rock
WCXR 103.7 FM Lewisburg, PA Rock
WDBN 1550 AM Dayton, OH University of Dayton Rock
WDHA 105.5 FM Dover, NJ Rock
WDQX 102.3 FM Morton, IL Rock
WDRK 99.9 FM Cornell, WI Rock
WEBN 102.7 FM Cincinnati, OH Rock
WEGW 107.5 FM Wheeling, WV Rock
WFQX 99.3 FM Front Royal, VA Rock
WFRD 99.3 FM Hanover, NH Dartmouth College Rock
WFTK 96.5 FM Lebanon, OH Rock
WFXH 106.1 FM Hilton Head Island, SC Rock
WFXO 105.9 FM Centre, AL Rock
WFXO 105.9 FM Southside, AL Rock
WGBF 103.1 FM Henderson, KY Rock
WGIR 101.1 FM Manchester, NH Rock
WGLF 104.1 FM Tallahassee, FL Rock
WGLI 98.7 FM Hancock, MI Rock
WHBR 103.1 FM Parkersburg, WV Rock
WHBZ 106.5 FM Sheboygan Falls, WI Rock
WHDR 93.1 FM Miami, FL Rock
WHEB 100.3 FM Portsmouth, NH Rock
WHFM 95.3 FM Southampton, NY Rock
WHFX 107.7 FM Darien, GA Rock
WHJY 94.1 FM Providence, RI Rock
WHMH 101.7 FM Sauk Rapids, MN Rock
WHQG 102.9 FM Milwaukee, WI Rock
WHXR 106.3 FM Scarborough, ME Rock
WIHN 96.7 FM Normal, IL Rock
WIIL 95.1 FM Union Grove, WI Rock
WIOT 104.7 FM Toledo, OH Rock
WIRX 107.1 FM Saint Joseph, MI Rock
WISU 89.7 FM Terre Haute, IN Indiana State University Rock
WIXO 105.7 FM Peoria, IL Rock
WIXV 95.5 FM Savannah, GA Rock
WIYY 97.9 FM Baltimore, MD Rock
WJAD 103.5 FM Leesburg, GA Rock
WJJO 94.1 FM Watertown, WI Rock
WJXQ 106.1 FM Charlotte, MI Rock
WKAF 97.7 FM Brockton, MA Rock
WKEG 104.7 FM Limestone, NY Rock
WKET 98.3 FM Kettering, OH Fairmont High School Rock
WKGB 92.5 FM Conklin, NY Rock
WKGO 106.1 FM Cumberland, MD Rock
WKHY 93.5 FM Lafayette, IN Rock
WKIT 100.3 FM Brewer, ME Rock
WKKN 101.9 FM Westminster, VT Rock
WKLC 105.1 FM Saint Albans, WV Rock
WKLS 96.1 FM Atlanta, GA Rock
WKLT 97.5 FM Kalkaska, MI Rock
WKLZ 98.9 FM Petoskey, MI Rock
WKQQ 100.1 FM Winchester, KY Rock
WKQZ 93.3 FM Midland, MI Rock
WKSM 99.5 FM Fort Walton Beach, FL Rock
WKXA 100.5 FM Findlay, OH Rock
WKZB 106.9 FM Stonewall, MS Rock
WKZQ 96.1 FM Forestbrook, SC Rock
WLSR 92.7 FM Galesburg, IL Rock
WLZX 99.3 FM Northampton, MA Rock
WMMR 93.3 FM Philadelphia, PA Rock
WMMS 100.7 FM Cleveland, OH Rock
WMWX 88.9 FM Miamitown, OH Rock
WMYK 98.5 FM Peru, IN Rock
WMZK 104.1 FM Merrill, WI Rock
WNCD 93.3 FM Youngstown, OH Rock
WNLF 95.9 FM Macomb, IL Rock
WNNX 100.5 FM College Park, GA Rock
WNOR 98.7 FM Norfolk, VA Rock
WOBR 95.3 FM Wanchese, NC Rock
WONC 89.1 FM Naperville, IL North Central College Rock
WOSC 95.9 FM Bethany Beach, DE Rock
WOTT 94.1 FM Calcium, NY Rock
WOUF 99.3 FM Frankfort, MI Rock
WOUF 99.3 FM Beulah, MI Rock
WOUR 96.9 FM Utica, NY Rock
WOZI 101.9 FM Presque Isle, ME Rock
WPJX 1500 AM Zion, IL Rock
WPXC 102.9 FM Hyannis, MA Rock
WQAK 105.7 FM Union City, TN Rock
WQBZ 106.3 FM Fort Valley, GA Rock
WQCM 94.3 FM Greencastle, PA Rock
WQKK 106.9 FM Renovo, PA Rock
WQKQ 92.1 FM Carthage, IL Rock
WQLZ 92.7 FM Taylorville, IL Rock
WQTL 106.1 FM Tallahassee, FL Rock
WQXA 105.7 FM York, PA Rock
WRAT 95.9 FM Point Pleasant, NJ Rock
WRBR 103.9 FM South Bend, IN Rock
WRCQ 103.5 FM Dunn, NC Rock
WRFY 102.5 FM Reading, PA Rock
WRIF 101.1 FM Detroit, MI Rock
WRKI 95.1 FM Brookfield, CT Rock
WRKN 92.3 FM Laplace, LA Rock
WRKR 107.7 FM Portage, MI Rock
WRKT 100.9 FM North East, PA Rock
WRKW 99.1 FM Ebensburg, PA Rock
WRKY 104.9 FM Hollidaysburg, PA Rock
WRKZ 99.7 FM Columbus, OH Rock
WROV 96.3 FM Martinsville, VA Rock
WRQK 106.9 FM Canton, OH Rock
WRQQ 97.1 FM Belle Meade, TN Rock
WRQT 95.7 FM La Crosse, WI Rock
WRTT 95.1 FM Huntsville, AL Rock
WRUF 103.7 FM Gainesville, FL University of Florida Rock
WRXP 101.9 FM New York, NY Rock
WRXR 105.5 FM Rossville, GA Rock
WRXW 93.9 FM Pearl, MS Rock
WRXZ 107.1 FM Briarcliff Acres, SC Rock
WRZI 107.3 FM Hodgenville, KY Rock
WRZK 95.9 FM Colonial Heights, TN Rock
WSBG 93.5 FM Stroudsburg, PA Rock
WSUE 101.3 FM Sault Sainte Marie, MI Rock
WTAO 92.7 FM Herrin, IL Rock
WTBK 105.7 FM Manchester, KY Rock
WTFX 93.1 FM Clarksville, IN Rock
WTHK 100.7 FM Wilmington, VT Rock
WTKX 101.5 FM Pensacola, FL Rock
WTMT 105.9 FM Weaverville, NC Rock
WTOS 105.1 FM Skowhegan, ME Rock
WTPT 93.3 FM Forest City, NC Rock
WTXO 98.3 FM Ashland, AL Rock
WVBR 93.5 FM Ithaca, NY Rock
WVBZ 100.3 FM High Point, NC Rock
WVNA 105.5 FM Muscle Shoals, AL Rock
WVRK 102.9 FM Columbus, GA Rock
WVRR 88.1 FM Point Pleasant, WV Rock
WWAV 102.1 FM Santa Rosa Beach, FL Rock
WWBN 101.5 FM Tuscola, MI Rock
WWDC 101.1 FM Washington, DC Rock
WWHG 105.9 FM Evansville, WI Rock
WWIZ 103.9 FM Mercer, PA Rock
WWIZ 103.9 FM West Middlesex, PA Rock
WWRQ 107.9 FM Valdosta, GA Rock
WWWV 97.5 FM Charlottesville, VA Rock
WWWY 106.1 FM North Vernon, IN Rock
WWYY 107.1 FM Belvidere, NJ Rock
WXFX 95.1 FM Prattville, AL Rock
WXNR 99.5 FM Grifton, NC Rock
WXQR 105.5 FM Jacksonville, NC Rock
WXRX 104.9 FM Belvidere, IL Rock
WXTB 97.9 FM Clearwater, FL Rock
WXUR 92.7 FM Herkimer, NY Rock
WXWX 96.3 FM Marietta, MS Rock
WXZZ 103.3 FM Georgetown, KY Rock
WYNU 92.3 FM Milan, TN Rock
WYSP 94.1 FM Philadelphia, PA Rock
WYYX 97.7 FM Bonifay, FL Rock
WZBH 93.5 FM Georgetown, DE Rock
WZDQ 102.3 FM Humboldt, TN Rock
WZIN 104.3 FM Charlotte Amalie, VI Rock
WZLQ 98.5 FM Tupelo, MS Rock
WZMR 104.9 FM Altamont, NY Rock
WZNX 106.7 FM Sullivan, IL Rock
WZOR 94.7 FM Mishicot, WI Rock
WZRX 107.5 FM Fort Shawnee, OH Rock
WZUU 92.5 FM Mattawan, MI Rock
WZXL 100.7 FM Wildwood, NJ Rock
WZXR 99.3 FM South Williamsport, PA Rock
WZZI 106.9 FM Bedford, VA Rock
WZZL 106.7 FM Reidland, KY Rock
WZZO 95.1 FM Bethlehem, PA Rock
WZZP 97.5 FM Hopkinsville, KY Rock
WZZU 97.9 FM Lynchburg, VA Rock

CFNY 102.1 FM Brampton, ON Alternative
CFOX 99.3 FM Vancouver, BC Alternative
CHIK 98.9 FM Quebec, QC Alternative
CIMX-1 88.7 FM Windsor, ON Alternative
CJAB 94.5 FM Chicoutimi, QC Alternative
CKBB 950 AM Barrie, ON Alternative
CKLX 91.9 FM Montreal, QC Loyalist College Alternative
KAGJ 89.5 FM Ephraim, UT Snow College Alternative
KBAZ 96.3 FM Hamilton, MT Alternative
KBVU 97.5 FM Alta, IA Buena Vista University Alternative
KBZT 94.9 FM San Diego, CA Alternative
KCCQ 105.1 FM Ames, IA Alternative
KCNL 104.9 FM Sunnyvale, CA Alternative
KCXX 103.9 FM Lake Arrowhead, CA Alternative
KDGE 102.1 FM Fort Worth-Dallas, TX Alternative
KDJE 100.3 FM Jacksonville, AR Alternative
KFEB 107.5 FM Campbell, MO Alternative
KFMA 92.1 FM Green Valley, AZ Alternative
KFTE 105.1 FM Abbeville, LA Alternative
KGRG 1330 AM Enumclaw, WA Green River Community College Alternative
KHTR 104.3 FM Pullman, WA Alternative
KINB 105.3 FM Kingfisher, OK Alternative
KIRQ 102.1 FM Twin Falls, ID Alternative
KIRQ 102.1 FM Kimberly, ID Alternative
KITS 105.3 FM San Francisco, CA Alternative
KIWR 89.7 FM Council Bluffs, IA Iowa Western Community College Alternative
KJEE 92.9 FM Montecito, CA Alternative
KKED 104.7 FM Fairbanks, AK Alternative
KKEG 98.3 FM Bentonville, AR Alternative
KKHA 92.5 FM Markham, TX Alternative
KKPL 99.9 FM Cheyenne, WY Alternative
KKSN 910 AM Vancouver, WA Alternative
KKZQ 100.1 FM Tehachapi, CA Alternative
KLPI 89.1 FM Ruston, LA Louisiana Tech Alternative
KLPR 91.3 FM Kearney, NE University of Nebraska - Kearney Alternative
KMSA 91.3 FM Grand Junction, CO Mesa State College Alternative
KMYZ 104.5 FM Pryor, OK Alternative
KNDD 107.7 FM Seattle, WA Alternative
KNRK 94.7 FM Camas, WA Alternative
KNSU 91.5 FM Thibodaux, LA Nicholls State University Alternative
KNXX 104.9 FM Donaldsonville, LA Alternative
KOZB 97.5 FM Livingston, MT Alternative
KPNT 105.7 FM Saint Genevieve, MO Alternative
KPNT 105.7 FM Collinsville, IL Alternative
KQRA 102.1 FM Brookline, MO Alternative
KQXR 100.3 FM Payette, ID Alternative
KRBZ 96.5 FM Kansas City, MO Alternative
KROG 96.9 FM Grants Pass, OR Alternative
KROQ 106.7 FM Pasadena, CA Alternative
KROX 101.5 FM Buda, TX Alternative
KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage, AK University of Alaska - Anchorage Alternative
KRXF 92.9 FM Bend, OR Alternative
KRZN 96.3 FM Billings, MT Alternative
KRZQ 100.9 FM Sparks, NV Alternative
KSCF 103.7 FM San Diego, CA Alternative
KSDJ 90.7 FM Brookings, SD South Dakota State University Alternative
KSJO 92.3 FM San Jose, CA Alternative
KSKI 103.7 FM Sun Valley, ID Alternative
KSLG 94.1 FM Hydesville, CA Alternative
KSMT 102.1 FM Breckenridge, CO Alternative
KSPC 88.7 FM Claremont, CA Pomona College Alternative
KSRY 103.1 FM Tehachapi, CA Alternative
KSUU 91.1 FM Cedar City, UT Southern Utah University Alternative
KTBZ 94.5 FM Houston, TX Alternative
KTCL 93.3 FM Wheat Ridge, CO Alternative
KTCV 88.1 FM Kennewick, WA Kennewick School District Alternative
KTEG 104.1 FM Santa Fe, NM Alternative
KTJO 88.9 FM Ottawa, KS Alternative
KTLT 98.1 FM Anson, TX Alternative
KTXT 88.1 FM Lubbock, TX Texas Tech University Alternative
KUMM 89.7 FM Morris, MN University of Minnesota - Morris Alternative
KVGS 107.9 FM Meadview, AZ Alternative
KVHS 90.5 FM Concord, CA Clayton Valley High School Alternative
KWAR 89.9 FM Waverly, IA Wartburg College Alternative
KWSC 91.9 FM Wayne, NE Wayne State College Alternative
KXNA 104.9 FM Springdale, AR Alternative
KXRK 96.3 FM Provo, UT Alternative
KXTE 107.5 FM Pahrump, NV Alternative
KYSR 98.7 FM Los Angeles, CA Alternative
KYVT 88.5 FM Yakima, WA Alternative
KZND 94.7 FM Houston, AK Alternative
KZRC 96.1 FM Bennington, OK Alternative
WASU 90.5 FM Boone, NC Appalachian State University Alternative
WBER 90.5 FM Rochester, NY Alternative
WBNY 91.3 FM Buffalo, NY State University of New York Alternative
WBOS 92.9 FM Brookline, MA Alternative
WBRU 95.5 FM Providence, RI Brown University Alternative
WBSX 97.9 FM Hazleton, PA Alternative
WBTZ 99.9 FM Plattsburgh, NY Alternative
WBUZ 102.9 FM La Vergne, TN Alternative
WBWC 88.3 FM Berea, OH Baldwin-Wallace College Alternative
WCAL 91.9 FM California, PA Alternative
WCSF 88.7 FM Joliet, IL University of St. Francis Alternative
WCYY 94.3 FM Biddeford, ME Alternative
WDBK 91.5 FM Blackwood, NJ Camden County College Alternative
WEBX 93.5 FM Tuscola, IL Alternative
WEDG 103.3 FM Buffalo, NY Alternative
WEND 106.5 FM Salisbury, NC Alternative
WEQX 102.7 FM Manchester, VT Alternative
WERG 90.5 FM Erie, PA Gannon University Alternative
WFCI 89.5 FM Franklin, IN Franklin College Alternative
WFEX 92.1 FM Peterborough, NH Alternative
WFNX 101.7 FM Lynn, MA Alternative
WGRD 97.9 FM Grand Rapids, MI Alternative
WGSU 89.3 FM Geneseo, NY SUNY at Geneseo Alternative
WHHZ 100.5 FM Newberry, FL Alternative
WHJE 91.3 FM Carmel, IN Carmel High School Alternative
WHRL 103.1 FM Albany, NY Alternative
WHSS 89.5 FM Hamilton, OH Hamilton High School Alternative
WIIS 107.1 FM Key West, FL Alternative
WJBX 99.3 FM Fort Myers Beach, FL Alternative
WJMU 89.5 FM Decatur, IL Millikin University Alternative
WJRR 101.1 FM Cocoa Beach, FL Alternative
WJZJ 95.5 FM Glen Arbor, MI Alternative
WKBE 100.3 FM Warrensburg, NY Alternative
WKLL 94.9 FM Frankfort, NY Alternative
WKQX 101.1 FM Chicago, IL Alternative
WKRD 101.7 FM Shelbyville, KY Alternative
WKRH 106.5 FM Minetto, NY Alternative
WKRK 92.3 FM Cleveland Heights, OH Alternative
WKRL 100.9 FM North Syracuse, NY Alternative
WLNX 88.9 FM Lincoln, IL Lincoln College Alternative
WLNX 89.5 FM Lincoln, IL Lincoln College Alternative
WLRS 105.1 FM Shepherdsville, KY Alternative
WLRX 107.1 FM Ironton, OH Alternative
WLUM 102.1 FM Milwaukee, WI Alternative
WLUW 88.7 FM Chicago, IL Loyola University - Chicago Alternative
WMAX 96.1 FM Holland, MI Alternative
WMDM 97.7 FM Lexington Park, MD Alternative
WMFS 92.9 FM Bartlett, TN Alternative
WMHW 91.5 FM Mount Pleasant, MI Central Michigan University Alternative
WMRQ 104.1 FM Waterbury, CT Alternative
WNFZ 94.3 FM Powell, TN Alternative
WNXX 104.5 FM Jackson, LA Alternative
WPBZ 103.1 FM Indiantown, FL Alternative
WPGU 107.1 FM Urbana, IL Alternative
WPHX 92.1 FM Sanford, ME Alternative
WPLA 107.3 FM Green Cove Springs, FL Alternative
WPNH 100.1 FM Plymouth, NH Alternative
WPPP 100.7 FM Athens, GA Alternative
WRFF 104.5 FM Philadelphia, PA Alternative
WROX 96.1 FM Exmore, VA Alternative
WRRB 96.9 FM Arlington, NY Alternative
WRRV 92.7 FM Middletown, NY Alternative
WRXL 102.1 FM Richmond, VA Alternative
WRZX 103.3 FM Indianapolis, IN Alternative
WSFM 98.3 FM Oak Island, NC Alternative
WSTB 88.9 FM Streetsboro, OH Streetsboro High School Alternative
WSUN 97.1 FM Holiday, FL Alternative
WSWI 820 AM Evansville, IN University of Southern Indiana Alternative
WTGZ 93.9 FM Union Springs, AL Alternative
WTHS 89.9 FM Holland, MI Hope College Alternative
WTZB 105.9 FM Englewood, FL Alternative
WTZR 99.3 FM Elizabethton, TN Alternative
WUPX 91.5 FM Marquette, MI Northern Michigan University Alternative
WUTK 90.3 FM Knoxville, TN University of Tennessee Alternative
WVBU 90.5 FM Lewisburg, PA Bucknell University Alternative
WVIC 94.1 FM Jackson, MI Alternative
WVUA 90.7 FM Tuscaloosa, AL University of Alabama Alternative
WWCD 101.1 FM Grove City, OH Alternative
WWWX 96.9 FM Oshkosh, WI Alternative
WXDX 105.9 FM Pittsburgh, PA Alternative
WXEG 103.9 FM Beavercreek, OH Alternative
WXSR 101.5 FM Quincy, FL Alternative
WYBB 98.1 FM Folly Beach, SC Alternative
WYIR 96.9 FM Baugh City, IN Alternative
WZNE 94.1 FM Brighton, NY Alternative
WZNN 106.7 FM Allouez, WI Alternative
XETRA 91.1 FM Tijuana, BN Alternative

CFMU 93.3 FM Hamilton, ON McMaster University College
CFRC 91.9 FM Kingston, ON Queen's University College
CHRW 94.7 FM London, ON University of Western Ontario College
CITR 101.9 FM Vancouver, BC University of British Columbia College
CIUT 89.5 FM Toronto, ON University of Toronto College
CIXX 106.9 FM London, ON Fanshawe College College
CJLX 91.3 FM Belleville, ON Loyalist College College
CJSW 90.9 FM Calgary, AB University of Calgary College
CKCU 93.1 FM Ottawa, ON Carleton University College
CKMS 94.5 FM Waterloo, ON University of Waterloo College
CKUT 90.3 FM Montreal, QC McGill University College
KACC 89.7 FM Alvin, TX Alvin Community College College
KACV 89.9 FM Amarillo, TX Amarillo College College
KALX 90.7 FM Berkeley, CA University of California - Berkeley College
KANM (Cable) 99.9 FM College Station, TX Texas A&M University College
KAOR 91.1 FM Vermillion, SD University of South Dakota College
KASC (Unlicensed) 1260 AM Tempe, AZ Arizona State University College
KASF 90.9 FM Alamosa, CO Adams State College College
KAUR 89.1 FM Sioux Falls, SD Augustana College College
KBGA 89.9 FM Missoula, MT University of Montana College
KBHU 89.1 FM Spearfish, SD Black Hills State University College
KBVR 88.7 FM Corvallis, OR Oregon State University College
KCCR (Cable) 94.5 FM Tacoma, WA Pacific Lutheran University College
KCED 91.3 FM Centralia, WA Centralia College College
KCFS 94.5 FM Sioux Falls, SD University of Sioux Falls College
KCFV 89.5 FM Ferguson, MO College
KCLA (Cable) 99.3 FM Los Angeles, CA University of California - Los Angeles College
KCOU 88.1 FM Columbia, MO University of Missouri College
KCPR 91.3 FM San Luis Obispo, CA Cal Poly State University College
KCR (Cable) 98.9 FM San Diego, CA San Diego State University College
KCRH 89.9 FM Hayward, CA Chabot College College
KCSS 91.9 FM Turlock, CA California State University Stanislaus College
KCSU 90.5 FM Fort Collins, CO Colorado State University College
KCSW 97.1 FM Canton, MO Culver-Stockton College College
KCUI 89.1 FM Pella, IA Cental University of Iowa College
KCWU 88.1 FM Ellensburg, WA Central Washington University College
KDIC 88.5 FM Grinnell, IA Grinnell College College
KDMC 103.7 FM Cape Girardeau, MO Southeast Missouri State University College
KDNE 91.9 FM Crete, NE Doane College College
KDPS 88.1 FM Des Moines, IA Grand View College College
KDRA 94.1 FM Des Moines, IA Drake University College
KDUR 91.9 FM Durango, CO Fort Lewis College College
KDVS 90.3 FM Davis, CA University of California - Davis College
KDWG 90.9 FM Dillon, MT Western Montana College College
KEDP 91.1 FM Las Vegas, NM New Mexico Highlands University College
KEOL 91.7 FM La Grande, OR Eastern Oregon University College
KEPC 89.7 FM Colorado Springs, CO Pikes Peak Community College College
KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle, WA University of Washington College
KFJC 89.7 FM Los Altos, CA Foothill College College
KFKX 90.1 FM Hastings, NE Hastings College College
KFSR 90.7 FM Fresno, CA California State University - Fresno College
KGLT 91.9 FM Bozeman, MT Montana State University College
KGRG 89.9 FM Auburn, WA Green River Community College College
KGSP 90.3 FM Parkville, MO Park University College
KGSP 90.5 FM Parkville, MO Park University College
KGVC 94.1 FM Des Moines, IA Grand View College College
KHDX 93.1 FM Conway, AR Hendrix College College
KICB 88.1 FM Fort Dodge, IA Iowa Central Community College College
KIGC 88.7 FM Oskaloosa, IA William Penn College College
KJAK 1680 AM Flagstaff, AZ Northern Arizona University College
KJHK 90.7 FM Lawrence, KS University of Kansas College
KJKT 90.7 FM Spearfish, SD Black Hills State University College
KJNB (Cable) 99.9 FM Collegeville, MN Saint John's University College
KKSM 1320 AM Oceanside, CA Palomar Community College College
KLCZ 88.9 FM Lewiston, ID Lewis-Clark State College College
KLSU 91.1 FM Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana State University College
KMNR 89.7 FM Rolla, MO University of Missouri College
KMSC 88.3 FM Sioux City, IA Morningside College College
KMSC 92.9 FM Sioux City, IA Morningside College College
KMSM 107.1 FM Butte, MT Montana Tech College
KMVC 91.7 FM Marshall, MO Missouri Valley College College
KNBU 89.7 FM Baldwin City, KS Baker University College
KNDS 96.3 FM Fargo, ND North Dakota State University College
KNMC 90.1 FM Havre, MT Northern Montana College College
KNWD 91.7 FM Natchitoches, LA Northwestern State University College
KPSU 1450 AM Portland, OR Portland State University College
KPSU 91.7 FM Goodwell, OK Panhandle State University College
KQAL 89.5 FM Winona, MN Winona State University College
KQIQ 88.3 FM Beatrice, NE Southeast Community College College
KRMN 101.1 FM Mena, AR Rich Mountain Community College College
KRNL 89.7 FM Mount Vernon, IA Cornell College College
KRNU 90.3 FM Lincoln, NE University of Nebraska - Lincoln College
KRRC 97.9 FM Portland, OR Reed College College
KRSC 91.3 FM Claremore, OK Rogers State University College
KRUI 89.7 FM Iowa City, IA University of Iowa College
KRUX 91.5 FM Las Cruces, NM New Mexico State University College
KSAK 90.1 FM Walnut, CA Mount San Antonio Community College College
KSAU 90.1 FM Nacogdoches, TX Stephen F. Austin State University College
KSCL 91.3 FM Shreveport, LA Centenary College College
KSCU 103.3 FM Santa Clara, CA Santa Clara University College
KSDT (Cable) 95.7 FM San Diego, CA University of California - San Diego College
KSHU 90.5 FM Huntsville, TX Sam Houston State University College
KSLC 90.3 FM Mcminnville, OR Linfield College College
KSLC 90.3 FM McMinnville, OR Linfield College College
KSLU (Cable) 89.9 FM Canton, NY Saint Lawrence University College
KSMC 89.5 FM Moraga, CA St. Mary's College College
KSMR 92.5 FM Winona, MN St. Mary's University of Minnesota College
KSRQ 90.1 FM Thief River Falls, MN Northland Community & Technical College College
KSRX (Cable) 99.9 FM Greeley, CO University of Northern Colorado College
KSTM 88.9 FM Indianola, IA Simpson College College
KSTO (Cable) 93.1 FM Northfield, MN St. Olaf College College
KSUA 91.5 FM Fairbanks, AK University of Alaska Fairbanks College
KSWC 100.3 FM Winfield, KS Southwestern College College
KSWH 99.9 FM Arkadelphia, AR Henderson University College
KSWH 91.1 FM Arkadelphia, AR Henderson State University College
KSYM 90.1 FM San Antonio, TX San Antonio College College
KTEC 89.5 FM Klamath Falls, OR Oregon Institute of Technology College
KTRM 88.7 FM Kirksville, MO Truman State University College
KTRU 91.7 FM Houston, TX Rice University College
KTSW 89.9 FM San Marcos, TX Texas State University - San Marcos College
KTUH 90.3 FM Honolulu, HI University of Hawaii College
KTUH 90.1 FM Honolulu, HI University of Hawaii College
KUCB 530 AM Boulder, CO University of Colorado College
KUCB (Cable) 102.1 FM Boulder, CO University of Colorado College
KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine, CA University of California - Irvine College
KUGS 89.3 FM Bellingham, WA Western Washington University College
KULT 94.5 FM Cedar Falls, IA University of Northern Iowa College
KUOI 89.3 FM Moscow, ID University of Idaho College
KUOM 770 AM Minneapolis, MN University of Minnesota College
KUOM 106.5 FM Saint Louis Park, MN University of Minnesota College
KUPS 90.1 FM Tacoma, WA University of Puget Sound College
KURE 88.5 FM Ames, IA Iowa State University College
KUSF 90.3 FM San Francisco, CA University of San Francisco College
KVCO 88.3 FM Concordia, KS Cloud County Community College College
KVCU 1190 AM Boulder, CO University of Colorado College
KVRX 91.7 FM Austin, TX University of Texas College
KVSC 88.1 FM Saint Cloud, MN Saint Cloud State University College
KWCR 88.1 FM Ogden, UT Weber State University College
KWCW 90.5 FM Walla Walla, WA Whitman College College
KWJC 91.9 FM Liberty, MO William Jewell College College
KWLC 1240 AM Decorah, IA Luther College College
KWSB 91.1 FM Gunnison, CO Western State College of Colorado College
KWTS 91.1 FM Canyon, TX West Texas A & M University College
KWUR 90.3 FM Clayton, MO Washington University in St. Louis College
KWVA 88.1 FM Eugene, OR University of Oregon College
KWWU 94.9 FM Fulton, MO William Woods University College
KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles, CA Loyola Marymount University College
KXRJ 91.9 FM Russellville, AR Arkansas Tech University College
KXUA 88.3 FM Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas College
KXUL 91.1 FM Monroe, LA University of Louisiana at Monroe College
KZLX 106.7 FM Maryville, MO Northwest Missouri State University College
KZSC 88.1 FM Santa Cruz, CA University of California - Santa Cruz College
KZSU 90.1 FM Stanford, CA Stanford University College
KZUU 90.7 FM Pullman, WA Washington State University College
WAKE (Cable) 89.5 FM Winston-Salem, NC Wake Forest University College
WALF 89.7 FM Alfred, NY Alfred University College
WAMH 89.3 FM Amherst, MA Amherst College College
WAPX 91.9 FM Clarksville, TN Austin Peay State University College
WARC 90.3 FM Meadville, PA Allegheny College College
WARY 88.1 FM Valhalla, NY Westchester Community College College
WBIM 91.5 FM Bridgewater, MA Bridgewater State College College
WBKE 89.5 FM North Manchester, IN Manchester College College
WBOR 91.1 FM Brunswick, ME Bowdoin College College
WBRS 100.1 FM Waltham, MA Brandeis University College
WBSR (Cable) 96.5 FM Providence, RI Brown College
WBTY 530 AM Waltham, MA Bentley College College
WBUQ 91.1 FM Bloomsburg, PA Bloomsburg University College
WBZC 88.9 FM Pemberton, NJ Burlington County College College
WCBN 88.3 FM Ann Arbor, MI University of Michigan - Ann Arbor College
WCCH 103.5 FM Holyoke, MA Holyoke Community College College
WCCR 94.5 FM Williamsburg, KY University of the Cumberlands College
WCCX 104.5 FM Waukesha, WI Carroll College College
WCDB 90.9 FM Albany, NY State Univ of New York at Albany College
WCDE 90.3 FM Elkins, WV Davis and Elkins College College
WCFM 91.9 FM Williamstown, MA Williams College College
WCHC 88.1 FM Worcester, MA College of the Holy Cross College
WCLH 90.7 FM Wilkes-Barre, PA Wilkes University College
WCMO 98.5 FM Marietta, OH Marietta College College
WCNI 90.9 FM New London, CT Connecticut College College
WCRX 88.1 FM Chicago, IL Columbia College College
WCSB 89.3 FM Cleveland, OH Cleveland State University College
WCUC 91.7 FM Clarion, PA Clarion University of Pennsylvania College
WCUR 91.7 FM West Chester, PA West Chester University of Pennsylvania College
WCVF 88.9 FM Fredonia, NY Fredonia State University College
WCWP 88.1 FM Brookville, NY Long Island University College
WCWS 90.9 FM Wooster, OH College of Wooster College
WDBM 88.9 FM East Lansing, MI Michigan State University College
WDCC 90.5 FM Sanford, NC Central Carolina Community College College
WDCE 90.1 FM Richmond, VA University of Richmond College
WDCV 88.3 FM Carlisle, PA Dickinson College College
WDJM 91.3 FM Framingham, MA Framingham State College College
WDNR 89.5 FM Chester, PA Widener University College
WDOM 91.3 FM Providence, RI Providence College College
WDUB 91.1 FM Granville, OH Denison University College
WDWN 89.1 FM Auburn, NY Cayuga County Community College College
WEAX 88.3 FM Angola, IN Tri-State University College
WECS 90.1 FM Willimantic, CT Eastern Connecticut State University College
WECW 107.7 FM Elmira, NY Elmira College College
WEGL 91.1 FM Auburn, AL Auburn University College
WEHC 90.7 FM Emory, VA Emory & Henry College College
WERS 88.9 FM Boston, MA Emerson College College
WERU (Cable) 97.3 FM Daytona Beach, FL Embry-Riddle Aero University College
WERW (Unlicensed) 1570 AM Syracuse, NY Syracuse University College
WESN 88.1 FM Bloomington, IL Illinois Wesleyan University College
WESS 90.3 FM East Stroudsburg, PA East Stroudsburg University College
WETN 88.1 FM Wheaton, IL Wheaton College College
WFCF 88.5 FM Saint Augustine, FL Flagler College College
WFCS 107.7 FM New Britain, CT Central Connecticut State University College
WFHU 91.5 FM Henderson, TN Fred-Hardeman University College
WFMQ 91.5 FM Lebanon, TN Cumberland University College
WFNP 88.7 FM Rosendale, NY SUNY New Paltz College
WFPC 105.3 FM Rindge, NH Franklin Pierce College College
WFSE 88.9 FM Edinboro, PA Edinboro University of Pennsylvania College
WFTU 1570 AM Riverhead, NY Five Towns College College
WFVS 104.3 FM Fort Valley, GA Fort Valley State University College
WGAO 88.3 FM Franklin, MA Dean College College
WGCC 90.7 FM Batavia, NY Genesee Community College College
WGDR 91.1 FM Plainfield, VT Goddard College College
WGFR 92.7 FM Glens Falls, NY Adirondack Community College College
WGLS 89.7 FM Glassboro, NJ Rowan University of NJ College
WGLZ 91.5 FM West Liberty, WV West Liberty State College College
WGRE 91.5 FM Greencastle, IN DePauw University College
WGUR 88.9 FM Milledgeville, GA Georgia College College
WHCL 88.7 FM Clinton, NY Hamilton College College
WHCR 90.3 FM New York, NY City College of New York College
WHEI 88.9 FM Tiffin, OH Heidelberg College College
WHFR 89.3 FM Dearborn, MI Henry Ford Community College College
WHPC 90.3 FM Garden City, NY SUNY - Nassau Community College College
WHPK 88.5 FM Chicago, IL University of Chicago College
WHRB 95.3 FM Cambridge, MA Harvard University College
WHRW 90.5 FM Binghamton, NY Binghamton University College
WHSN 89.3 FM Bangor, ME Husson College College
WHUS 91.7 FM Storrs, CT University of Connecticut College
WICB 91.7 FM Ithaca, NY Ithaca College College
WIDB (Cable) 104.3 FM Carbondale, IL Southern Illinois University College
WIDR 89.1 FM Kalamazoo, MI Western Michigan University College
WIIT 88.9 FM Chicago, IL Illinois Institute of Technology College
WIKD 99.1 FM Daytona Beach, FL Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University College
WIRE (Cable) 66.0 FM Norman, OK University of Oklahoma College
WITC 88.9 FM Cazenovia, NY Cazenovia College College
WITR 89.7 FM Henrietta, NY Rochester Institute of Technology College
WIUP 90.1 FM Indiana, PA Indiana University of Pennsylvania College
WIUS 88.3 FM Macomb, IL Western Illinois University College
WIUV 91.3 FM Castleton, VT Castleton State College College
WIUX (LPFM) 99.1 FM Bloomington, IN Indiana University College
WIXQ 91.7 FM Millersville, PA Millersville University College
WJCU 88.7 FM University Heights, OH John Carroll University College
WJJW 91.1 FM North Adams, MA Mass College of Liberal Arts College
WJMF 88.7 FM Smithfield, RI Bryant University College
WJRH 104.9 FM Easton, PA Lafayette College College
WJSC 90.7 FM Johnson, VT College
WKCO 91.9 FM Gambier, OH Kenyon College College
WKDU 91.7 FM Philadelphia, PA Drexel University College
WKNC 88.1 FM Raleigh, NC North Carolina State University College
WKNJ 90.3 FM Union Township, NJ Kean University College
WKPS 90.7 FM State College, PA Pennsylvania State University College
WKRB 90.3 FM Brooklyn, NY Kingsborough Community College College
WKUF 94.3 FM Flint, MI Kettering University College
WKVR 92.3 FM Huntingdon, PA Juniata College College
WLCA 89.9 FM Godfrey, IL Lewis and Clark Community College College
WLCD 98.7 FM Jackson, TN Lane College College
WLFC 88.3 FM Findlay, OH University of Findlay College
WLFC 88.3 FM North Baltimore, OH University of Findlay College
WLFR 91.7 FM Pomona, NJ Richard Stockton College College
WLJS 91.9 FM Jacksonville, AL Jacksonville State University College
WLKL 89.9 FM Mattoon, IL Lakeland Community College College
WLMU 91.3 FM Harrogate, TN Lincoln Memorial University College
WLRA 88.1 FM Lockport, IL Lewis University College
WLSO 90.1 FM Sault Sainte Marie, MI Lake Superior State University College
WLVR 91.3 FM Bethlehem, PA Lehigh University College
WMAR (Cable) 88.1 FM Poughkeepsie, NY Marist College College
WMBR 88.1 FM Cambridge, MA Massachusetts Institute of Technology College
WMCN 91.7 FM Saint Paul, MN Macalester College College
WMCX 88.9 FM West Long Branch, NJ Monmouth University College
WMEB 91.9 FM Orono, ME University of Maine College
WMFO 91.5 FM Medford, MA Tufts University College
WMHB 89.7 FM Waterville, ME Colby College College
WMHC 91.5 FM South Hadley, MA Mount Holyoke College College
WMHD 90.7 FM Terre Haute, IN Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology College
WMLN 91.5 FM Milton, MA Curry College College
WMLU 91.3 FM Farmville, VA Longwood University College
WMNJ 88.9 FM Madison, NJ Drew University College
WMPG 90.9 FM Gorham, ME University of Southern Maine College
WMSC 90.3 FM Upper Montclair, NJ Montclair State University College
WMSE 91.7 FM Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee School of Engineering College
WMSR (Cable) 89.1 FM Oxford, OH Miami University College
WMSV 91.1 FM Starkville, MS Mississippi State University College
WMTB 89.9 FM Emmitsburg, MD Mount St. Marys College College
WMTS 88.3 FM Murfreesboro, TN Middle Tennessee State University College
WMTU 91.9 FM Houghton, MI Michigan Technological University College
WMUA 91.1 FM Amherst, MA University of Massachusetts College
WMUC 88.1 FM College Park, MD University of Maryland College
WMUH 91.7 FM Allentown, PA Muhlenberg College College
WMUL 88.1 FM Huntington, WV Marshall University College
WMUR 750 AM Milwaukee, WI Marquette University College
WMUR (Cable) 107.1 FM Milwaukee, WI Marquette University College
WMUW 88.5 FM Columbus, MS Mississippi University for Women College
WMWC (Cable) 91.5 FM Fredericksburg, VA Mary Washington College College
WMWM 91.7 FM Salem, MA Salem State College College
WMXM 88.9 FM Lake Forest, IL Lake Forest College College
WNCG 95.7 FM Mansfield, OH North Central State College College
WNDY 91.3 FM Crawfordsville, IN Wabash College College
WNEC 91.7 FM Henniker, NH New England College College
WNEK 105.1 FM Springfield, MA Western New England College College
WNHU 88.7 FM West Haven, CT University of New Haven College
WNIR 95.5 FM Newberry, SC Newberry College College
WNJR 91.7 FM Washington, PA Washington and Jefferson College College
WNMH 91.5 FM Northfield, MA Northfield Mount Hermon School College
WNRC 97.5 FM Dudley, MA Nichols College College
WNRS 89.9 FM Sweet Briar, VA Sweet Briar College College
WNRS 89.5 FM Sweet Briar, VA Sweet Briar College College
WNTE 89.5 FM Mansfield, PA Mansfield University of Pennsylvania College
WNUB 88.3 FM Northfield, VT Norwich University College
WNUR 89.3 FM Evanston, IL Northwestern University College
WNYK 88.7 FM Nyack, NY Nyack College College
WNYO 88.9 FM Oswego, NY State University of New York - Oswego College
WNYU 800 AM New York, NY New York University College
WNYU 89.1 FM New York, NY New York University College
WOBC 91.5 FM Oberlin, OH Oberlin College College
WOBN 97.5 FM Westerville, OH Otterbein College College
WOCR 89.7 FM Olivet, MI Olivet College College
WOCR 89.1 FM Olivet, MI Olivet College College
WPCD 88.7 FM Champaign, IL Parkland College College
WPCR 91.7 FM Plymouth, NH Plymouth State University College
WPCX 97.1 FM Clinton, SC Presbyterian College College
WPLH 103.1 FM Tifton, GA Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College College
WPLS 95.9 FM Greenville, SC Furman University College
WPNR 90.7 FM Utica, NY Utica College of Syracuse University College
WPPJ 670 AM Pittsburgh, PA Point Park College College
WPRB 103.3 FM Princeton, NJ Princeton University College
WPRK 91.5 FM Winter Park, FL Rollins College College
WPSA 98.3 FM Paul Smiths, NY Paul Smiths College College
WPSC 88.7 FM Wayne, NJ William Paterson University of NJ College
WPTC 88.1 FM Williamsport, PA Pennsylvania College of Technology College
WPTS 92.1 FM Pittsburgh, PA University of Pittsburgh College
WPUM 90.5 FM Rensselaer, IN St Joseph's College College
WPUM 93.3 FM Rensselaer, IN St Joseph's College College
WQAB 91.3 FM Philippi, WV Alderson-Broaddus College College
WQAC 90.9 FM Alma, MI Alma College College
WQAQ 98.1 FM Hamden, CT Quinnipiac University College
WQFS 90.9 FM Greensboro, NC Guilford College College
WQHS 730 AM Philadelphia, PA University of Pennsylvania College
WQHU 105.5 FM Huntington, IN Hungtington University College
WQKE 93.9 FM Plattsburgh, NY Plattsburgh State University College
WQSU 88.9 FM Selinsgrove, PA Susquehanna University College
WRAS 88.5 FM Atlanta, GA Georgia State University College
WRBB 104.9 FM Boston, MA Northeastern University College
WRBC 91.5 FM Lewiston, ME Bates College College
WRCT 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, PA Carnegie Mellon College
WRCU 90.1 FM Hamilton, NY Colgate University College
WRDL 88.9 FM Ashland, OH Ashland University College
WREK 91.1 FM Atlanta, GA Georgia Tech College
WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, KY University of Kentucky College
WRFS (Unlicensed) 1520 AM Savannah, GA Savannah College of Art and Design College
WRFW 88.7 FM River Falls, WI University of Wisconsin - River Falls College
WRGP 88.1 FM Homestead, FL College
WRHO 89.7 FM Oneonta, NY Hartwick College College
WRHU 88.7 FM Hempstead, NY Hofstra University College
WRIU 90.3 FM Kingston, RI University of Rhode Island College
WRKC 88.5 FM Wilkes-Barre, PA Kings College College
WRKE 100.3 FM Salem, VA Roanoke College College
WRLC 91.7 FM Williamsport, PA Lycoming College College
WRMC 91.1 FM Middlebury, VT Middlebury College College
WRNC 97.7 FM Ashland, WI Northland College College
WRPI 91.5 FM Troy, NY Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute College
WRPN 90.1 FM Ripon, WI Ripon College College
WRPR 90.3 FM Mahwah, NJ Ramapo College of NJ College
WRRC 107.7 FM Lawrenceville, NJ Rider College College
WRSE 88.7 FM Elmhurst, IL Elmhurst College College
WRTC 89.3 FM Hartford, CT Trinity College College
WRUC 89.7 FM Schenectady, NY Union College College
WRUR 88.5 FM Rochester, NY University of Rochester College
WRUV 90.1 FM Burlington, VT University of Vermont College
WRVU 91.1 FM Nashville, TN Vanderbilt University College
WSAJ 91.1 FM Grove City, PA Grove City College College
WSBF 88.1 FM Clemson, SC Clemson University College
WSBU 88.3 FM Saint Bonaventure, NY St. Bonaventure University College
WSCB 89.9 FM Springfield, MA Springfield College College
WSCS 90.9 FM New London, NH Colby-Sawyer College College
WSFX 89.1 FM Nanticoke, PA Luzerne County Community College College
WSGE 91.7 FM Dallas, NC Gaston College College
WSGR 91.3 FM Port Huron, MI St. Clair County Community College College
WSHC 89.7 FM Shepherdstown, WV Shepherd College College
WSHL 91.3 FM Easton, MA Stonehill College College
WSIA 88.9 FM Staten Island, NY College of Staten Island College
WSIF 90.9 FM Wilkesboro, NC Wilkes Community College College
WSKB 89.5 FM Westfield, MA College
WSLN 98.7 FM Delaware, OH Ohio Weslyan University College
WSOE 89.3 FM Elon College, NC Elon University College
WSOU 89.5 FM South Orange, NJ Seton Hall University College
WSPN 91.1 FM Saratoga Springs, NY Skidmore College College
WSRN 91.5 FM Swarthmore, PA Swarthmore College College
WSUC 90.5 FM Cortland, NY State University of New York - Cortland College
WSUM 91.7 FM Madison, WI University of Wisconsin College
WSUP 90.5 FM Platteville, WI University of Wisconsin - Platteville College
WSUW 91.7 FM Whitewater, WI University of Wisconsin - Whitewater College
WSYC 88.7 FM Shippensburg, PA Shippensburg University College
WTBU 640 AM Boston, MA Boston University College
WTBU (Cable) 89.3 FM Boston, MA Boston University College
WTCC 90.7 FM Springfield, MA Springfield Technical Community College College
WTSC 91.1 FM Potsdam, NY Clarkson University College
WTSR 91.3 FM Trenton, NJ The College of New Jersey College
WTTU 88.5 FM Cookeville, TN Tennessee Technological University College
WTUL 91.5 FM New Orleans, LA Tulane University College
WTUR 89.7 FM Upland, IN Taylor University College
WUAG 103.1 FM Greensboro, NC University of North Carolina-Greensboro College
WUAW 88.3 FM Erwin, NC Central Carolina Community College College
WUDM (Cable) 103.1 FM Detroit, MI University Of Detroit Mercy College
WUDR 98.1 FM Dayton, OH University of Dayton College
WUEV 91.5 FM Evansville, IN University of Evansville College
WUMC 90.5 FM Elizabethton, TN Milligan College College
WUMD 89.3 FM North Dartmouth, MA University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth College
WUMF 100.1 FM Farmington, ME University of Maine - Farmington College
WUML 91.5 FM Lowell, MA University of Massachusetts - Lowell College
WUMM 91.7 FM Machias, ME University of Maine - Machias College
WUMS 92.1 FM University, MS University of Mississippi College
WUNH 91.3 FM Durham, NH University of New Hampshire College
WUOG 90.5 FM Athens, GA University of Georgia College
WUPI 92.1 FM Presque Isle, ME University of Maine - Presque Isle College
WUSB 90.1 FM Stony Brook, NY State University of NY - Stony Brook College
WUSC 90.5 FM Columbia, SC University of South Carolina College
WUSR 99.5 FM Scranton, PA University of Scranton College
WUTM 90.3 FM Martin, TN University of Tennessee Martin College
WUTS 91.3 FM Sewanee, TN University of the South College
WUVT 90.7 FM Blacksburg, VA Virginia Tech College
WVAW 640 AM Norfolk, VA Virginia Wesleyan College College
WVBC (Cable) 49.0 FM Newton, MA Boston College College
WVBC 88.1 FM Bethany, WV Bethany College College
WVCP 88.5 FM Gallatin, TN Volunteer State Community College College
WVFS 89.7 FM Tallahassee, FL Florida State University College
WVGS 91.9 FM Statesboro, GA Georgia Southern University College
WVHC 91.5 FM Herkimer, NY Herkiner County Community College College
WVIC (Cable) 105.9 FM Ithaca, NY Ithaca College College
WVJC 89.1 FM Mount Carmel, IL Wabash Valley College College
WVKC 90.7 FM Galesburg, IL Knox College College
WVKR 91.3 FM Poughkeepsie, NY Vassar College College
WVMW 91.7 FM Scranton, PA Marywood College College
WVOF 88.5 FM Fairfield, CT Fairfield University College
WVPH 90.3 FM Piscataway, NJ Piscataway High School / Rutgers University College
WVSD 91.7 FM Itta Bena, MS Mississippi Valley State University College
WVTC 90.7 FM Randolph Center, VT Vermont Technical College College
WVUB 91.1 FM Vincennes, IN Vincennes University College
WVUM 90.5 FM Coral Gables, FL University of Miami College
WVUR 95.1 FM Valparaiso, IN Valparaiso University College
WVVS 90.9 FM Valdosta, GA Valdosta State University College
WVWC 92.1 FM Buckhannon, WV West Virginia Wesleyan College College
WVYC 99.7 FM York, PA York College of Pennsylvania College
WWHI 91.3 FM Muncie, IN Ball State University College
WWHR 91.7 FM Bowling Green, KY Western Kentucky University College
WWHS 92.1 FM Hampden-Sydney, VA Hampden-Sydney College College
WWLR 91.5 FM Lyndonville, VT Lyndon State College College
WWNW 88.9 FM New Wilmington, PA Westminster College College
WWPI (Cable) 90.1 FM Worcester, MA Worcester Polytechnic Institute College
WWPV 88.7 FM Colchester, VT St. Michael's College College
WWSP 89.9 FM Stevens Point, WI University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point College
WWSU 106.9 FM Fairborn, OH Wright State University College
WWVU 91.7 FM Morgantown, WV West Virginia University College
WXAC 91.3 FM Reading, PA Albright College College
WXAV 88.3 FM Chicago, IL St. Xavier University College
WXCI 91.7 FM Danbury, CT Western Connecticut State University College
WXDU 88.7 FM Durham, NC Duke University College
WXJM 88.7 FM Harrisonburg, VA James Madison University College
WXLV 90.3 FM Schnecksville, PA Lehigh Carbon Community College College
WXOU 88.3 FM Auburn Hills, MI Oakland University College
WXPL 91.3 FM Fitchburg, MA Fitchburg State College College
WXSU 96.3 FM Salisbury, MD Salisbury University College
WXUT 88.3 FM Toledo, OH University of Toledo College
WXVU 89.1 FM Villanova, PA Villanova University College
WXYC 89.3 FM Chapel Hill, NC University of North Carolina College
WYBC 1340 AM New Haven, CT Yale University College
WYBF 89.1 FM Radnor Township, PA Cabrini College College
WYNE 1530 AM North East, PA Mercyhurst College College
WZBC 90.3 FM Newton, MA Boston College College
WZBT 91.1 FM Gettysburg, PA Gettysburg College College
WZIP 88.1 FM Akron, OH University of Akron College
WZLY 91.5 FM Wellesley, MA Wellesley College College
WZMB 91.3 FM Greenville, NC East Carolina University College
WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago, IL Northeastern Illinois University College
XEUDO 820 AM Los Mochis, SI Universidad Occidente College

Of course, there are duplicates in this list. Some of the stations cover both Rock and College, or Rock and Alternative, or Alternative and College. There is still refining and research to be completed.

We are where we should be at this point in time. – Bill

September 15th, 2010
Collecting data and creating a list of Rock, Alternative and College radio stations

September 14th, 2010
Collecting data and creating a list of Rock, Alternative and College radio stations

September 13th, 2010
Collecting data and creating a list of Rock, Alternative and College radio stations

September 12th, 2010
Collecting data and creating a list of Rock, Alternative and College radio stations

September 11th, 2010
Collecting data and creating a list of Rock, Alternative and College radio stations

September 10th, 2010
Answering questions via email concerning the Illusions Fate radio promotion campaign

Q: I noticed on the client page the band has 13 followers, some of
them radio, does that mean that station is playing them?

A: The 13 followers are following . They
are on every page of the website on the bottom right corner. Some of
the followers are radio stations: WBEZ, KPNT, WIDB, WRRG, WCBU. Three
of the followers are my other blogger accounts. Two of the followers,
Bishop Wilkowski and Will Netherland are current clients. These
“followers” are sent a message when I present new content or press
releases on .

Q: Also just out of curiosity I noticed that the song up on the page
was Angels of Slaves, was there a reason you picked that one?

A: The music player is loaded with every song on The Ghost of Maya
except Track 1, (#’s), because the number sign was not transferable as
a file name. The music player plays each of these songs randomly to
keep it fresh for regular viewers of the Illusions Fate client page.

Q: When you are approaching the stations both on and off the Internet
are you first telling them we have a single called The Dying Anthem
and if they are not interested then pushing other songs there after?

A: I will be supplying every radio station a digital copy of The Ghost
of Maya. I will be mentioning the single in my conversations with
station managers and radio DJs. Ultimately, it is the decision of the
station managers and radio DJs, as to what they Play.

My top priorities for this radio campaign include:

- Choosing the best radio stations to send Illusions Fate to. “The
best” is in reference to, most likely to Play on-air.
- Introducing the name, music and images of Illusions Fate to the radio stations
- Giving the stations a heads-up that Illusions Fate is on the way
- Getting the station managers to review The Ghost of Maya in
consideration for an Add
- Nudging the station managers every step of the way from reviewing
the release, to Adding the release, to getting more Spins, to
Rotation, Charting, to increasing the longevity of the release in the
- And of course tracking and reporting the results to the client.

Q: So it is possible for you to first push our first single right? I
mean I want that song played so much so hard on so many stations that
it actually gets tiresome. Even if you do not like our Dying Anthem,
and prefer something else over it, you will still push that one first
right? I know we are only a local unsigned band ... but ya know what I
am saying right?

A: I will mention the single, but if it comes to a point where they
want to Play another track instead, I’m not going to discourage this
in any way. My goal is to get as many Spins as possible during the
length of the radio campaign. I do not have the ability to impose an
embargo in exchange for demands concerning this radio campaign.

Q: I see one of them is WRRG, they were spinning us at the end of the
spring semester, do you know if they are doing it this semester?

A: I am not sure about the status of WRRG yet.

Q: The stations that you do get is in on rotation, can you not only
give us the call letters, whether it is college or Internet, but can
you give us all the request lines as well as all the Internet links,
and the ways they want to be contacted for request?

A: I do not have request numbers or listener request information in my
radio station database. I can give you the call letters, the formats
and the locations of the stations.

Q: And do you set up any phone interviews for the artist to do with
the station (Internet or college)?

A: I set up phone interviews and station visits for my clients
whenever I have the opportunity.

Q: If so I would like to see Illusions Fate interviewed on college
radio that is in NYC, Hollywood, and LA, Illinois, Wisconsin and
Indiana for now, and then as for the Internet I would like to get
interviews with the sites that are most popular anywhere, but would
like to first focus on the Midwest as well as NYC and LA, and

A: I am selecting radio stations throughout the United States and Canada

The initial raw list of radio stations includes: 369 Rock radio stations, 170 Alternative radio stations and 469 College radio stations. International radio stations still have to be researched and chosen for Illusions Fate at this point.

Q: Next is the artist page open for anyone to see?

A: Yes.

Q: If so then can you send Joel the widget he would need to put on the
bands myspace and facebook (

A: The Illusions Fate client page is located at:

Q: If that page is in fact for the public can we list our shows on there?

A: Press releases, band updates and additional information are
regularly posted under the UPDATES section. After the updates are
posted, a link to the update is posted with its date on the Illusions
Fate client page. If you have any additional information that you would like to have
promoted including calendar items, new photos/videos or recordings,
please email them to with the title:

Thank you, - Bill

September 9th, 2010
Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Rock N Roll Radio Promotion:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Los Angeles Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Oakland Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Oklahoma City Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Indianapolis Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Jacksonville Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Austin Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Mesa Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Metal Radio Promoter:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Milwaukee Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Washington DC Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Wichita Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Tulsa Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Long Beach Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Atlanta Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Honolulu Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Kansas City Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Arlington Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Charlotte Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Raleigh Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Denver Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Colorado Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Virginia Beach Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Fort Worth Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Omaha Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Fresno Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Albuquerque Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Baltimore Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on San Diego Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Miami Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Columbus Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Las Vegas Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on El Paso Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Louisville Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Dallas Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Chicago Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Boston Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on New York Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Nashville Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on San Jose Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Phoenix Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Philadelphia Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on Memphis Metal:

Posted: Bill Morton Promotions welcomes Illusions Fate on St. Louis Metal:

September 8th, 2010
Update via email:

Dina, I am starting to get a lock on which radio stations I feel will work
for Illusions Fate. I'll be spending at least a few more days on this, as it is a very important part of the process. – Bill

September 7th, 2010
Researching Illusions Fate online and listening to The Ghost of Maya while browsing the radio station database

September 6th, 2010
Researching Illusions Fate online and listening to The Ghost of Maya while browsing the radio station database

September 5th, 2010
Researching Illusions Fate online and listening to The Ghost of Maya while browsing the radio station database

September 4th, 2010
Researching Illusions Fate online and listening to The Ghost of Maya while browsing the radio station database

September 3rd, 2010
Researching Illusions Fate online and listening to The Ghost of Maya while browsing the radio station database

September 2nd, 2010
Posted Illusions Fate client page:

Update via email:

Joel, Today, I've been searching through thousands of radio stations in my database for specific ones that match your music best. I expect to be able to widdle the list down within the next few days. - Bill

Update via email:

I just got the Illusions Fate radio promotion client page up on

Here are the links:
The Illusions Fate client page:
The radio promotion page:

September 1st, 2010
Information about Bill Morton Promotions via email:

Dina, Just emailing to say it was my pleasure to meet you and discuss all of those great things of the somewhat recent past, yesterday.Here is some information and general links to check out.

Bill Morton Promotions website:
About the Company:

SERVICES provided by my company
Radio Promotion:
Press Release distribution:
Public Relations:
Search Engine Optimization:

Recent Radio Promotion clients:
Banda El Recuerdo:
Edward Yeo:
Sinister Moustache:
Will Netherland:

Other recent clients:
Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northwest:
J.B. Alberto's:
Quest Network Services:
The Armadillo's Pillow:
Tweedle Press:

Also: The Jazz/World music radio promotion company that I mentioned working at earlier is Kate Smith Promotions:

Of the large roster of Kate Smith Promotions clients, I have represented the following specifically for Radio Promotion:

Alexa Weber Morales:
Alison Ruble:
Andrew Distel:
Angel Melendez:
Anne Phillips:
Art Reyes:
Baeker Jazz Worship Service:
Barbara Sfraga:
Brian Groder:
The Brooklyn Repertory Ensemble:
Damian Rivero:
Diane Hoffman:
Elli Fordyce:
Fred Fried:
Grazyna Augucsik:
Gregory Hickman-Williams:
Holly Yarbrough:
Jane Stuart:
Jason Kao Hwang:
JC and the Jazz Hoppers:
Jesse Gelber:
John McLean:
Julian Yeo:
Kat Parra:
Katie Bull:
Keith Marks:
Leonisa Ardizzone:
Lisa Sokolov:
Liz McComb:
Marcus Goldhaber:
Matt Ulery:
Meryl Romer:
Mike Ellis/Bahai Band:
Paul Seaforth:
Pete Zimmer Quartet:
Richard Boulger:
The Rocco John Group:
Sathima Bea Benjamin:
South Nine Ensemble:
Susie Meissner:
Susie Thorne:
Tomas Janzon:
Typhanie Monique & Neal Alger:
Wayne Wallace:
Zach Brock:

Hope to speak with you again very soon, - Bill

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