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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Glass House Week 4 Report September 23rd - September 29th

Glass House Week 4 Report September 23rd - September 29th

September 29th, 2013 6am
Margie and Mark,

This week we are waiting on seven stations that I have previously contacted who have said they played several tracks from Long Way Down, but haven't as of yet e-mailed the confirmed play. Once they do so, we will have a drastic boost in the confirmed play from many more stations.

The progress of the campaign is going very well. You will receive the e-mails as they come in to show the play, as well as having the e-mails view able on your next report. Next week, we will be launching your Music Submit, and in doing so, will increase the amount of play.

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This report is divided into the following categories:

Contacted Stations
This Week - 20
Campaign Total to date - 95

Online Publications
This Week - 10
Campaign Total to date - 179

Twitter/Facebook Promotion
This Week - 6
Campaign Total to date - 34

Other (YouTube, Pinterest, Broadjam etc)
This Week - 0
Campaign Total to date - 10

If you have any questions, you can reach us via e-mail or phone.

Thank you,

Autumn Davids and Bill Morton
Co-Owners of Bill Morton Promotions
(773) 850-0029

Contacted Stations

Stations Contacted: 20
Mail-in: 1
Stations Responded: 0
Confirmed Plays:0
Waiting on Response:20

Previously Contacted:
Stations Contacted: 75
Online: 56
Mail-in: 19
Stations Responded: 11
Confirmed Plays: 8
Waiting on Response:68
No Plays: 4

The stations that are being contacted this week are as follows:

1. KACQ 101.9 FM

2. KACT 1360 AM 

3. KACT 105.5 FM 

4. KACU 89.7 FM 

5. KACV 89.9 FM 

6. KATP 101.9 FM

7. KATX 97.7 FM 

8. KAUM 107.1 FM 

9. KCTI 1450 AM 

10. KCTX 96.1 FM

11. KCUL 1410 AM 

12. KCWM 1460 AM 

13. KCYY 100.3 FM

14. KDET 930 AM

15. KEGL 97.1 FM

16. KEYE 1400 AM 

17. KIKT 93.5 FM

18. KIKT (CP) 93.5 FM

19. KIKZ 1250 AM 

20. KIXS 107.9 FM

Online Publications

Twitter/Facebook Promotion

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