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Monday, July 1, 2013

BoomShot Records Monthly Report July 1st, 2013

BoomShot Records Report July 1st, 2013
July 1st. 2013
Tony & Judy,

Frankie Paul had a lot of reaction to stations that promote on Twitter. We've been following the progress as closely as possible. 

The Radio Submit play has died down for both Frankie Paul and Charli Hunt.

We are having difficulties with the MP3 for Fre$h and will need a hard CD to fix it and start gathering play for Fre$h.

Thank you,
Bill Morton

(773) 850-0029

Frankie Paul

Frankie Paul Twitter Announcement of Radio Air Play

  1. Now Playing, Frankie Paul — Worries in the Dance Hall from Volcano Eruption
  1. EASY STAR ALL - STARS - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds [Feat. Frankie Paul]
  2. FRANKIE PAUL & SANDRA CROSS - Glad we are here
  3. EASY STAR & FRANKIE PAUL - Us and Them
  1. FRANKIE PAUL - THERE WE GO on Reggae Dancehall Lovers 24/7
  2. : Frankie Paul - [i need you]_Shame Them - Frankie Paul - Listen Now -
  3. : Frankie Paul - [Love i can feel]_Giving You the Benefit - Frankie Paul - Listen Now -

  1. : Frankie Paul - [carpenter]_Kissing In The Moonlight - Frankie Paul - Listen Now -
  2. : Frankie Paul - [head to toe]_Head To Toe - Frankie Paul - Listen Now -

Charli Hunt
No new play

No new play

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