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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Glass House Week 9 Report October 28th- November 3rd

Glass House Week 9 Report October 28th- November 3rd

November 3rd, 2013  6am

Margie and Mark,

We are very happy to report the jump from nine confirmed plays to forty-eight. Several stations we had reached out to early on just confirmed play via phone 

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Thank you,

Autumn Davids and Bill Morton
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Contacted Stations

Stations Contacted: 25
Online: 25
Mail-in: 0
Stations Responded: 
Confirmed Plays: 
Waiting on Response: 

Previously Contacted:
Stations Contacted: 200
Online: 179
Mail-in: 21
Stations Responded: 133
Confirmed Plays: 48
Waiting on Response: 67
No Plays: 124

Great news! We received phone confirmation from Daddy O' Radio that they played every track on the album.

We received the same confirmation from Kevin Hooper and Studio 100 by phone.

Kevin Hooper is a representative for Clear Channel Radio and pushes music a reviews on multiple stations.

Studio 100 is located out of Taranto, Italy and plays rock music.

Another station that confirmed multiple plays is Soundwave FM.

This is a link to their website:

-end of report-

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